Shared by Nfonsang Stanley on March 17, 2021
Mum, I think I'm still in a nightmare. It's still like a tale in the moonlight. Your voice still echos in my ears the last time I spoke with you on your sick bed. The usual smile and laughter as if you were not going anywhere. What happened? Why didn't you tell me? Only to hear from my brother that you have gone two days later.

Do you remember  the day I came home to settle a dispute at home and you had secretly arranged  an SUV to whisk me away as soon as my feet touch the ground? You had arranged to take me away from evil. You have planned it without my knowing. How else does a mother protect her own? Your love is immeasurable. You showed us that unity is the bedrock of a family. You have never shown that I am different from your own kids. That last time you whisk me away to your house... You didn't allow me to see danger. You shielded me from my enemies. You protected me. You told me how important I am. You showed me love. You told me all is well. You looked after me. You advised me like no other. What have you not done for me and my siblings. Your hands so open. Your smile so contaminating. Your love so uniting. 

I lack words mum. I'm yet to know that you are no longer with us. You have moved on to a better place. I can't wait to meet you there.

Much love from your son mum.

Ta'ah Nfonsang

Forever in my heart mommy

Shared by Nanga Clara on March 15, 2021
Mom it's still like a dream to me. Why mom I remember how u used to tell me clara don't mind am always by you,forget about anything look at my beautiful granddaughters and smile at any problem dat comes ur way. Mom so your last visit to dla was to give us farewell favour is looking for you keren is looking for you. What will I do now my adviser my mentor inshort am short of adjectives. But I know God has the altimate answer to all this question

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