Posted by Wendell Hill on April 8, 2021
Laura was the light of our lives. From the day she was born until her last day with us, she brightened the lives of everyone she met. She cared deeply for others, and perpetually sought to help and show kindnesses to family, friends, and strangers alike. She repeatedly rescued dogs and cats from shelters and showered them with care and affection. Her love and thoughtfulness seemed limitless, and throughout her life she thought it no sacrifice to give even her sleep hours to help someone in need of a favor or simply a shoulder to cry on. So, it came as no surprise to us to learn that she wanted to give one last time at her passing, as an organ donor forwarding the gift of life to others. May her light continue to brighten the lives of those recipients who she helps now, and of all those whose lives they go on to touch thereafter. -- Laura's Family

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