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Her Life


April 27, 2019

Looking on face book today, I saw that one of my friends shared this message. And in reading it, it reminded me of Laryssa. My beautiful daughter, Laryssa, who was so unaware of her beauty, inside and out. And her light, the light that  she shared with everyone and every animal, every living thing that she met and came into contact with. Such a loving and giving person. She was so unique in her thoughts, her ideas. So many things she had left to do. So many things.... Her beautiful light, I see her in everything that is good in this world.

Laryssa Marie Nyland

March 21, 2017

Laryssa was born Nov. 10,1983. She weighed 5 lbs. 12 ozs. She was tiny, but that didn't stop her. She was born and raised in Sparta , Michigan. She went to Sparta schools. She was curious as as child and determined. She was very intelligent. She could read before entering kindergarten. She loved to read. She also loved dinosaurs, fossils, bugs and animals. She was always picking up snakes. She brought one home from school on the school bus, once. We let her keep it for a pet. She had an enormous love for animals. One time she kept a mole in a glass aquarium. Needless to say, I went into her room and turned on the light, she yelled, "Mom, you gave him a heart attack. He's dead." She loved any kind of music. She played the clarinet. She was always laughing or giggling. She had a beautiful smile. Her father and her were often together watching Red Green and Mr. Bean, laughing together. She went to Red Flannel days, once, and saw a man juggling. She said I want to do that, and so she taught herself how to juggle. She went to Paris with her French class from school. She enjoyed that. She got to take a train ride up the mountains in Switzerland. She went to Rome, Italy, and Spain. She loved that trip. She taught herself how to read and speak Japanese. As she grew up, she spent a couple of years in Lansing working as a vet tech. She was also rescuing ferrets. She had flying squirrels, a couple of cats and a hedge hog.The last eleven years of her life was spent living in Califonia. This beautiful soul had a passion for rescuing and loving animals. She was enormously kind and giving of her love. She was curious about everything in this world. Laryssa loved watching T.V. shows, movies, exploring old buildings with friends and she loved nature. She loved watching lunar and solar eclipses,  meteor showers, and hiking. Laryssa loved everything about life. She is going to be greatly missed. Laryssa's father passed away January 15, 2015. We know that she is in heaven with him wrapped in God's loving arms. God blessed this earth with her beautiful bright light if only for a very short time. But she remains in every ray of sunshine, in the stars that shine bright at night, in every thunderstorm, even the wind that blows through the trees. The dragonfly skimming over a lake. When you look at a sunset or sunrise, you will see her. Such a devestating loss. We love you, Laryssa. We love you forever and always.