This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Linda Cavazzoni, 81 years old, born on July 8, 1938, and passed away on April 26, 2020. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Diane Ashworth on July 8, 2022
Happy 84th Birthday ,Linda, my forever friend,missing you and loving you always until we see each other again. My family and Rich are remembering you on this day also. Love to all the Cavazzoni family.
Posted by Jane Skehan on April 30, 2022
Always in my heart Happy Mothers Day to the best aunt ever Jayne
Posted by Diane Ashworth on April 29, 2022
Remembering my dearest friend, 2 years on Tuesday in heaven I know your love & spirit is with me til we meet again. I cherish many precious memories.    Love to all family, Diane
Posted by Jane Skehan on July 13, 2021
Happy Birthday to the most beautiful aunt I could of ever had. I love you Aunt Linda and miss you
Posted by Angela Buttacavoli on July 12, 2021
Happy Birthday in Heaven Linda. I know you are missed by your handsome sons and their families. You will always be remembered by your kind and loving face. Rest In Peace sweet Angel.
Posted by Diane Ashworth on July 8, 2021
Missing you everyday,miss your beautiful smile, your love, prayers,caring so much for ,not only your own precious family,but for my family and all people and all families every where. I know you are a special angel & re-united with Aldo & all of your family in heaven with our GOD. Til we meet again,Happy Birthday!!!! love forever,Diane
Posted by Angela Buttacavoli on July 8, 2020
Happy Birthday in Heaven. I know you are watching over your family from God’s garden and sending words of comforting advice. Rest In Peace dear friend. You did a wonderful job while on earth.
Posted by Stephen Cavazzoni on May 10, 2020
Happy Mother's Day mom.
Posted by Michael Martinock on May 4, 2020
I was very sorry and sad to read this news, and I'm finding I still am while writing this. She was always kind and welcoming to me and everyone in my family. She made living on Salem Hill Road that much … happier, … positive, just by virtue of her being there and being herself. It was decades ago, but the memories are firmly fixed in the childhoods of both my brother Chad and me.

And thank you so much for posting all of the wonderful pictures.
Posted by Diane Ashworth on April 29, 2020
a p.s. My family,especially D.J. & Danny send their sympathy,love & prayers at this time of your Mom's passing. They know she was a prayer warrior and knew her prayers helped them.
Posted by Diane Ashworth on April 29, 2020
My love,prayers & condolences are with all of you at this sad & difficult time.Although it is not possible to be together,know that I am with you in spirit. Linda & I had a special,precious,loving,prayer-filled bond for over 30 years. We shared various ministries at St.Veronica's parish & many hours of prayer, scripture, & love. Linda was filled with wisdom,& God's love & shared it with all who would listen. Linda wanted everyone she met to know God loved them & led by the power of the Holy Spirit to believe in our Lord & savior Jesus Christ. Only our God knows how many people Linda touched with her faith through the years. Linda was a strong,loving,kind,positive,generous woman & had a very calming spirit. Her loving warm smile was contagious & her loving presence was felt by everyone. We also had lots of fun times & great lunch dates!!. As the years passed, our friendship became stronger & I was blessed by God to have the best friend on earth anyone could have!! Linda, like Jesus, forgave anyone & everyone who caused her pain in this world,and led by example the wisdom in doing that,because forgiveness brings peace to our Spirit.Linda's spirit & precious memories will live with me until we are together again & no more sad good-byes. I will miss my strong, beautiful sister-in-Christ. Thank you dear Cavazzoni family for allowing me the opportunity to share some of my thoughts with you as you mourn the loss of your Mom,  Grandmom,sister,& loved one. Linda as we know well,put God first in her life,family friends & country next always!
Posted by Phil Buttacavoli on April 29, 2020
I’ve had the fortune of knowing your family for most of my life .  I remember summer parties at your home in Howell and what seemed like hundreds of shared baseball games. The warmth and welcoming love from your family was tremendous and it is obvious that she was at the center of this. 
And although I haven't been able to see her for many years, Steve kept us up to date and we had had the pleasure of exchanging Christmas cards with her every year except for the last.  I’m also a fan of the song "God's Country" and after reading Ken's tribute I'm certain it will make me smile and remind me of your Mom for years to come.   
Posted by Angela Buttacavoli on April 28, 2020
So sorry for your loss Your mom was always wonderful and kind to everyone. Her family was very important to her and she loved you deeply. Keep her love tucked in your heart. She will always be with you.
Angela Buttacavoli
Posted by Barbara Dyjak on April 28, 2020
Such a special friend to our entire family, and sister in Christ, has gone home to her beloved Jesus, and all loved ones who have gone before. We all love & miss you.
Posted by Joseph Del Ponte on April 27, 2020
My Godmother Linda was so special to me. I remember growing up in the Bronx and visiting her with my mom and grandmother. Even when she moved to New Jersey, I made sure I visited her in Lakewood. As I grew older and married and started my own family, I made sure I kept in contact. She was my second mom and I kept her in my daily thoughts and prayers. I will deeply miss her, but know she is home with the Lord. I love you Godmother Linda!

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Posted by Diane Ashworth on July 8, 2022
Happy 84th Birthday ,Linda, my forever friend,missing you and loving you always until we see each other again. My family and Rich are remembering you on this day also. Love to all the Cavazzoni family.
Posted by Jane Skehan on April 30, 2022
Always in my heart Happy Mothers Day to the best aunt ever Jayne
Posted by Diane Ashworth on April 29, 2022
Remembering my dearest friend, 2 years on Tuesday in heaven I know your love & spirit is with me til we meet again. I cherish many precious memories.    Love to all family, Diane
her Life

A tribute to mom, by Ken Cavazzoni

“God’s Country” is a song by Blake Shelton that seemed to play on the radio each time I had my mother in the car.  When the song would play, she would proudly state, “Oh, I like this song” or “My song is on again…”  Just from the title, it’s not a surprise that she would like the tune.  All she needed to hear was God and country and she was sold.  Mom would listen to every word and make comments about the song and how it relates to her own relationship with the Lord, with her country and with her family.

The song is about the heartland and of a simpler time and place where God reigns, good conquers evil and love of country and religion paves the way.  It is perfectly suited for my mom who believed in the tenets of family, religion, patriotism, love and faith.  Mom would smile and glow when she recognized the song and the words seemed to give her peace and a little bit of pep to her day.  For my mom, “God’s Country” wasn’t just a song, but more of a proclamation of life in a pure form and the way it ought to be.  

Unwavering in her faith, she would approach each day as a blessing and that spirit would radiate to all that were around her.  Her many friends appreciated her kindness, her warmth and her welcoming spirit.  It was easy to feel loved when around her and she was mutually admired and appreciated by her friends.  I cannot tell you how many messages have been received since her passing, all noting how kind, gentle and loving she truly was.  Even as she endured the pain and suffering of her last days, she remained a wonderful, gentle soul.

Above all else, mom emphasized the importance of family.  Although many miles would separate her from her brother and sister, she held them close to her heart and in her everyday thoughts.  Not a day went by when I was with her that she didn’t speak about her brother, Frank and her sister, Emma.  As the years went by, physical distance apart became difficult to overcome.  However, distance would never interfere with the special, everlasting, loving and inseparable bond that she felt for her brother and sister.  

My mother also showed tremendous love and dedication to her three grandchildren. She doted on Isabella, Giulianna and Gabriel and fought so hard for her life so that she could watch her grandchildren grow.  It was important for her to impart her knowledge and experience to them as only someone from a different generation could.  She did it with the hope that her conversations would leave a lasting print on their lives for years to come.  Undoubtedly, she was successful in that regard and you can see her love and strength in them.

She was also an exemplary mom, dedicating her life to her children and husband.  She helped to create a nurturing environment in a suburban home, full of love and closeness.  Our home was always welcoming and my brothers James and Stephen and I never wanted for anything.  She only wanted the best for us and was completely selfless in her daily pursuits.  Upon losing her husband over thirty years ago, she showed an amazing strength and dignity as she maintained the standards of her life.  Her priorities never changed and she always emphasized the importance of family unity and the family bond.

Her faith provided her with a foundation that gave her amazing strength no matter the situation.   There’s a line in God’s Country that says, “The devil went to Georgia, but he didn’t stick around, this is God’s country.” This line would typically rouse a “that’s right!” out of mom.  She was devout in her faith and truly believed that good would triumph over evil.  The devil never had a chance around my mom, that’s for sure.  She believed in the power of prayer, the power of faith and the power of an almighty God.  The trials we face are simply challenges and faith in God would beat down any challenge.

Mom referred to passing away as “Going Home”.  Late in life, she often talked about God taking her home when he was ready.  She is home now, where she is reunited with dad, her family and all her friends who passed.  We can all take solace in the thought that God now wants her in his home and we will someday be reunited.

Linda Cavazzoni, a loving mother, faithful wife, devoted sister and friend to so many. No longer in pain, no longer suffering.  May she Rest in Peace until we meet again in the kingdom of heaven.

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Shared by Jane Skehan on May 3, 2020
My Dearest Aunt Linda,
 I think about you and Uncle Al and how you always shown my family and me love and kindness. I will always remember our conversations, your amazing hugs, and the way you loved and cherished your family and grand children. Our adventures-many filled with laughter, our conversations, your guidance and our time together will be forever missed. I thank God he gave me the chance to get to know you as I did. You are a blessing in my life. Your love for God has set you free, and you are forever with Jesus and with the man you love so much. When you meet my twin maybe you can extend one of your amazing hugs. 
I love you forever


Shared by Silvia Ciuffetelli on April 28, 2020
I remember whenever I called her she was always there for me encouraging and praying for me. Her testimonies if miracles in her life was always inspirational and encouraging. I always loved her she helped me during my toughest time after I was abandoned in Lousiana. You will always be part of my heart. I know I will be seeing her again in heaven. She will be waiting for us. She will be missed.