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November 15, 2010

So many nights we'd hang out at grandmas and stay up all night listening to music and clown around. You always knew how to have a good time and tryed to keep everyone around you happy. There are so many memories that we have shared in such little time... What a journey it was driving to the beach in Tarhollow just to find out the beach had been drained so we drove all the way out to Deleware beach and ended up in a storm... Oh lord and then theres the jersey incident where we were playin with the paint ball guns and I shot you and the paint got on your jersey, I have never ran from anyone in my life till that night. But hey the paint came out when we washed it. Then of course we have our endless nights of talkin on the phone and bs'n... I am gonna miss those nights... My phone ringin at 2am and talkin till 7 and 8 in the morn... You were always there for me Mike no matter what and I could count on you for anything. If you said you were comin to see me you did, or coming to get me, you came. I'm even gonna miss your lil attitude... cause like I always told you and knew it was true you had such a big heart. We cried together, laughed  together, had our little arguments and had tons of fun together. I will keep you in my heart forever... I love you Lil Mike. You were truely an inspiration and it was a priveledge to have you in my life.

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