What do I say to my other Mother????

Shared by Maru Tange on March 29, 2021
For all the Fufu corn and njamanjama, freshly cooked contri bitterleaf with chicken inside, ekwang, roasted chicken, as well as special beans I have eaten from your pot, Mama!!!!! . You know what I liked so much that you will send Theo to come get me to come eat. On those days, Mrs Nyah’s cuisine had to wait!!! You both are great cooks but I treated yours as Christmas. You knew I loved those meals and you made sure I was included! Speaks volumes.... Thank you for gracing my home even out here with your special kitchen skills. Who do I drop my bag and run to say I am at home when next I visit Bamenda? Who do I go say to that I am leaving to catch a flight? One thing is for certain, you will be watching over me.
Please say hello to Ni Peter, Pam, my dearest Scott as you and Ma Aggie walk into God’s Kingdom. One thing is certain, your faith in God has always been strong enough to see you through the times you needed him the most as you raised the now adult children. You left you mark and your tenacity was noticed. I MISS YOU even though I understand it was time  our Father in Heaven needed you to answer to His call. Adieu Mama, Farewell mother.

In our hearts forever ❤️

Shared by Abrow Prosper Mbah on March 29, 2021
Mami, I know you are up in Heaven with our Heavenly Father and you will continue to intercede for us. The day you came into our lives and family has always brought constant joy and love to us. You were always caring and made sure family was happy. I will miss you and will continue to celebrate your life.

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