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Memorial Service for Larry Schellenberg - Nov 29, 2020

Shared by Pearl Galbraith on December 1, 2020
Order of Service

November 29, 2020 – 3 PM Saskatchewan Time (CST)

Zoom Link to Memorial Service at  Welcome Russell Siemens Larry’s cousin


Reflection and Scripture Reading Lottie Siemens Larry’s Aunt

Meditation Dan Siebert Friend of Schellenberg Family

 “Suppertime” Russell Siemens, Rachelle Patzer and Kim Fast Larry’s cousins  

Obituary Sheila Wiebe Cousin of Larry

“Brothers of the Highway”Tony Justice and Aaron Tippen

 Reflections from Family Joe, Drew and Sami Galbraith Larry’s niece and nephews

Pearl Galbraith  Larry’s sister
Randy Schellenberg Larry’s brother 

Closing and Doxology
cousins of Larry
Russell Siemens, Rachelle Patzer and Kim Fast
Thank you to all who assisted in putting this memorial together, allowing us to honor Larry well. the family

Meditation by Dan Siebert - family friend of the Schellenberg's

Shared by Pearl Galbraith on November 28, 2020
Welcoming Address to Larry Schellenberg’s Memorial Gathering

Thank you for inviting me to participate in this memorial gathering for Larry Schellenberg. I am honoured. I confess, I did not know Larry very well, but with having had some interaction with him and hearing from his family and friends, I have gained a great appreciation for who Larry is, and his impact on those he came in contact with.

It was fun to visit with Larry, sometimes at funerals. He was interested in what you were doing and usually had something unique to share. He would ask about the people we both knew.

It is no secret that Larry faced many challenges, many struggles. He found expressing himself in writing difficult. When asked in school on a test by Melvin Epp to write a long answer to a question, he wrote a sentence and then in large letters -HERE I QUIT!

Larry was a good driver. I was told of a passenger in a vehicle mentioning how this "guy" he was riding with was driving quite fast down the road in a snow storm talking on the cell phone -and he had only one arm!

This same driver had the determination to shovel the snow off a complete parking lot in Delisle -with only one arm. He did not sit and feel sorry for himself. He persevered.

Larry grew up in a family who know how to serve. His parents spent many hours, years working for the poor through MCC and serving in the church. He had a servant heart like his parents and like his siblings, Randy and Pearl.

The neat thing about Larry is that he is one of God's children and is very loved by Him. I'm going to read you parts of Isaiah 43, one of my favorite chapters in the Bible.

"But this is what the Lord says -he who created you ..... Fear not for I have redeemed you. I have summoned you by name, you are mine."
LARRY -you are mine.
"Do not be afraid for I am with you .... I love you"
"I created you for my glory"

Larry knew and recognized that. He was created for God's glory. We are created for God's glory. And our lives are going to reveal God's glory when we recognize we are loved by God. Then others will see His glory in us. In the things we do and the things we say. In the way we make people feel. In the love we share with others. God longs to have fellowship with us, to commune with us, to embrace us and to be loved in return.

One of his friends, Doug Martens, said, "He was a closer friend to me than you might realize. In conversation with him in his last days I told him to trust in God" -and Larry said, "That's what I'm doing."

People were impacted by Larry's testimony of faith. He had a quiet, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and service to others is how he expressed it.

To you, family and friends, Randy and Pearl and your families, all the uncles and aunts and cousins and your children, may God comfort you in the loss of a special brother and friend. He will be missed. Let's pray: Lord, "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God." 2 Cor 1: 3,4
Thank you for the life of our friend, Larry, and the lessons he taught us. Bless this service in honor to you. In the strong name of Jesus, Amen.

God has chosen now as the time to call Larry home. I'm sure there will be quite a reunion as he meets with his Lord and with his parents Beno and Reanetta, and of course his younger brothers, Murray and his twin. Can you just see them sitting around the table and having supper together? One day the call will come for all of us to join our Lord for the greatest supper time of them all. We anticipate that invitation!

Dan Siebert

Larry and the twinkle in his eye

Shared by E Nelson on November 28, 2020
My name is Evelyn (Dyck) Nelson.  I first met the Schellenberg family in the late 1970’s when they lived in Saskatchewan and it continued when they moved to Abbotsford, my hometown.  I had the privilege of helping out Mr and Mrs Schellenberg at their “Sweet Things” ice cream/candy counter every once in awhile.  One memory was when Pearl and I were trying to make a milkshake for a customer and we didn’t properly know how to run the machine, so when we turned it on, there was ice cream and milk EVERYWHERE.   Larry just smiled, shook his head and had a twinkle in his eyes when we told him about it.     Larry also displayed a twinkle in his eyes when he’d see the ice cream cones I’d serve to the customers.   Let’s just say that my idea of a single scoop looked a “bit” different than when Mr Schellenberg made a single scooped cone!!!     Larry was always kind to me and it was an honor to know him.    

White Lighting

Shared by Russ Siemens on November 28, 2020
I received this note on Linkedin from a friend from back in high school days. He gave me permission to share it.
Hello Russ,
My sister Mardell passed along the link to the tribute site for Larry -- sorry to hear that he passed away.
In viewing all of the pictures and tributes for Larry, I've been able to certainly appreciate the love that so many friends and family had for him.  It also gives me a chance to catch up in a way with a lot of old friends from my time in Main Centre and Herbert from back in the day.
I bought my first car from Larry - that '62 Pontiac Laurentian, affectionately known as 'white lighting' among the cronies at Herbert High.
Take care,
Curt Penner


Shared by Pearl Galbraith on November 27, 2020


Shared by Pearl Galbraith on November 27, 2020

Tributes from Friends...

Shared by Pearl Galbraith on November 27, 2020
Following are tributes left on social media for Larry.  

What an amazing Tribute Pearl!! Well said and well written. I remember our childhood days when Larry would tease us as we played ... always a smile & a twinkle in his eye. So sorry Pearl ... take care and please know I have you & your family in my thoughts and prayers. ❤️ Jackie Wiebe

Thank you for describing Larry so perfectly!  I always looked forward to his phone call on my birthday. Because our birthdays were one day apart, it became a race as to who would phone first to wish HB!  He usually beat me and he’d have a good laugh about it!  Our prayers are with you and Randy as you deal with what’s left behind! Phyllis Froese
I am so sorry. Larry was a good fella sure gonna miss him. My condolences to the Family.  Darryl Fehr
So sorry to hear this What a beautiful tribute to your brother.  Ron and I send our condolences and will keep your family in our prayers  Larry worked for Ron for a couple summers on the farm...have some good memories.   Ron and Cindy Mathies 
So very sorry for your loss. Such a beautifully written tribute. We will be holding you, Randy and families in our prayers. Garnet & Donna Schroeder.
Thanks Pearl for this sad news. Your reflections of Larry are so sensitive and meaningful! Condolences to you and Randy and your families! Larry was so much a part of our/my life as his pastor and also teacher. He faced his limitations and challenges courageously. He is fondly and respectfully remember by us. David and Margaret Epp
So sorry to hear of this loss. I only knew him briefly. Yet his fierce “go out and conquer the world with what you have” attitude was contagious. I keep that strength and his memory with me always. Prayers and peace to all of you. Alison Solmes
I never knew Larry well, I met him while he was driving for Halcon. What I did learn about him though was that he was a genuine spirit, my heart aches to hear of his passing. RIP Larry you will be missed James McKenzie
So sorry for your loss Pearl and Randy. I saw Larry in February at Errol’s funeral - old friends still connected from “home”! Such nice words you wrote-brought a smile and tears. to you all. Engen Les Joanne
I knew Larry through work at CP Rail...he was a good man with a great smile...I'm very sorry for your loss! Grant Fahlman
That's very sad. I liked Larry, he was a really great guy.  I worked with him for a bit and we went for coffee a few times. He was always smiling. My condolences to his family.  Carol J Tate Lasas
Pearl, Randy and families. So sorry to hear about Larry,  I can see his smile, it was infectious and he was always happy to see all his friends. Gerald and Janet Schellenberg 
Very sorry for the lose.  Larry was a great man. I could not believe this when I saw it.  Shane Haarsma
Sorry to hear of this. Larry drove Train Crews around for quite awhile. Last I spoke to him at Westgate Plaza he was fine I think within the last year or so. He liked Rock Music from his Facebook Posts. RIP Larry.  Blaine Nahorney 

Our condolences.  What a great tribute to Larry.  He always had a great smile. We  always enjoyed seeing him when he stopped in Herbert.  Helen Redekop 
My Thoughts and Prayers are with You and Your Family Pearl...Larry was a True Friend. I will Miss Him. Bruce Otto
Reg and I and our whole family want you to know we are praying for you in your time of grief. So many mixed emotions for you all. Sad for you but so much hope and joy for Larry to be with His Lord Jesus. No more suffering, pain, tears.  Yes we agree Larry was very inspirational and a fighter. Reg and Shannon Schellenberg 
That’s a real surprise & shock. Sorry to hear that. Knew him well back in the day. Robert Schultz

Shared by Grant W Fahlman on November 24, 2020
Larry drove cab for us at CP can imagine some of the looks he originally got as a one armed driver showing up in the cab, but Larry took it all in stride as he became one of the drivers we all looked forward to seeing drive up to the station. He took the ribbing we gave him like a champ, always with a big smile. I quickly realized the tough life Larry had lived as I got to know him and it gave me an appreciation for his resilience. He always had a smile to greet you with and it helped me appreciate how fortunate myself and others at the the railroad were. Very humbling. The thing was Larry never complained about his circumstances, he truly enjoyed life as hard as it may have been for him. There are some people in life that leave a lasting impression on others...and Larry was that person for me and I know many others. RIP were a beauty!!!

Childhood memories with Larry & Patches

Shared by Reg and Shannon Schellenb... on November 23, 2020
As one of Larry’s many cousins. I, Reg remember numerous outings with Larry and Patches. One particular occasion.  Larry, Murray and I all climbed on board Patches. Larry was up front with the reins in hand with Murray and I hanging on to him. While we were going for a ride, Larry said, “Let’s ride down to the trees”. The ride was going well, until Patches decided to trot under a low hanging tree branch Larry did not see it coming and Patches cleaned us all off in one swipe of a branch. Needless to say we were not impressed with Larry’s tour he took us on. We all had to walk back to the yard, where Patches was waiting at the barn for us. Aunt Renetta was at the barn, andgave Larry instructions that it was time to gather the milk cows. The three of us then jumped on the Massey Tractor with Larry to go to the pasture to gather the milk cows. Patches got to stay home.

Please post your memories

Shared by Pearl Galbraith on November 22, 2020
As a family we invite and appreciate all comments, tributes and stories about Larry. 

He had such a wide circle of friends and people that will miss his smile and encouraging word.  

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