This tribute was added by Rowland Forta on October 20, 2020
Dear Auntie,
Your light will shine on in the people you touched. May God grant you eternal rest.
This tribute was added by Atemlefac Anastasia on October 17, 2020
Always in my mind mum the pain, when I think of u mame it makes the world become nothing to me, rest in peace mother, till we will meet again ,I know you are with are father in heaven, for we love you mom, but he loves u much,I don't know when I Will stop thinking about you mame you were a mother and like friend to me, mom may Ur soul rest in peace mother
This tribute was added by Nzengung Emilia on October 17, 2020
It's sad to know you're not more Grandma. One of my greatest memory I had in my child hood was with you. I'm proud to say the things you thought me at that tender age contributed a lot in shaping my life. You were a God fearing and a kind hearted person.....Will miss you grandma. You will forever remain in my heart. I know you're with the Almighty God Already. May your soul continue to rest in peace for eternity ,Amen.
This tribute was added by NKENG Ghislain on October 16, 2020
This tribute was added by Nelson TABU on October 15, 2020
Dearest mother, i feel honored and privileged to have been with you for the little time we were together.I will never forget your unconditional love and appreciative attitude. Mama, you were loved by all but God loved you most.
  Rest in the bosom of the Lord Almighty.
This tribute was added by Mbe Asonganyi on October 14, 2020
Tribute to Mama Asong

I find it difficult sometimes to write a tribute for a loved one called home by the Lord our God. My take here is that whatever I say about them, they are not there to appreciate. However, I please myself with the reasoning that people at the funeral may not know the person they celebrating their life unless they read tributes from relations and friends.
My relationship with Mama Asong was such a memorable one, and I can only summarise it in a few words. She fondly called me “our husband”, and she would always remind me how I taught her to tell time though I was in primary school at the time. She was very impressed with new acquired skills to the extent that she bought a wristwatch that was visibly part of her daily dressing. It is worth noting that most of her friends and age mates couldn't tell time talk-less affording a wristwatch.

Mama Asong was a distinguished member of a dance group called “leganglebong”, a community cohesion building group in Nwenchen. This dance group led by Nkemajong with their flamboyant outfit and performance reached out to many communities with their message of unity at the time. 
As a typical Bangwa women, mama Asong was well known to the community of her local area and will do everything to keep her marriage and look after her children. Mama composed and sang her own songs about her marriage that many people still remember today.

As a wife to my father’s nephew, she visited us regularly, bringing food, coconut, oranges and share funny stories with us during these visits. The last time I spoke to her when she arrived America, she reminded me of all the fun times we had together when I was growing up. Although she spent some years away from her husband, she was still very committed to family life and remained a typical Bangwa mother.

Mama, may God bless you and keep you. You will be our light in darkness. A memory we would hold on to forever. Mama Asong, remember us to our departed parents Mama Susana, Mama Nkengbeza and Mbe Nquinkeng when you people meet.

Mbe Asonganyi (Edmond Asonganyi) & daughter Nkengbeza, Kent UK
This tribute was added by Begeake Godlove on October 14, 2020
Mum you were a peace loving and caring mother we shall for ever remember you with your peaceful message that you always preached to us. You always teach us to love every body that we come across because human beings represent God here on Earth. Mum I know you are in the save hands of God waiting for us to meet in eternity one day. We shall forever love you mum. I will not end without thanking God who used our brother br (Awungnjia Hannibal) your son to guide you to glorious home
This tribute was added by Evelyn Ntentinue on October 13, 2020
Mama Asongatem, as we usually called you, I remember the good days you spent with my mom and the other women groups like the Catholic Women Association (CWA) in our village Nwehchen Fossung to help and support each other. Mama, I remember us farming together, going to the market together, and attending church together every Sunday. Our Mother Osongatem was a woman who trusted and believed in God the Almighty. You brought Joy, Happiness, and Laughter to all who met you. You will be sorely missed by everyone. Your journey to Heaven will be peaceful and the Angels will welcome you with songs of praise. May your soul RIP.
This tribute was added by Awun Canicia on October 12, 2020
If flowers grow in heaven Lord place some in Mama arms and tell her they are from me.tell her I miss and love her everyday.please Lord take care of her it breaks my heart to see that she is upon heaven and no longer here with us .my hearts bleeds for you Mama,words cannot explain the vacuum you have left in my hearts it is so hard to believe that you are no more but I know you are with our Lord Jesus Christ.ADIEU MAMA,go well........
This tribute was added by Nkengafack Asahchop on October 11, 2020
Grandma I didn't have the opportunity to meet you when you were alive but I believe you were a God fearing ,good and Wonderful woman .May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may the almighty God welcome you into his heavenly kingdom.Amen
This tribute was added by Favor Awungnjia on October 10, 2020

Grandma was a very good grandma to us.Every night my siblings and I will sit down talk , laugh and pray together.Me and grandma always sing songs and watch tv together . Grandma we knew you for a short time .Where have you kept us. Forever we will always miss you. No body can fill the Vacuum you have created. I love you grandma.
This tribute was added by Solange Fonkem on October 9, 2020
Mama Asong,I met you during your last fews months of life on earth.Little did i know that you would leave so soon.I should say it was a privilege because we had a great time and you just took me as one of your children.What I noticed about you was your fear and love for God and how much you dependent on him. Your love for people and how appreciative you were to the people taking care of you and those who came to visit you was amazing. Though in so much pain you would still smile and say thank you.Mama was still a great listener and a jovial person.Always full of things that would make others laugh.
Mama Asong, it was a pleasure to have met you.You were such a wonderful woman and a fighter who never gave up easily.You would be greatly missed.May your gentle soul rest in peace with the Lord.
Your daughter,
Solange Fonkem

This tribute was added by Patience Fonkem on October 8, 2020
Dear Hannibal:
Although I did not have the opportunity to meet this wonderful and faithful lady in person, I learned a lot about her from our daughter, Solange Lekeanyi. In addition, when I met you, it did not take long to learn how close you were to your mom and how much her illness impacted your life. I could see the rings of tears and sleeplessness around your eyes and how well you prayed for God to heal her and take her pain away. If it was just for the tearing, caring and loving, your mother would still be with us today because you gave her all these and more. We all joined you to pray for her healing and the Almighty God answered us. Yes, HE did indeed! Not at our own timing, and not directly the way we wanted when we prayed, but I believe He did it His way, and His will always prevails. Mama is healed, she is with her Savior rejoicing. She is in no more pain.

Hannibal, Solange and everyone who knows you is very proud of how well you took care of your mother. The love you showed her, how much you cared shows not only how much she meant to you but also how much you meant to her. She must have been a very loving and caring mother. She must have done a very good job bringing up a son with a God fearing and caring heart like you have. She must have been God fearing herself. This is why I believe, she is in a better place now. She is very thankful and happy the Almighty gave her a son like you. She is saying; “weep not my son, weep no more”. She is praying that you continue to be the God-fearing person she raised. I also know, she is there to intercede for you, one more angel to take care of you. It shall be well!

We are all thankful for the life she lived and for all you did for her. May she find a welcoming embrace in the arms of the Almighty and may she share communion with all those who went ahead of her. I understand this is one difficult void to fill and pray that you find solace in those fond memories of hers and also be comforted by your faith in God Almighty.

Accept our sincere condolences and may her soul rest in perfect peace!
With Love,
Patience Ewelisane Fonkem, PhD

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