This tribute was added by Charlie Meatyard on March 1, 2020
Miss you like a brother mh friend. From driving arounf in that little yellow junk truck to our daily video game and movie nights. Ive know you forever and i hope your in a better place now.
This tribute was added by Elizabeth Dubben on February 13, 2020
Mark was the sweetest, most caring incredibly talented (but humble) musician and a free-spirit at his core. He saw the good in everyone. We shared a lot in common,especially a love for indie music, but most special-our birthday!! I will hold that close and always celebrate you.

Mark was an incredibly loving partner and a wonderful friend to so many. To witness the strength of your relationship together with Sara was and is powerful. Mark had a calm, cool way about him that was infectious, graceful, right to the end. We shared so many great times together over the years and I wish we could go back, just for a moment to our backyard dinners and rooftop fireworks, concerts in the gallery and birthday shenanigans. Rest easy friend, till next time.
This tribute was added by Jaime Faith on February 12, 2020
I unfortunately did not get the chance to meet Mark prior to him getting sick, but In the few years that I knew him I could tell he had an amazing heart, a warming smile and just an overall welcoming personality. There are a few things that immediately come to my mind When I think about Mark. I remember is how excited he was to come see my new place and to bring me the lamp he and Sara had gotten for me. The fact that he always thought of everyone else first as one of the things that made him incredibly special to me. Another was a time when I was at the house and Sarah had to run some errands and me and Mark sat there talking about music and had “Alexa” pulling up every song that came to mind. We ended up going through a Beatles tribute, both singing on top of our lungs. We had a great time. One last thing, Mark had such a special connection with my son and my son absolutely adored him. Being away at college he did not get to see Mark and Sara as much as he would’ve liked, but there was something about Mark that my son just connected really connected to him.He will definitely be missed and it’s definitely not fair. Sara, I am here for you, we are here for you, we love you and whatever you need my girl, we got you 100%
This tribute was added by Donald Hyman on February 12, 2020
Donald Hyman My Lord What wonderful friend I was blessed to share my life meeting. I remember Mark singing at an MLK event at the Empire State convention center "We shall Not be Moved" and Mark, Andy and his sister seeing "Puff The Magic Dragon" More so he helped us at the Farmer Market and performed solo and with family Boy i cant write no more .
It was at the show that Mark had the high point of the show were he sang "We Shall Not Be Moved" and the cast and the whole audience joined it ... here he was with his guitar under his arms singing with everyone and remember afterward we all came out looking at the rest of the show and ran into Mark standing in the audience just looking at the rest of the show and a look of Joy for being a part of this celebration..... Memory of the family doing the Xmas show at St Rose what Radiant light !!!!

This tribute was added by Kyle Kelly on February 12, 2020
I’m in shock. I loved Mark deeply. We met in Albany after he answered an add that I posted looking for “old timey” musicians. We met for the first time in Washington Park and we sang songs about “Last Ole Dollars” and such. Our connection was immediate and we enjoyed a rambling friendship for the next few years or so. He was such a sweet and generous man. He played my wedding and I’ll always remember his delightful rendition of “Ripple” on the mandolin. We lost touch over the years but I always fancied us getting together again one day. The world is not the same. I’ll miss you dear brother. God bless you my friend, and we’ll meet again in the bye and bye - Kyle
This tribute was added by Patricia Quinn on February 11, 2020
Sweet, kind, gentle, forgiving, dear son. You sacrificed for others and gave shirt off your back to someone in need. Humble and deep thinking. Loyal husband, friend and brother. I know God is taking care of you because you took care of his children. Love you so much. Please come back for me and don’t wait too long. Miss you beyond words. Love, mom
This tribute was added by Therese Cavanaugh on February 10, 2020
Dear Sarah and family of Mark. My deepest sympathy for your loss. My Prayers are with you and yours! Time will heal the hurt and loss. To know that he is in the Palm of His hand, may we seek Peace! Xo
This tribute was added by Bo Bicknell on February 10, 2020
Mark was such a sweet guy!  I learned a lot about education from him, and I'll always remember playing music with him at Nature's Classroom and the Greyfox music festival. He really brought a warm and calming lightness everywhere he went, and was loved by so many. Thinking of his family right now, and especially you, Sarah!! Love to you!!!! -Bo
This tribute was added by Diane Tasse on February 10, 2020
Mark sounds like a person with a great spirit. My condolences to Sara and her extended family and all of Mark's family.
This tribute was added by Donats Ahern on February 10, 2020
Many memories of Mark growing up. I have fond memories of holidays together. Condolences and love to Mark's mother, wife, and siblings.
This tribute was added by Beth Lewis on February 10, 2020
Dear Sara, I am so sorry for your loss. The beautifully written memorial describes a man who will be missed by many. My heart aches for you and for all who loved Mark.

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