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C) Ongoing Legacy Gifting
For those that would like to honor Larry in a tangible way through a gift, both WEST BANK BIBLE CAMP and ABBEYFIELD HOUSE were significant in Larry's life.  Donations to these organizations, on Larry's behalf, would be a generous way to pay tribute to him. 

West Bank Bible Camp
Larry spent many summers enjoying the camp in his youth.
Donation Link

AbbeyField House ***
Randy and I, and our families can't thank you enough for your prayers, sympathy and encouragement.  Losing Larry came with quite a shock.  We are grateful for our loving Heavenly Father who sustains us daily and for the support of family and friends.  We desire to honor Larry well and your support in the Tribute Site and at the Memorial is greatly appreciated.

Best to you,

Randy Schellenberg
Pearl Galbraith  

Posted by Reg and Shannon Schellenb... on November 20, 2021
Randy & Janet . Pearl & Mark and all of your Families. Praying for You today. That the sting of grief will not be so sad on Larry's one year since his passing. Praying the memories you carry in your heart causes you to smile. That the same hope Larry had in his Christ, Jesus gives all of us that same knowing we will see Larry again. Love you all!
Posted by Marilynne Mathies on November 20, 2021
It’s been one year since Pearl called us to tell us of Larry’s failing health and passing. Covid had made it difficult for any of us to get together in the past year which will have been hard for Larry as he loved to stay connected.
How we miss those phone calls of what’s going on in the family like Carole’s engagement!! He truly loved Family & Friends! I picture him chatting it up in Heaven , to think Vic & him might be doing that right now!! Big hugs Pearl , Randy and family! Hope to connect this summer !
Posted by Carole Martens on November 30, 2020
What a wonderful and meaningful memorial for Larry yesterday. Thank you for the inspiration of a life which touched more people than we could have imagined. Feeling blessed.
Every day is a gift!!
Posted by Les Joanne Engen on November 29, 2020
From Joanne and Lois Block:
Thank you for the lovely celebration of Larry -on line. It was so fun to see and hear your stories and tributes. We are inspired by his life.
We have many great memories of family times together with the Schellenberg’s and kids growing up together at Main Centre. At the spur of the moment we would jump in our cars and head out to Swift Current, the lake, or to many other places. Errol and Larry were good friends and kept in contact right to the end. Seeing Larry at Errol’s funeral in February was such a blessing. Errol always knew what Larry was up to and often talked about how he was stronger with one arm than he was with two arms. Now they can re-connect again in heaven with whole healthy bodies.❤️
As we listened to stories about Larry today, I was thinking of this song that sounds like it was what Larry’s enjoyed in life:
Posted by Carole Martens on November 28, 2020
My cousin Larry was dearly loved although most of our lives were spent provinces apart. Larry always made an effort to stay in touch . He appreciated his Saskatchewan cousins who took their precious time to reach out to him . I know he was very close to his Mom and these last few years must have been difficult after her passing. . Larry was somewhat private but always happy to reconnect with family. Our prayers go out to his family and his friends at this time .
Bob and Carole Martens/Neudorf
Posted by Ashley Braun on November 28, 2020
Some of my fondest memories of Uncle Larry involved his exceptional ability to hold his nieces or nephews down and tickle us at the same time.

Uncle Larry was always so intentional when we saw him. Whenever he would visit he would call me over to sit with him so he could get caught up on every aspect of my life. I always appreciated how invested he was in all of us.

I will miss his contagious smile and laughter.

We love you Uncle Larry!
Posted by Jennifer Heinrichs on November 28, 2020
I always looked forward to a trip to Uncle Beno and Aunt Reanetta’s farm. A visit was never complete without a great meal, hearty laughter and it was always Larry who urged us to come outside so he could proudly give us “city cousins” the grand tour of the farm!
Every time I met Larry, he would smile his mischievous grin and say “How are you doing cuz”?
Keeping in touch with family was so important to Larry. Dad and Mom (Edgar and Helen Siemens) always appreciated his regular phone calls, his news about what was happening and his inquiries about our family. Even after Mom passed away, Larry continued to call Dad and keep him up to date about family and friends. I know Dad will miss those calls.
Our thoughts are with you, Randy, Pearl and your families.

Love and prayers,
Jennifer and Alan
Posted by Lindsay Braun on November 27, 2020
As a child I remember Uncle Larry loved to tease my siblings and I. We always had to be on guard around him because any time we were within arms reach we were at risk of being tickled. He may have only had one arm, but he was strong and it was impossible to escape! Family and social connections were important to Uncle Larry and he made sure to reach out when I moved to Saskatoon. One of my favourite interactions was the time he took Ty and I out to one of his favourite spots for breakfast and then kicked our butts at pool afterwards!

Life was not always easy for Uncle Larry, but he always had a big smile on his face when I saw him. I have always admired him for that. I will miss you Uncle Larry.

Lindsay and Ty Braun
Posted by Marcel Redekop on November 26, 2020
Larry and I spent alot of time together when we were younger. Everything from family holidays Iat Sleeping Buffalo with the Scellenbergs to spending rime at the Main Centre rink on a Friday night. Larry was always a good friend who would do anything for you. You will be missed my friend. RIP.
Posted by Marilynne Mathies on November 25, 2020
Pearl you definitely described the Larry we all knew and loved! I’ve enjoyed reading the Tributes from Larry’s friends and the qualities they saw in Him, and realize he was rich in friendships ... things money cannot buy!

I am Larry’s cousin Marilynne.. doubly related! That means that any occasion for a relative gathering ( Siemens or Schellenberg) we were there together and let me tell you that was almost every Sunday in my childhood years ! So many memories of attending church together, going to each other’s homes, playing house, sledding , butchering chickens , hauling bales , riding the snowmobile or rather holding on for dear life as Larry or Randy drove! There was even an occasional dance party downstairs to uncle Beno’s cylinder phonograph!

One thing I remember about Larry is that he loved “good food”! He probably got his well-developed palate due to his Mother’s cooking skills!! Her homemade KFC was one of my favourites as well as chicken noodle soup with homemade Kielke :))  Larry would often ask if we had any deer sausage ( his favourite) but if he didn’t like the flavour or texture he’d be sure to tell you!!

Mom & I visited him a few times in his house in Delisle! It was clean , organized and his array of plastic containers for storing food was impressive!! How he did it all with his one arm , I’ll never know!

Herb and I enjoyed meeting him for coffee at the “Sisters Two Restaurant” where everyone was family to him! When he moved to Saskatoon ,a call from us to meet him at the local Tim’s would be a quick catch up “IF” it suited him to join us! Sometimes he would just say “ Can’t , I’m busy!!

Larry really was a great “cuz “as he often called me. I will truly miss his twinkling eyes, joking character and zest for life despite his circumstances. Larry you ran your race well ,now...Go rest high on that mountain
                               Son, your work on earth is done.
                                Go to heaven a- shoutin’
                                Love for the Father and the Son.

Our Love, Prayers and heartfelt sympathy to you Randy ,Pearl and families.
Much love, Herb & Marilynne and family

Posted by Tessa Schellenberg on November 24, 2020
Uncle Larry lived an unconventional life and didn’t just march to the beat of his own drum, but sometimes it seemed like he’d choose a tuba to make his beat even more unique :).

He could set aside his differences with laughter and connect with anyone in jest. He’d get a sparkle in his eyes and slap his knee as he’d tease his nephews and nieces. Few people can endure so many hardships and continue to laugh so heartily.

You will be missed Uncle Larry. Deepest condolences to you Aunt Pearl and Randy.
Posted by Germain Bourassa on November 24, 2020
Larry, what can I say ... You definitely were a character. You were my friend, my chum, my partner, my confidant. Always had a deal of some kind going, whether it be smokes, eggs, chickens, fish ... the list goes on. I loved your smile, it was infectious, could always rely on you to bring a smile to brighten our day.

Larry and I spent many evenings playing cards, sucking down some suds (often, way too many in the early years), chatting, laughing, shooting the shit, enjoying each others company. He was ALWAYS eager to help someone out, whenever possible with a ride or a helping hand.

We will miss you dearly my friend. Will miss your company at our holiday meals. With your passing, I am missing a part of me, there is an emptiness that I fear, will never be filled until we meet again in the great beyond.

Larry Schellenberg, we are so lucky to have had you enter and touch our lives. I know, that you know, how much you were loved, my friend. I also know wherever you are now, it is now a better place, having you in it.

May you rest in peace Larry, you were taken from us much too soon. You are and will be sooooo missed, my friend.

Our sincere condolences to the family and his many friends.
Posted by Evelyn Nickel on November 24, 2020
Larry was a neighbor for many years. We spent many trips on the bus going back and forth to school. He had a helping heart and a ready smile. It was good to visit with him the few times we were able to connect over the past years. It was good to have a place for all the 'duck breasts' that the hunters left behind. Sending our sincere sympathy to the family.
Posted by Scott Arno on November 23, 2020
My Wife and I met Larry about 20 years ago on the CB Radio and we had lots of good fun coffee visits with all of the other radio operators in the area. As Larry was known as Bandit on the CB Radio and he only had one arm due to a accident. Over the years of our friendship he came to be known as slot machine or one armed bandit to me Grease Monkey & my Wife Double Trouble. We went out for coffee, dinners, had BBQS, over the years of our friendship we became close and trusting friends. Slot machine we love ❤️ and miss you our friend rest easy. Once again we would like to send our condolences to Larry's family sorry for your loss.
Posted by Mandie Prokopetz on November 22, 2020
Rest in Peace Larry. Mike and I always enjoyed our short visits when we would see you at Dave and Robs. You always had a sense of humor, were kind and knew where to find a good deal! :) You were liked by a lot of people and you will be missed. Cheers my friend.
Posted by Bruce Otto on November 22, 2020
Rest in Peace My Friend....One Day We will Drive another W900 Kenworth in Heaven. I Love You and Miss You Bro.
Posted by Lynne Schellenberg on November 22, 2020
Here is how we described the events this past week to Jarrod. Beno, Reanetta, and Murray have probably been waiting anxiously for family to join them. Well, last week Larry arrived. What a joyful reunion that must have been! We really can't add anything to Pearl's original post. It was so well done in describing the Larry we knew. We send our sincere sympathy to the family.

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Recent Tributes
Posted by Reg and Shannon Schellenb... on November 20, 2021
Randy & Janet . Pearl & Mark and all of your Families. Praying for You today. That the sting of grief will not be so sad on Larry's one year since his passing. Praying the memories you carry in your heart causes you to smile. That the same hope Larry had in his Christ, Jesus gives all of us that same knowing we will see Larry again. Love you all!
Posted by Marilynne Mathies on November 20, 2021
It’s been one year since Pearl called us to tell us of Larry’s failing health and passing. Covid had made it difficult for any of us to get together in the past year which will have been hard for Larry as he loved to stay connected.
How we miss those phone calls of what’s going on in the family like Carole’s engagement!! He truly loved Family & Friends! I picture him chatting it up in Heaven , to think Vic & him might be doing that right now!! Big hugs Pearl , Randy and family! Hope to connect this summer !
Posted by Carole Martens on November 30, 2020
What a wonderful and meaningful memorial for Larry yesterday. Thank you for the inspiration of a life which touched more people than we could have imagined. Feeling blessed.
Every day is a gift!!
his Life

Family Farm

Here is a picture of our family farm in 1975.  I am told that there would be low flying aircraft that would take snapshots of farms, and then later in the year, a traveling sales person would drive farm to farm to sell the images. 

The image captured was displayed in an artistic way where the image was primarily the photo and the horizon was an artistic painting of the surrounding area.   I currently have this image hanging in my office, as a memory of my life growing up on the farm.  

Captured in the photo is Larry.   If you are able to zoom the image, check out the white shed with green roof to the right of the red barn.  There you will see Larry looking at the sky.  It appears that he had just parked his car in the shed and was walking away and looking at the airplane who was capturing the images.  

We have always loved the fact that Larry was in this photo and now will cherish it even more.  

Rest well Larry.  You working days are over.

Tribute from his Sister Pearl

The world lost a “nobody” today.
Today my oldest brother passed. From the world’s perspective, he was no one special, no celebrity, no community leader, but for those who knew him, he was an inspiration.
His passing was somewhat expected; somewhat not. He was familiar with medical challenges for much of his last 30 years and this afternoon, multiple issues seemed to peek at the very same time and his weary body simply said enough, and with that, he was gone. (noncovid)
How do I describe my brother?
Pure Hearted,
Fiercely Independent
and very very Challenged.
Pure Hearted.
I would say Larry's highest priority was connecting with others. He valued people. As we have lived hundreds of miles apart for many years, phone conversations were the bulk of our connection.. Each and every call Larry would talk about others. What was happening in the lives of relatives, friends and especially people from our home town. He really cared about others. He was a friend to many. In his rural part of the world one would be hard pressed to find someone who did not know him for miles around. A frequent phrase of his was “I’m old school remember?” Which told people he was connecting with, that he desired face to face, one on one conversations. He didn’t need technology, he needed a table, a cup of hot coffee and a friend to chat with.
Few people have found ways to successfully navigate life with only one arm. A farming accident took his left arm in 1991. That slowed him down for a season but with healing came creative ways to earn an income and spark his enthusiasm. Driving was one of his loves and soon we were hearing about his travels across much of Western Canada as he transported goods across the prairies. In his apartment we found his updated drivers license that allowed him to drive with a commercial license even today. He loved the open road.
Fiercely Independent.
Larry lived the motto of “I will do things my way”. Oh how family especially wanted to help, assist, guide and partner with him to navigate through life. Many offered assistance, but rarely were the offers welcome. For family, the conundrum of seeing someone we love, not accept assistance, was a decades long hurt, but as time passed we learned that his joy came from blazing his own trail; not in following ours.
For Larry it was common that each week brought a new challenge; be it a financial challenge, a relationship challenge, a housing challenge, a medical challenge, a trapped in red tape of the system challenge (lots of those), a tough luck challenge, a being taken advantage of challenge and more. (I have to be honest and say that there were times I couldn’t call him as the weight of his burdens would bring me down). He could write “the” book on adversity. He faced giant after giant after giant, yet he had resolve to persevere through and figure out a way to succeed.
Tonight as I was making calls and sharing the news of his passing with relatives, each and everyone talked about his tough, tough life coupled with his resiliency to continue. Somewhere deep within him sprang optimism despite odds. He had a knack for describing the most daunting and frustrating situations with a twist of hopefulness. There is a Bible verse that says “my mercies are new every morning” meaning God grants the enough strength to make it through each day. For me Larry was a living testament to this verse. Yes sometimes the bleak world he faced did get the better of him, but never for long. His internal spring of optimism never ran dry.
Larry, my brother, you were quite a character. You set an example of seeing good and seeking hope regardless what life brought your way. (Nurses commented that even yesterday you were being your feisty self.) On the world’s scale you were a “nobody”, no flags are going to fly half mast for you, but for those that knew you, your influence on them will have lasting impact. All will reflect on the joy you had despite the hardships you faced and will have a solemn appreciation for being lucky enough to have known you.
Your example of grit, tenacity and perseverance as well as showing love, kindness and acceptance to all, humbles me. I have much to learn from you.
I am honored to be your “little” sis.
Psalm 71:20 NLT - “You have allowed me to suffer much hardship, but you will restore me to life again”
Recent stories

Memorial Service for Larry Schellenberg - Nov 29, 2020

Shared by Pearl Galbraith on December 1, 2020
Order of Service

November 29, 2020 – 3 PM Saskatchewan Time (CST)

Zoom Link to Memorial Service at  Welcome Russell Siemens Larry’s cousin


Reflection and Scripture Reading Lottie Siemens Larry’s Aunt

Meditation Dan Siebert Friend of Schellenberg Family

 “Suppertime” Russell Siemens, Rachelle Patzer and Kim Fast Larry’s cousins  

Obituary Sheila Wiebe Cousin of Larry

“Brothers of the Highway”Tony Justice and Aaron Tippen

 Reflections from Family Joe, Drew and Sami Galbraith Larry’s niece and nephews

Pearl Galbraith  Larry’s sister
Randy Schellenberg Larry’s brother 

Closing and Doxology
cousins of Larry
Russell Siemens, Rachelle Patzer and Kim Fast
Thank you to all who assisted in putting this memorial together, allowing us to honor Larry well. the family

Meditation by Dan Siebert - family friend of the Schellenberg's

Shared by Pearl Galbraith on November 28, 2020
Welcoming Address to Larry Schellenberg’s Memorial Gathering

Thank you for inviting me to participate in this memorial gathering for Larry Schellenberg. I am honoured. I confess, I did not know Larry very well, but with having had some interaction with him and hearing from his family and friends, I have gained a great appreciation for who Larry is, and his impact on those he came in contact with.

It was fun to visit with Larry, sometimes at funerals. He was interested in what you were doing and usually had something unique to share. He would ask about the people we both knew.

It is no secret that Larry faced many challenges, many struggles. He found expressing himself in writing difficult. When asked in school on a test by Melvin Epp to write a long answer to a question, he wrote a sentence and then in large letters -HERE I QUIT!

Larry was a good driver. I was told of a passenger in a vehicle mentioning how this "guy" he was riding with was driving quite fast down the road in a snow storm talking on the cell phone -and he had only one arm!

This same driver had the determination to shovel the snow off a complete parking lot in Delisle -with only one arm. He did not sit and feel sorry for himself. He persevered.

Larry grew up in a family who know how to serve. His parents spent many hours, years working for the poor through MCC and serving in the church. He had a servant heart like his parents and like his siblings, Randy and Pearl.

The neat thing about Larry is that he is one of God's children and is very loved by Him. I'm going to read you parts of Isaiah 43, one of my favorite chapters in the Bible.

"But this is what the Lord says -he who created you ..... Fear not for I have redeemed you. I have summoned you by name, you are mine."
LARRY -you are mine.
"Do not be afraid for I am with you .... I love you"
"I created you for my glory"

Larry knew and recognized that. He was created for God's glory. We are created for God's glory. And our lives are going to reveal God's glory when we recognize we are loved by God. Then others will see His glory in us. In the things we do and the things we say. In the way we make people feel. In the love we share with others. God longs to have fellowship with us, to commune with us, to embrace us and to be loved in return.

One of his friends, Doug Martens, said, "He was a closer friend to me than you might realize. In conversation with him in his last days I told him to trust in God" -and Larry said, "That's what I'm doing."

People were impacted by Larry's testimony of faith. He had a quiet, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and service to others is how he expressed it.

To you, family and friends, Randy and Pearl and your families, all the uncles and aunts and cousins and your children, may God comfort you in the loss of a special brother and friend. He will be missed. Let's pray: Lord, "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God." 2 Cor 1: 3,4
Thank you for the life of our friend, Larry, and the lessons he taught us. Bless this service in honor to you. In the strong name of Jesus, Amen.

God has chosen now as the time to call Larry home. I'm sure there will be quite a reunion as he meets with his Lord and with his parents Beno and Reanetta, and of course his younger brothers, Murray and his twin. Can you just see them sitting around the table and having supper together? One day the call will come for all of us to join our Lord for the greatest supper time of them all. We anticipate that invitation!

Dan Siebert

Larry and the twinkle in his eye

Shared by E Nelson on November 28, 2020
My name is Evelyn (Dyck) Nelson.  I first met the Schellenberg family in the late 1970’s when they lived in Saskatchewan and it continued when they moved to Abbotsford, my hometown.  I had the privilege of helping out Mr and Mrs Schellenberg at their “Sweet Things” ice cream/candy counter every once in awhile.  One memory was when Pearl and I were trying to make a milkshake for a customer and we didn’t properly know how to run the machine, so when we turned it on, there was ice cream and milk EVERYWHERE.   Larry just smiled, shook his head and had a twinkle in his eyes when we told him about it.     Larry also displayed a twinkle in his eyes when he’d see the ice cream cones I’d serve to the customers.   Let’s just say that my idea of a single scoop looked a “bit” different than when Mr Schellenberg made a single scooped cone!!!     Larry was always kind to me and it was an honor to know him.