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September 3, 2018

Just thinking about this morning and wanted to let you know all that is going on.  Your beautiful daughter Samantha(Sam) graduated in May with a doctorate in Physical Therapy in May, took her state boards in July and passed and is now working at AIT Women's Center in Naperville as at pt and loving it.  She came out last weekend and shared with us it was so special.  Nick is a senior at NIU Dekalb and is studying to be a PE teacher and doing very well.  He has a special girlfriend Renee and they came out 2 weeks ago to spend the day at BeeHappyAcres.  It was a special time for us.  Renee is a sweety and you would love her.  Dad and I will be celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary on September 20th and have a special dinner planned with our family. We are still enjoying BeeHappyAcres and able to do most of the yard and garden work just a little slower these days.  GramaGreat is still living at 101, some days are better for her than other, but we just are thankful for each day she is still with us,  Know someday she will be joining you, Dave, Uncle Rog and Grandpa and all the rest of her family.  Deanna and Barb are coming the end of September so really looking forward to that visit. The years seem to have flown by since you were with us at the Butterbaugh Christmas dinner at  Ed and Julies. You will always be missed and loved.  Peace Mom

Mary's Garden

August 18, 2014

Hi Mar, I think I told you we have a garden at Bee Happy Acres in you memory.  We have your squirrel there too.  Deanna posted a picture of it this summer.  It has been especially beautiful this year. I sit on the bench beside it and remember the beautiful daughter you were to Dad and I.  This month is always hard for me remembering David's death, your wedding anniversary with Dino and Uncle Roger's death too. I  know he is there with you and Dave being the cut-up he always was.  I miss his humor so much.  But on a postive your handsome son Nick is a big senior and thinking about going to Western for college and Sam your beautiful daughter is starting her junior yr. in college in Physical Thereapy. She had a wonderful summer at the EAster Seal Camp, shared many special stories with us. Just thinking about them bring me such joy. Dad and I are fine and still enjoying Bee Happy Acres.  I know you always enjoyed coming out too.  Love you and MIss you, Mom

Missing you!

August 3, 2014

Hi Mary, I just got done reading Deanna story about them being to Bee Happy Acres.  It was a special time for all of us and Sam and Nick always find time to come out and be with us. They are very mature adults and it is such a joy to share with them about all that is going on in their lives.  Your flower garden was very beautiful this year and I go there everyday to check it out and spend a quiet time with you. I miss you so much and Sam is becoming more and more like you everyday.  Some times I feel it is you with us. That is so special. It has been 10yrs. since David decided to take a different journey for his life.  We still miss him so much.  The little hummers are still visiting us and giving us joy and peace. My faith keeps me strong and focused on all the blessings that I have in my life and you were one of the greatest joys. Love Mom

Missing You Mary

August 2, 2014

Barb and I were back at Bee Happy Acres in July to visit everyone and had a great time.  We were fortunate to get to spend a couple of days with Sam and Nick and so enjoyed our time with them.  Of course we ate lunch at Arthurs as is always the tradition.  We got to hear inspiring stories of Sam's summer job at the Easter Seals camp in Bloomington.  She is such a special person Mary - you nurtured and instilled positive values in your children and it shows every day in them.  Nick is so tall and handsome!  We got to see him play ball and he crushed one hit way out in left field - almost a homer, and got an RBI out of it.  Wow he is strong too!  Being with the kids out at Bee Happy Acres is always special for me and Barb and especially for mom and dad.  We all miss you Mary and are so thankful whenever we get to be with your wonderful children. 

Another year

January 8, 2014

Hi Mary, Another year has gone by and there have been many blessings and joys. I tried to write on your 49th birthday but my computer wasn't cooperating and you know me and computers very little patience and knowing what to do when theydon't work.  Want you to know that your beautiful daughter Samantha just got back from trip to Honduras to do volunteer work in the community of El Ojochol.  We are going in tomorrow to hear all about her new, exciting and I'm sure challenging adventure in helping other.  Something that you were very good about and instilled in her.  She is already in her second year of college.  Nick is a junior at Joliet West and doing well and is loving driving himself all around and going where he wants to.  He is a very handsome young man and is heading to be 6ft. tall.  Taking after Uncle Roger I guess.  Dad and I stay busy at Bee Happy Acres and still love all the outdoor work.  Dad also stays very busy in his workshop.  I remember when Dino helped him put up the metal ceiling. He has made beautiful gifts for everyone at Christmas and birthdays. I still miss you so much but know that you are in the beautiful stars shining down on all us. Love you to the moon and back, Mom

January 1, 2014

Another year has passed without you. So many things have happened. Our children are growing into adults and have so much to look forward to. We weren't able to see the kids this summer or fall. Busy time for all of us. But I continue to text them and catch up. Sami sounds like she is enjoying school and Nick tells me that she is in an apartment. Nick will be a senior, hard to believe! He is still a sweety and reminds me he loves me when we chat! My kids are good- Beth is at this moment in Colorado on a ski trip! She traveled by van with some ISU students affiliated with the Methodist Church on Campus. She loves her church! Patrick is doing well in Minnesota. He is living off campus,commuting and working part time. Sarah is cheering for boys basketball and on the volleyball team. She also has a small part in the middle school play. Life is busy, maybe too busy! Each day I am thankful for our time together and try to cherish my time with all those I love. Life is precious. God has a wonderful angel with him! I love you!

Specail thoughts

January 1, 2013

It is 2013.  Four years ago you went to your journey to heaven.  It is a comfort and joy to know you are watching over all of us.  We see you in the stars, the sunshine and yes even sometimes the clouds. We miss you and think of you everyday. Our  if onlies have had to turn to a must to go on and find joy in the days ahead.  Sam and Nick were with us for Christmas along with Deanna, Barb, Grama-great, Susan, Mary Ellen, Aaron, Lauren, Carter Dad and I.  It was a special time for all of us.  I know you loved Christmas as much as I do so each year I try to do something special to keep your memory alive.  I made a centerpiece this year with Christmas balls with yours and Davids names it turned out really pretty also found an adorable bear at Leydig with Mary written on the foot and of course I have my little elves out.  Oh and the cedar-wax wings are eating at a feeder on the middle kitchen window it is a joy to see them everyday and remember how much they liked the berries on the bush outside of your window at Countryside.  Sam and Nick bring us so much joy and Sam is doing so well in college her first semester is already over and Nick really does well in high school and with his driving.  He is almost 6 ft. taking after Uncle Rog I guess. Anyway thank you for being a great Mom, daughter, sister and granddaughter, niece, cousin and special friend and mentor to so many.  We love you and miss your special ways. Mom and Dad

Your beautiful daughter

November 11, 2012

Hi Mary, It has been a while since I chatted with you.  Last Sunday we spent a beautiful day with your beautiful daughter at St. Louis University.  She is loving college life and doing very well in all of her classes towards a degree in Physical Therapy. She has her room decorated so nicely it is so her.  She showed us all around the campus and where she is taking all of her classes, the library where she studies sometimes and different places she can eat.  She has a long ways to go to the Medical Center where she has classes on M W F but doesn't mind the walk or the shuttle either.  When she wants to come home she takes a cab to the train station and has a 4 hr. ride.  Yes she is growing up and becoming very independent and yet so caring.  She and Nick will be coming out on the Fri. and Sat. after for Thanksgiving just like you, Dino and the kids always did. They are also coming for 4 days and will be here when Deanna and Barb are here.  So we will have a great time.  Nick has his drivers permit and is getting more used to driving all the time.  He is as tall as Dad now and quite a handsome young man.  He likes High School and still does his homework right away.  Timber is stil a loving dog and of course stil loves the couches. We miss you so much and so wish you could be here to see how well Sam and Nick are doing.  Thank you for being such a great Mother and giving them such loving and caring hearts. Love and Hugs, Mom

Thinking of you

May 3, 2012

Mary, School is winding down! I will be changing jobs this year. Taking on more days, just mornings. Working with 4 year olds. It will be a big change from working with toddlers! Thoughts of you are never far from my mind. I wish you were here to chat about lesson plans and share our joys and sorrows of life! I truly believe you know what we all are doing. It just stinks that you aren't here to share! I miss you!
Love, Laura 

Christmas 2011

December 26, 2011


Mary another Christmas without you.  Seem to miss you more and more each year.  I wish you could have had more years to share your special ways but that was not to be so we cherious the years we had with you from baby to being a great mother.  You would be so proud of Samantha and Nick.  They were here for 2 wksends for Christmas at Grandma-Greats and the Butterbaugh dinner at Ed and Julie.  Julie lit your aspire-inspire candle that you gave her in 2007. Sam and Nick spent most of their time entertaining and doing crafts with Lauren, Carter, Emma and John they are all growing up fast and we so enjoy them.  We had Christmas at Bee Happy Acres on the 23rd and it was a special time for all.  Sam does shopping for everyone just like you used too always adding special little things and Nick helps her too. We miss having Dino with us but know that he has had to develop a new life without you and that is still painful at times but we are all doing better with it and want him to be happy again.  Soon Sam will be off to college and begin her career.  They bother were on the High Honors for this semester.  Nick really likes High School, yes our little Nick is not so little anymore he's as tall as Dad and very handsome and has a great sense of humor kinda like his Uncle Dave.  We are looking forward to a trip to Colorado on Jan. 4th to visit Deanna and Barb we will celebrate your birthday on the 5th and share our special memories of you and your family.  We will also have fun doing puzzles, baking yeast rolls, watching movies, going for walks and just the joy of being together.  It still lmakes me so sad that Deanna will not have you and Dave to grow old with like Dad and I have our brothers and sister.  We truly have been blessed with our families and each day is a gift with Grandma-great.  Blesssings in heaven Mary oh and your flower garden was beautiful this summer and fall. Just like you  Love and Hugs Mom and Dad too!!

Remembering Navy Pier

October 10, 2011

Mary – Fall has arrived and I have been thinking of you often.  I am remembering back to the time I spent with you, Dino, Sam and Nick at Navy Pier one October day.  We spent time on the pier and took lots of good photos.  You looked awesome in your red coat and the white scarf tied in the “cool” way around your neck on that beautiful fall day.  We had fun shopping and listening to the acapella singers inside.   Then we went up in the John Hancock building and had fun looking at the city and lake from up above.  Sam got some great photos from up there and we all laughed later at the one of Sam and Nick that looked like it had a fake background.  I treasure the memories of all the times I got to spend with you and your family – it was always a good time!  I miss you so much and just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you on this fall day and remembering that great day at Navy Pier.

October 1, 2011

Thinking of you lots, Mary! It is that time of year. Our time to touch base with each other. Share our preschool plans and try to make a day to get together. I am so glad that we were able to make time for each other, even if those times seemed too few. Things are good. Need to make a date with your kids to get my Mary fix! I miss you! Love, Laura

Mary Scary

August 26, 2011

That was the nickname Grandpa Hayenga gave to Mary.  She loved to have her grandpa call her that.  Really Mary was really only scared of spiders and mostly she was willing to try many different things in life.  She was never afraid to stay at home alone at a very young age.  She would just tune into the TV and never know I was gone.  She was never afraid to take off in the little blue VW bug and it went places I'm sure I don't want to know about. Mary always wanted to be a teacher and a mother and she accomplished both in her short life.  She chose to be a stay at home Mom with Sam and NIck and supplemented their income doing day care.  She worked for 3 different families. It was a positive decision and Sam and Nick became well adjusted, loving and kind children. Mary and Dino were great parents and taught Sam and Nick to be respectful and helpful.  Dino is still a great parent and always has their best interest at heart.  Mary started her teaching career doing public school kindergarten and then switched to St. Paul parochial school doing pre-school.  She made a difference in many children's lives.Luv & miss you! Mom B.

July 22, 2011

Two girls with similar birthdays--01/05/1965 for Mary and 11/05/1965 for Laura-grew up friends from age five when they first met at the Dixon Church of the Brethren.  They always wanted to do things together and the Butterbaugh and Cline families practically adopted them. We remember tumbling/gymnastic lessons at the YMCA and swimming lessons too.  They were so close that the swim instructor had them confused when Laura passed instead of Mary! Everything was always forgiven and Laura and Mary were the best friends forever.  Sadly, "forever" is not forever.  Mary is missed but she has wonderful children who will continue to give joy to and receive love and support from all those who loved Mary.

July 21, 2011

A place to share, wow how awesome! My love for Mary was one of the longest loves of my life, aside from my family and my husband. Her passing left a huge hole in my heart. She was the friend that grew up in a family with the same love of God as my family. We started our friendship in Dixon, IL at the Church of the Brethren. Even though my family moved to Polo only after 3 years of living in Dixon we continued to regularly see each other. We had weekends of nonstop Barbies, visits to Grandma H. at the farm with horses, shelling corn,cats, the haymow, cow's milk, and laughter!! Always laughter! I remember Bee Happy Acres before it was so named, orange drink from the milk man, malted milk balls, cheetos,playing pool and late nights sleeping in the trundle. Mary playing the Flight of the Bumblebee and The Entertainer with ease. Then I would fumble around trying to do the same. With Mary there was always acceptance, never anger, no expectations, just love and happiness that we could be together. Then we travelled to WIU together, sharing an apartment, recieving the same degree and getting engaged at the same time. Our most memorable summer was at Camp Emmaus working in the kitchen and doing maintenance work. We learned to cook, stain decks, how to clean out cabins with spiders and mouse nests! I took care of the spiders and Mary took care of the mouse nests. Then of course came our student teaching in Rock Falls and our weddings. After our marriages we continued to make time for each other travelling to each others homes and sharing in our children's births. There were never any bitter words or times of discontent in our friendship. It was perfect! I will never have another friend like Mary. I am so thankful for her children and the relationship we have. They are kind and thoughtful. Mary would be very proud of them. She and Dino created some awesome kids. As time passes, since Mary's death, I am still saddened that she is not here to share in my life and those that love her. But I believe she is happy to know that her children and family can remember her with such unbelievable love, respect and happiness.

July 4, 2011

I wrote this on December 31, 2010 – 2 years after our dear Mary passed on and wanted to share it with everyone. Mary was a teacher and it wasn’t just her students or her own children that benefited from her wonderful gift. Each of us learned much from Mary and I believe she continues to teach us. Barb’s sister included three poems of inspiration in her sympathy card to me after Mary’s death. All were comforting to me but one resonated deeply with me and captured a part of the essence of Mary. 

                In sickness and in dying,
                it is never too late.
                Living, I teach;
                Dying, I teach.
                It is never too late –
                some word of mine, some touch, some caress
                may be remembered.
                Some gesture may play a role
                Beyond the last movement of my head and hand.
-    Rabbi Schulweis
This writing had such meaning for me in those weeks right after Mary’s passing. In part because I had the great privilege of being with Mary as she passed, experiencing her last movements. Also because she had taught us much during her last year. I grew spiritually that year as I experienced Mary’s courage and the overwhelming outpouring of love and support for Mary and her family.  My sister taught me so much about life and God that I treasure every day.
This website was created as a way to share memories and stories of Mary so that we may all remember the loving, giving, talented person that Mary was. And so that Mary can continue to teach us.

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