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Shared by Pam Scalf on June 8, 2021
I met Lois in 2001 when I moved to San Diego to be with my husband while he was in the Marine Corps. We lived in the same apartment complex and she was our dear neighbor.  I transferred to San Diego with my job at Delta Airlines. Shortly after 911 our ticket office closed down and I was left unsure what to do with my career. I graduated from college with a degree in psychology in 2000. I spent time talking to Lois about my decision to get my masters in rehabilitation counseling at San Diego State University. She became a mentor  to me throughout my time in graduate school.  When we moved back home to Northern Kentucky we kept in touch only through Christmas cards.  We loved hearing about her adventures.  A few years ago we stopped hearing back from her.  I was so sad to receive notice just this past week of her passing.  We thought of her often and she will always hold a special place in my heart.  Rest peacefully Lois!  I look forward to meeting you again someday in heaven. 
Shared by Bettina Sawaya on May 11, 2021
Look what I found among mom's treasures.  A note of appreciation from her dear friend, Pam D'Angelo. Mom and Pam attended the Rehabilitation Counseling program at San Francisco State.
Shared by Bettina Sawaya on May 11, 2021
Mom loved Masterpiece Theater with Alister Cook.  In his dignified way, he would introduce the weeks installment of whatever treasure they were showing (Poldark, I Claudius, Up Stairs Down Stairs).  As the introductory music of Mouret's Fanfares for Trumpets started to trill, mom would always say, "I want this played at my funeral!" with a dazzling smile. Then we'd settle down for an enchanted evening.  
Shared by Bettina Sawaya on May 23, 2021
Towards the end of her life, Lois developed dementia.  This did not dim her love of life, but it did require her to have caregivers.  Lois was blessed to have several awesome, earth-bound angels support her for many years.  Sandra Castorena was one such angel.  Almost daily, Lois would look around her apartment at a lifetime of mementos and say, "I love my home!".  It was the devotion of her caregivers that enabled her to live out her life surrounded by happy memories.

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