This tribute was added by Sarah Redwine on August 4, 2020
Larry and Donna are dear friends with whom we were neighbors and fellow churchgoers in Norman for almost 30 years. They invited us to visit First Baptist and we soon joined the church as well as Larry's SS class. Larry was a devoted Christian, family man and friend to all.. He was a real expert in his profession and a Bible scholar as well. He and Donna were highly regarded in our community, OU and our church. They were kind and generous to us and many others. He will be remembered well and missed dearly. Blessings and love to the Canter family. Sarah & Phil Redwine, Norman, OK
This tribute was added by Peter Croal on August 3, 2020
I am very sad to learn of Larry's death. He truly was one of the leaders of EA thinking and action internationally for over 4 decades. In a time of ecosystem and political upheaval, we need Larry's voice to help the world stay on an even keel. He will be missed by so many EA practitioners. The world has lost a wise voice of reason, care and knowledge. My sincerest sympathies go out to his family.
This tribute was added by George Parnell on August 2, 2020
Larry had graduated from East High and was attending Vanderbilt University when we first met at the Cooper & Martin Grocery Store on Gallatin Rd. Larry was a checker and I was a bagger. Somehow we kinda bonded and became good friends. I knew Larry was smart but I had no idea what all he would accomplish in his lifetime. He was such a humble man and never ever tried to show how smart he really was. After I graduated from East High in 1959 I left the Nashville area and never really knew what happened to Larry until a few years ago I googled His name and read about his life. I feel honored to have known this great man and to call him a longtime friend.
This tribute was added by Monir Chowdhury on July 30, 2020
Dr Canter was my mentor, teacher, and PhD principal advisor. I worked as a research assistant at the Envrionmental and Ground Water Institute at OU under him and spent 4 years in a room next to his office. I was fortunate to work with him so closely. He was one of the finest people I have ever met in my life. I learned a lot from him. My deepest sympathies to Dr Canter's family.
This tribute was added by Layton Guinn on July 27, 2020
I have fond memories of attending East Nashville High School and Vanderbilt University with Larry Canter. After that our lives parted, but we were still friends. In 2007 Larry and I were together again at the East High 50th reunion for the Class of 1957. That’s when I met Larry’s wife, Donna, and they met my wife, Merilyn. It was great to reconnect, and since then we’ve stayed in touch. Now it’s hard to accept that Larry has passed away, and it makes us very sad.

Merilyn and I extend our sincere condolences to Donna and all the family.

Love and prayers,

Layton & Merilyn Guinn
This tribute was added by Karen Wines on July 25, 2020
How do you say good bye to someone who has been such a big part of your life for the past 20 years?  Larry and Donna have been our closest friends ever since we met at the Church at Horseshoe Bay shortly after we all moved here in 1999.  We soon learned what a great Bible teacher Larry was as we attended his couples' class in those early years.  He loved the Bible and was always prepared for any and all questions.  He made it come alive. 

We also played golf and bridge together and shared some family times since we both had 3 sons and grandchildren of the same ages. Probably our fondest memories are of trips we made together during summers to London, Puerto Vallarta, Colorado and Christmases shared in San Antonio, Williamsburg, Santa Fe and more. 

Larry's passing has left a hole in our lives that will never be filled. As Don Piper says, "We'll see you at the gate!" (to heaven).  With love and prayers for Donna and their wonderful family, Karen Wines

In addition to the fun trips mentioned by Karen, Larry and I always had fun playing bridge with our wives, especially if we won!  Larry was one of the nicest and gentlest people I have ever known and was one of the few people I have known who was held in high esteem by EVERYONE who knew him.  I already miss him.   Bill Wines
This tribute was added by Bridget John on July 21, 2020
I am a staff member of the International Association for Impact Assessment. Larry was a giant in the field of impact assessment, and a favorite of the IAIA community. He had a kind and generous heart, and he will be missed. My deepest sympathies to Donna and his family.
This tribute was added by Bill Kennedy on July 21, 2020
I met Larry at a CEMP training course in Scotland over 40 years ago and kept up with him over the years, mostly through IAIA meetings. His textbook on Environmental Impact Assessment is within handy reach on the bookshelf near my desk. In his dedication to me in that book he wrote in 1995, "Hope you find this book of value in your continuing EIA work" and, indeed, I have found it to be just that. As a graduate of Colorado University, I have always supported the "Buffs" while Larry supported the OU "Sooners" football team. In a p.s. to his dedication, he wrote, "Will OU ever beat CU again?" The answer is probably "No" as the two schools no longer compete in the same football league. Larry, however, was in a league of his own -- an unsurpassed champion in his field. I will miss him.
This tribute was added by MIGUEL COUTINHO on July 20, 2020
I met Larry Canter during many IAIA annual conferences. His work in Cumulative Effects Assessment will always be present. The world will read "Canter et al." for a very long time, in the distant future in many impact assessments prepared in every country of the globe.
IAIA community will miss him deeply.
My sincere condolences to Larry's loved ones.
This tribute was added by Behzad Raissiyan on July 20, 2020
I knew Professor Larry Canter firstly because of his text book on EIA, which was the best known university text book in the field of EIA. This was probably the very reason that I attend his training course in IAIA 2008 annual conference in Perth, which was my first overseas conference ever, when I decided to extend my knowledge on EIA. Attending his course (with his co-instructor Professor Bill Ross) was far beyond my expectation, I learned a lot valuable things which I will never forget. More importantly the entire event and people that I met, the atmosphere of the community, opened a new window in my personal and professional life forever. I've become an active IAIA member since then and I attend all the annual events where I met him.
I love and miss you Larry. You, and Bill Ross have been my very first International teachers on EIA. I owe you a lot.  
This tribute was added by Luis R Sánchez Cataño on July 19, 2020
as a student and a as a professional in environmental impact assessment in Mexico and LatinAmerica we ought meaning and understanding to Dr Canter; We will meet you in the big heaven of environmental engineering
This tribute was added by Kay Herring on July 18, 2020
I know Larry through Donna, singing right beside her in the church’s Chancel Choir in Horseshoe Bay, and earlier with the Bluebonnet Chorale, a women’s singing group in the Highland Lakes.  I knew Larry, but only slightly...and certainly not all the amazing things he did with his life.  What I do know is that Larry and Donna were soulmates; you could absolutely see the love and respect they had for each other.  What a wonderful example they left for all of us.  Donna, I am hugging you.  
This tribute was added by Charlotte Bingham on July 18, 2020
Larry Canter taught me much about impact assessment and he inspired me. I was privileged to teach alongside him with Brian Clark at the Centre for Environmental Management and Planning in Aberdeen, Scotland. I enjoyed seeing him and Donna over the years at meetings of the IAIA . Thank you to Larry for sharing his wisdom and his practical advice.
This tribute was added by Kay Braziel on July 17, 2020
John and I have such wonderful memories of our relationship with the Canters
going back to our firstborns and now so happy that we had all those reunions
from Austin to Norman to London to Dallas to Winter Park to Horseshoe Bay.
It is so hard to give up such an honorable and humble man. We shall miss his
presence. May God hold all of you Canters tightly in his loving arms. Blessings
from the Braziels
This tribute was added by Craig Toussaint on July 17, 2020
Larry Canter and I go back to 1972 when I was a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Canter always had time for his students and I was no exception. He helped me learn about environmental engineering and did much to advise me on my career path. For the past 24 years, I have taught environmental policy and management to graduate engineering classes at Johns Hopkins University where I have used his many books and articles to help educate my students. Dr. Canter played a key role in my life and I will always be thankful for having known him.
This tribute was added by Leo Mérida on July 17, 2020
I was definitely marked by Dr. Canter deep knowledge about the topics he tought and his good teaching while I was a master's student at OU. I took three of his courses in that year (1999), I picked him as my advisor and he chose me as his teaching assistant the next semester. Thanks to him I got a scholar ship for his course in Dallas too. So I learned and enjoyed pretty much everything about knowing him and learning from him. The following year he retired. So I am thankfull not only about having chosen OU but also because he was the first reason that I was strongly attracted to OU. 
This tribute was added by Manroop Chawla on July 16, 2020
In graduate school at UIUC, we used Larry’s textbook for EIA classes. Larry was a great teacher. I had the privilege of working with Larry and Tom on a Cumulative effects assessment study and the NEPA Analysis Guidance Manual. We discussed complex environmental issues and sought unique practical solutions. We also traveled to the North Pole, Alaska so Larry could send letters from Santa to his grand kids. I will miss Larry as a teacher and a friend. My best wishes to Donna and your family.
This tribute was added by Melanie Ravan on July 16, 2020
Dr Canter taught Advanced Environmental Law with me two days before I got married...I can still see the joy he had for me as his fellow instructor personally, as we finished the course and travelled home...even with his massive intellectual gifts he appreciated simple joys, like a happy marriage and wanted the very best for others...I was privileged to work with Dr Canter and teach next to him...his Navy lawyer colleagues will miss him greatly and we know he will be enjoying his reward in eternity having graced this earth with his kindness, humility and astonishing intellect that reached thousands...its remarkable that such a gifted man was also so down to earth and kind to he has his seat in our heavens...I hope his family knows how he trained the Navy to protect and preserve our living resources of water, air, land and those who live upon it, we are better for having known him, Melanie D Ravan
This tribute was added by Tommy Atkins on July 16, 2020
This couple became My across the street neighbor when they moved to Norman - Cherry Laurel street was never so blessed again.
I take credit for assisting them to find their new home in Horseshoe Bay where I had retired-we restarted our great relationship and shared many good times together.
Thanks Larry for making my life better.
This tribute was added by Andy Burk on July 16, 2020
I attend the same church as Larry and Donna and they have been such servants over the years. I have also been blessed to attend our local men's Bible study (CBS) with Larry for quite a few years. Larry was one of those beautiful souls that attended because he wanted to learn, but in reality, we were all learning from him. His willingness to share his wisdom with other guys - many younger than us - is the real back bone to a men's study. So many guys learned so much from Larry about the Word, being a better Christian, being a better husband and father and grandfather, and about becoming a real man seeking God's heart. Lives were touched and we will always love him for that and also Donna for sharing him with us on Monday nights. 
An incredible human being has now made Glory a better place. Our prayers will remain ongoing for Donna and all of their family that Larry spoke so much about. We will miss you, Brother!
This tribute was added by Luis Sanchez on July 16, 2020
Like many impact assessment professionals and researchers, I first met Larry in an EIA training course. His clear reasoning, evident in his books and articles as well as in his lectures, was as inspiration for my own professional development. He contributed to strengthen environmental impact assessment in many countries.
This tribute was added by David Turner on July 15, 2020
I first met Larry at a NEPA course he offered in Dallas in the late 1990s, and his deep knowledge was apparent throughout the week. He was kind enough to consult with us on several challenging projects, and he was indispensible in tackling the toughest problems and dealing with prickly clients. I was also fortunate enough to work with him on developing and offering a couple of NEPA training courses in San Antonio and Frankfort, Kentucky. He was kind and generous with his time and knowledge, and he helped me learn about the arcana of environmental impact assessment. I still refer to his books and articles, and they have a prominent place in my office. Larry was a wonderfully patient man, and I will miss his guidance.
This tribute was added by Julieta Pisanty-Levy on July 15, 2020
Posted by Julieta Pisanty-Levy from Mexico City on July 15, 2020.

Larry was my teacher, mentor and also my colleague. We met in Mexico in the 80's. We also shared many IAIA conferences. I attended one of his courses in Dallas, TX and I learned a lot from his books and papers. I respected him as a recognized professional on Environmental Impact Assessment and I think he also respected me as one of the first Mexican professionals in that field in my country. He was also very king and generous to me by giving me a scholarship to attend his course, and also giving me two of his books as presents.
I will miss him and his broad smile and wish his soul rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Tom Swor on July 15, 2020
Larry was a wonderful mentor and colleague to me over the last 20 years. We spent untold hours discussing seemingly unsolvable issues before finally discovering a pathway to the solution we sought. In the process, I learned many things, but the most important was that I found a dear friend. You will be missed Larry. My best wishes to Donna and the rest of your family and friends.
This tribute was added by Michael W. S. Hayes on July 15, 2020
A great man, A GREAT MAN!, and a life well lived.
A sound mentor and friend. I was honored, privileged, pleasured and pleased to have known him during my professional life.
He will be sorely missed, in- and out of-, the environmental law and science academic community. And by the Department of the Navy Family.

VR and WR,
Very respectfully submitted,
Michael W. S. Hayes, Esquire
Senior Attorney-Advisor (Trial)
Direct Dial Office Number is: ☎ 1-(202)-685-7734
Professional E-mail Address is:
This tribute was added by Martin Daniel Palacios Qu... on July 15, 2020
We are left with his teachings, the tenacity of learning and the objectivity of environmental impact studies, I anxiously read his books and papers ... I will miss him Until always !!!
This tribute was added by Martin Daniel Palacios Qu... on July 15, 2020
We are left with his teachings, the tenacity of learning and the objectivity of environmental impact studies, I anxiously read his books and papers ... I will miss him Until always !!!
This tribute was added by David Sabatini on July 14, 2020
Larry Canter was one of the godliest men I have ever known. I was blessed to know him as a mentor, colleague, co-laborer for the kingdom and friend. Larry was instrumental in my decision to join the University of Oklahoma - he the senior, highly accomplished professor and me the fresh-out-of PhD assistant professor.  Larry took me under wing, professionally, personally and spiritually (five years of BSF leadership together). I am a better professor, husband, father and person for knowing Larry and will always be grateful that God brought him into my life. I especially enjoyed traveling together to teach EIA courses - our conversations on wide-ranging topics were instrumental in forging and shaping me into the person I am today - I vividly recall them. Thank you Larry! I look forward to joining you in heaven one day, where we can together worship our precious Savior face-to-face. In the meantime, my prayers go to Donna, the boys and their families as I know you all miss him so.
This tribute was added by Robin Senner on July 14, 2020
Larry was my friend, mentor, and inspiration, and known around the world. I will miss him.
This tribute was added by Cheryl Wasserman on July 14, 2020
Larry Canter is known throughout the globe for his expertise and training in environmental and social impact assessment. He was the premiere advocate for cumulative impact assessment and really a giant in the field. He has been and will be sorely missed. Heartfelt commiseration with his family for the difficult journey at the end of his productive and caring life. He will be long celebrated as one of our intellectual and committed professionals and persons.
This tribute was added by David Keys on July 14, 2020
Larry was a good friend and awesome teacher who I will sorely miss. 
This tribute was added by Jamie Brinkley Canter on July 13, 2020
We love and miss you Larry!

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