Posted by Mary Anne Jaedicke on June 7, 2021
From email:
Hi Mary Anne,
I am of two minds about you leaving SEESA. I am sad because you have been such a positive force and a pleasure to work with during these past years, and I know the membership of SEESA will miss you. I am happy that you are starting a new chapter in your life, and I wish you success and happiness wherever this takes you.
Thank you for the pictures. The Golden Girls will prevail.
With love and good wishes,
Posted by Mary Anne Jaedicke on June 7, 2021
From an email I received:
Once again you did a wonderful job. Can not imagine SEESA life without you.
Lots of Love
Your Pal. Bernice
Posted by Brenda Remin on May 27, 2021
Hi Mary Anne,

Congratulations on your retirement and your concentration on your celebrant business. Your rapport with people makes you perfect for people to come to for guidance before or after the loss of a loved one. I wish you all the very best of success.

Twenty years is a long time. You have established many good friends, including me, during your time there. I suspect this new chapter in your life is exciting and will fill your heart with joy knowing that you are helping folks with their planning, bereavement, and celebration of lives. Your essential service is such a benefit.

Coffee with you in Tilly’s Restaurant would be lovely. What a big change we will be seeing with the changes in staff, new guidelines, new faces and new paint on the walls. I am looking forward to meeting up with friends in person.

Congratulations and best wishes, and I’ll see you in the future.
Hugs, Brenda
Posted by Beverly Clarke on May 25, 2021
What a 20 years it was. In my 15 odd years working there, not a single event happened without your own special brand of imagination and enthusiasm. You have no idea how many times I rolled my eyes at the word 'teacups', and got ready to search the web for menu ideas.
You would brighten my day by simply saying hi, and asking me how my day was going. I thank you for that.
I am confident that you will be successful going forward. 
Posted by Mary Anne Jaedicke on May 25, 2021
From an email sent to me:
I am sure going to miss you. You did light up a room where ever you were. Brought tears to my eyes to see you leaving. My Prayers are with you in your new venture as you will do very well as you are a very kind and compassionate lady. You did a beautiful job of your web site.
Many Hugs,
Elaine Haine
Posted by Emily Westwood on May 20, 2021
Thank you MaryAnne for sharing all these photos. It was so much fun to scroll through all of them, and to reminisce. You accomplished SO much during your years at Seesa, and I know only a small part of all you did (highlights for me have been the rummage sales and the Remembrance Day services). This is such a strange time for marking a transition to a new life stage, but trust you to find a beautiful and novel way to include all of us in your farewell and transition. I wish you abundant success with Shine On.
Posted by Kim Buehler on May 17, 2021
Oh my gosh - where to begin? 
Many people in the past year have said to me “You are SEESA!” - I disagree - You Mary Anne are SEESA - whatever I started it was only because I was following your lead. You set the tone of what SEESA became, and it became a wonderful, welcoming, safe, fun, healthy, second home for hundreds of people.
You hired me as Volunteer Coordinator back in 2003 - and I was so happy to get the job - I loved coming to work every day. I met amazing life long friends. 
I remember in a staff meeting once pointing out that as a staff we spent more time together than we actually spend with our families. And we had a beautiful staff, I cherish the memories of the wonderful team we had. You and I found many common bonds and I think we were a fantastic team.
The photo of your Ty in the kitchen was the NYE that we did not have a cook for the New Years dance, your Mother-In-Law came in to head the team in the kitchen, and the team consisted of your family and mine. We were never hesitant to pitch in when and wherever needed.
Then there was the time you hit me on the face with a 2 X 4 - it was one of the only times in my life I actually saw stars! I know you felt bad, and I know I tease you about this, and it was not your fault. But we can still laugh about it.
The costumes and the dress up events, from pirate to Hollywood glam, we did it all, and that wasn’t even counting Halloween!
Rummage Sales - good gosh, those were amazing - you and Bernice took that event to a new level, and somehow it got better every event. Like every event you took on - it just kept getting better. Fashion Shows, November 11 celebrations, anniversary parties, drama productions, volunteer appreciation, k-days breakfasts, hay rides and so many more.
My dear dear friend, it has been an honour working with you these past years, I look forward to seeing your next step.
Love and best wishes as you spread your wings and soar
Kim (aka Kimberly)

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