His Life

Our Lau Kung & Lau Por Story

I first met Michael 21 years ago when he came to Malaysia as a Country Manager (in 2001).

He interviewed me and offered me a job as his Personal Assistant, but I turned it down initially. The moment I hung up on that phone call, I felt very uncomfortable as if I had done something wrong. So I rang him back the next day and wanted the job offer. As expected, he gave me a hard time, by asking me to tell him why I really wanted the job after rejecting the offer. He accepted it and as it turned out, he was the best Boss that I have ever had in my many years of employment. He taught me people development, management and leadership. And I taught him organizational skills that he needed to set up a regional team of nurse advisors. We worked very well together, but soon his contract ended after about a year and had to go back to Australia.

However, we kept in touch and soon we discovered his talent in Training, Speaking, Coaching and especially in Writing. He’s authored a few books and one of which i.e. “You Are Brilliant” was also Top 3 Bestseller previously. We also started our company BRILLIONAIRES together and started delivering trainings and Champions Programs throughout Asia.

As a westerner here in Malaysia, he quickly adapted to our foods and culture … and even to getting around Kuala Lumpur! I would be even more lost than him, and I’m supposed to be the local. So, with him around, I will always find my way… he was my GPS!

Michael loves his food and he would say that the best thing about Malaysia is the food and the worse thing about Malaysia is also the food, because it’s just too nice and he just eats too much!
Well, who would have thought that Michael had decided to become a Vegan in 2020!

As a Trainer, Coach and Speaker, Michael was able to use his amazing gift to help many people breakthrough their limitations and to help them change to become the best version of themselves. His love for people has made go the extra mile in coaching and helping people believe in their potential and to start living their best life!

One of the most amazing breakthroughs that I have seen him do, was with a lady who attended our Champions Program. When we told her to draw a picture of herself on Day 1 and normally, you would draw a stickman or portrait, but this lady drew a straight horizontal line across the paper… he immediately started to coach her on the spot. In about 30mins or less, she went from having no meaning in her life, to having a purpose in her life, and on Day 3 of the program, she drew the most beautiful and colorful picture of herself that even had her daughters in it! Such is his talent to help many people breakthrough from what is holding them back from living their life to the fullest!

In the last few days, I have received so many messages from our Champions Program Graduates. Here are some of them….

“I will always remember Michael as one of the prominent people who had a part in shaping my life since we met.” (Billy Wong)

“Michael was a great coach, mentor, big brother and friend. I will always remember his kindness, his generosity, his dedication and commitment to helping us to be the best version of ourselves.” (Marlin Parabakaran)

“He was truly a great coach who only had our best interest and often pushed us out of our comfort zone. I knew Mike was chiseling me to my full potential. I’m ever grateful for the gift of Mike.” (Damian Prakash)

As a Leader, I just wanted to say to my husband…

Lau Kung, I am so PROUD of you for bringing Domestic Violence (DV) into the forefront of discussions with Australian decision makers, and for creating lasting changes and protections for all Australians.

Yes, some of you were really concerned for Grace-Xian and I, especially during the few years when he was in Australia. Indeed, it was a very difficult and challenging time for both of us, but Michael never stopped loving us and had always wanted to return to both of us. However, he had a cause to fight for and his amazing contributions and leadership has now left a legacy.

Michael has truly touched many lives with his amazing talent and gift as a Motivator and Leader… and I have always been his biggest fan and supporter!

Besides being able to speak, coach and write so well, Michael has a big heart to help people, not just through his trainings, but even donating part of his organ!
Back in 2008, when my 7th uncle was diagnosed with liver cancer and needed a transplant, he was the first person to put up his hand to go through the surgery and the many tests. Unfortunately, it was too late for my uncle as the cancer has already spread.
Recently, my 7th aunt messaged me saying that she will always be grateful to Michael for volunteering to donate his liver to her late hubby.

Such is his BIG heart and generous spirit!

Michael was always GIVING in his many ways….
So as we say our goodbyes to Michael, always remember his spirit and his amazing ability to Give. It lives on in the stories people are sharing of how he touched their lives, in the love that is visible in the eyes of our family and friends.

In the last 17 years as a couple, we have been through many ups and downs, but each time, we came back together!

Unfortunately, he was also sick for a long time. Mental illness is an illness, just like any illness, like cancer, diabetes etc. In fact, his illness became progressively worse since his dad’s passing, followed by the shocking tragedy of Tara’s murder few years ago. However, Michael tried very hard to overcome his illness and fight it, but he faced challenges and defeat time and time again, until it finally took him away from us.

Michael and I often joked that we should write a Book about our journey together, because of the many experiences we’ve shared, that most couples may not have experienced in an entire lifetime together!

But Lau Kung, YOU ARE RIGHT … we do have many beautiful memories together!!

All of you would have heard what an amazing Papa he is to Grace-Xian… and he truly is!
In our hearts, Lau Kung, you will always be our protector and our strength!
You may not be physically here to see Grace-Xian grow up, but we will carry you in our hearts wherever we go, every day and through all important moments in our lives, whether it be her graduation, her wedding and if I am still around, the birth of her child. We will always have you in our hearts wherever we go, even on all our incentive trips as we did with you to Athens!

Lau Kung, THANK YOU for fulfilling your promise to come back to us, despite the pandemic and lockdown.
THANK YOU for spending your last 15 days with us.

Michael and I did not get nearly enough time together….
But as heartbroken as I am, I am equally grateful!
Even in the last few days of completely shocking hell – the darkest and saddest moments of my life .... I also know how lucky I have been to be inspired by such an amazing man I call, my Lau Kung. He’s the one who believed in me and helped me discover my potential. He’s the one who inspired me and have always encouraged me to go further than I thought I was ever capable of.

So I wish to quote from our wedding song, “I’m Everything I Am” Because You Loved Me (by Celine Dion)

Lau Kung, thank you for your love and belief in us.
WO AI NI Lau Kung ❤️

Forever missed by Lau Por ❤️