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September 6, 2020
Thinking of you always Lana.  Memories of you will last forever.

Love you, mom

September 6, 2019
My only defense in missing you terribly is to carry you in my heart, my soul and every fiber of my being, every day.  Love you, Mom — Happy Heavenly Birthday ...sure miss your laugh & your hugsand everything else, too 
September 6, 2018

Remembering our times together on this day Lana, always in my thoughts.

From Elizabeth Austen

August 31, 2011

Lana's laughter was infectious, and it lives on in Corina.~ Elizabeth Austen,Seattle, Washington 

From Julie Baker

August 31, 2011

I think of and miss Lana everyday. She was my travelin buddy and we enjoyed and saw lots of places together. We bought lots of fabric and enjoyed sitting down to great meals on the road. My road will never be the same without her. I love you Lana...~ Julie Baker,Camano Island, Washington  

From Julie Onsum

August 29, 2011

Lana, Lana, Lana....What a wonderful, funny, beautiful and bull-headed gal! I met Lana back in 1998, getting the pleasure and sometimes pain of working with her everyday! Yes, she had a laugh that was contagious, making me laugh to tears, making her run to the restroom... I remember one time, taking our work lunch-break at Rite-aid store... just to wander around, well we went to the toy isle (as she always had her grandchildren in mind)and I saw a hoola-hoop.... so I asked her, "Can you use one of those"? well she plopped her stuff down, picked up the hoola hoop and proceeded to walk up and down the isles hoola-hooping... we were both laughing soooo hard... well, we were running out of time, so we hurried to the truck... and realized she didn't have her keys... we spent the next hour wandering up and down the isles looking for them.... yep... found them right by the hoola-hoops! (needless to say, we were late getting back to work.... just try explaining that to your boss)... I loved Lana very much... and feel so blessed for the years of friendship with her, she was my dill pickle making 2nd breakfast buddy (at Pattys Eggnest), my part-time seamstress when I ripped something..., and a true friend to the end.... and especially the last few weeks - getting to spend everyday with her.... as we all know, with Lana, there is only black or white... no grey...(she was always right!!!) haha... and she kept that feisty attitude to the very end! I miss you my friend.... so very much!
Julie Onsum,
Marysville, Washington

From Vikki Green

August 29, 2011

Lana was a hoot! When Carl and I were first dating and we had the pleasure of meeting Lana, we enjoyed (hours) kissing in front of her until our lips were chapped...She would say to me, "Why do you let him do that?" and I told her it made him happy. We would laugh and laugh at all of Corina and Brian's parties. We ate great food and drank home made eggnog... We visited Lana at her home and loved visiting with her at family get togethers. She is missed. We are so happy that we all had 11 more years with her. She enjoyed her grand children and they got to know her! She is a gift.
Vikki Green,
Apache Junction, Arizona 

From Carl Green

August 29, 2011

We loved Lana very much
Carl Green,
Apache Junction, Arizona 

You are Missed

August 28, 2011

Karen and I think of you each Wednesday evening as we eat dinner at the Islanders.  We've had so many laughs and even managed to solve a "world" problem or two........

Her Service

August 28, 2011

Mom's service will be at the same church where she walked the floors and sat at the tables over the past several years ~ attending her beloved quilt guild meetings!  The Stanwood United Methodist Church, which was just a few blocks from her home.

It seems so appropriate to gather together there to give honor to her memory.  Although this will not be a "ministered" service, we will have prayerful moments and otherwise a lot of reminiscing.We'll celebrate her life, share birthday cake and stories of our times with her.

We'll bring her quilts for everyone to admire, and her friends will bring new projects to "show & tell", something she would have absolutely loved.  (If you were not a "quilting" friend, but have a project from another hobby, please don't be shy, bring it!) 

Please come, and please prepare a story about how you came to know Lana & your times together here, especially if you don't think you'll have a voice to share one at the service.

I have many stories, and will share more of them on this page after the service.

Please also share a short "tribute" (on the first page of this website) if so inclined!

Thank you ~ I hope to see you there.

Incredible Friends

August 24, 2011

My mother's friends, all of them: long-time friends, quilting friends, co-workers and work associates made such a difference for her (and my family) during her hospital stay and especially those last days in Washington.  Many of you extended more of yourselves than anyone could have asked - to the point of exhaustion, some.  It made all the difference...  She was so sick.  It was all so sudden.  And you were are all such angels.  I will forever remain in deep appreciation for the caring friendship you extended her.  Thank you.

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