This tribute was added by Jacqueline Brandt on September 17, 2020
Brother this is an absolutely beautiful tribute to your Mom and the amazing person she was. You and I met for the first time when I was 11 and you were 18, and I remember going to your house to see where my brother grew up all these years.....which just so happened to be only 20 minutes from where I grew up!! I remember meeting your parents for the first time. Your mom greeted me with a big warm smile and hug and was kind, warm and inviting. I also remember her super cool purple convertible that I thought was so awesome! All these years later when I think of your mom I think of that big warm inviting smile and presence she always carried with her whenever I saw her. I thank God for her and the amazing mother she was to you and grandmother to the boys. I am so thankful that God gave you to her as well. You were her treasure and gift and she loved you so well and I love her for that so much. I see her tender loving spirit, tenacity, and creative side being lived on through you, and reading about her makes me want to be a better person and mom myself. She was a precious soul and I feel honored to have known the mother who loved, cared for, and nurtured my brother in so many ways over the years. She is a gift to this world. Love you Brother and your mama so so much!
This tribute was added by Marilyn Gauntner on September 13, 2020
Dear Jeff, This is so beautiful. I did not know your mom, but after reading about her, looking at the photos and watching your video I see how influential she was in your life and how proud she must be of you. I am so sorry for your loss but know you will have so many special memories you will pass on to your boys and they will keep her alive with those memories. Thinking of you and your family. Love, Marilyn
This tribute was added by Mely Stiever on September 13, 2020
Was a huge privilege and blessing to get to know your mom, Jeff, we gave support, love and care for each other for many years. Lynn was an awesome person, a love giver and she will stay in the deepest part of my heart and memories for evermore. Prayers your way, Julie, Jorney, Quest, Nova & Foxy for comfort. God bless all of you. ❤
This tribute was added by Mary Cira on September 13, 2020
A loving tribute to a beautiful and caring mother, grandmother, daughter, niece, and friend. Though I didn't see your mother often I enjoyed her upbeat spirit, great smile, and contagious laugh. I'm so happy I had the pleasure to know her. Sending lots of comfort and love to you, Julie, Journey, and Quest. All my love - Mary
This tribute was added by MaryAnn Canning on September 12, 2020
Jeff, I am so sorry to learn of your mom’s passing. Although I haven’t seen her since your wedding day, it’s a wonderful memory. She was so happy and proud of you and her love for you was written all over her face. You are a lucky man to have had such a great mom. Take comfort in knowing your strength and your love surrounded her in her final days. 
This tribute was added by Eric St. Pierre on September 11, 2020
Dear Jeff, I was saddened to hear about your mom. I have lot's of fond memories of her, especially the early years as we signed our franchise agreement in 1993. Fun times at those early annual meetings. She was such a nice lady. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
This tribute was added by Melanie Bergeron on September 11, 2020
Dear Jeff, I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved Mom. Thank you for posting so much about her....that smile..... Infectious. She always reminded me of Mary Tyler Moore. I worked with your Mom for many at Two Men and aTruck, talked to her all the time. Her favorite subject was you. You were and are loved. Love endures all things. She was blessed to have a loving son like you Jeff. Your mom was very determined, tough and ladylike all rolled into one. She is very much a part of the fabric of Two Men and a Truck. You are in my prayers, your Mom will never be forgotten. Melanie Bergeron
This tribute was added by Mary Ellen Sheets on September 11, 2020
Dear Jeff, I am so sorry to learn your Mother passed away. I haven't seen her for many years but have fond memories of she and your Dad when they first became TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchisees. We were a little company back then with our office in two rooms over a detail shop. They were so proud of you and took you all over to play hockey. My memory of Lynn is bubbly and fun.  I'm sure it is such a hard time for you.... take care of yourself. Mary Ellen
This tribute was added by Jeff Meilander on September 8, 2020
Thanks for all your unconditional love, your never ending support, and for always working as hard as possible to give me a great life.

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