Spiritual Father

Shared by Allie Field on April 6, 2021
My husband and I knew Mark for years. We went to visit almost every weekend and spent time with him. We would always pray together and fellowship with one another. He became like a father to us and he taught us so much about the word that we didn't know.  At the same time he lived his life out of love. There was a time where we were behind on our car payment due to my husband being fired from his work and he called mark for prayer for a job to come quickly so we wouldn't be behind. Mark surprised us by sending us money for our month car payment. I remember us calling and saying we will pay you back and he said I wanted to bless you for how much you blessed me. There was another time I fell off a ladder and needed prayer and we prayed and took communion,  the meal that heals, and stood on the word for my healing.  And lastly was before we left he always prayed for protection and safe travels. He would call or text to make sure we made it home. Mark was such a loving man and a spiritual father to many. He for sure showed it to us. 

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