Posted by Amanada Aldrich on November 13, 2015
It may be five years since you Physically left us but it only feels like it was the other day. Thomas misses you so much. Our girls talk about you, too. You were a great friend and we all miss that. We welcomed our first son last year and we know you'd be a great uncle Michael to him. We'll forever be thinking, talking, missing and loving you. <3 you were a terrific friend, Michael. Xoxo
Posted by Amanada Aldrich on November 13, 2014
We all love you & we're always thinking about you! We talk about you often & miss you dearly! You have a brand new nephew to watch over. We named him after your BFF. Fly high, Uncle Michael!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Amanada Aldrich on January 25, 2014
Happy birthday Uncle Michael. We all love you & miss you like crazy. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo! Tommy, Mandie, Isabella & Mariaunna!!!
Posted by Michelle Barr on January 25, 2012
Michael we all miss you so much! You were the best you will never be forgotten we all think about you all the time. Happy Birthday, I know we will see each other again one day love you Mike!!!
Posted by tina ball on November 14, 2011
Michael Ray was my little bro, my son my everything.
He was stuck 2 my hip when he first came n 2 this
World & until he left. Words cannot describe the
Hurt, the pain & my sadness since his departure.
I know he's n a better place & living a better life
Up n heaven, but he was way 2 young 2 go
Just yet. I will never-ever 4 get u baby boy.
Posted by Candice Cordle on November 13, 2011
A year ago today God took you into his hands. Your now angel among us and watching over all of your loved ones as you did when you were here on earth. Michael Ray Huntley, we all miss you and love you so much. Your one year anniversary was emotional and beautiful and we all knew you were among us in spirit. Please help us all stay strong my little brother. I love and miss you soooo much!
Posted by Michelle Barr on November 13, 2011
Michael, we all love and miss you so much, rest in peace Michael Ray we love you.
Posted by Amanada Aldrich on January 1, 2011
Happy New Year's Uncle Michael! We all miss you more than word's can say! We all love you! Tommy isn't the same without you! He need's ya.... we will all be together again, someday! I can't hardly wait! The girl's miss you! <3
Posted by jennifer friend on November 21, 2010
R.I.P. Michael mommy and daddy and bradley r struggling with this u will never be forgotten and our love for you will never change, r at peace now either tho i not at peace and will never be at peace until i come to heaven and hold u in my arms again, rest baby and enjoy your life in heaven where you will always be happy and always remember your mommys baby boy love ya baby mommy
Posted by Brandy Colombini on November 19, 2010
R.I.P Michael...You Will Always Be Remembered....
Posted by Ryan Ziech on November 18, 2010
R.I.P. Lil Bro. Step into the place God has made for you, and we will never forget you here.
Posted by nikki forrest on November 18, 2010
RIP MICHAEL ; i remember when we first met in 2005 we would talk for hours &+ hours about EVERYTHING ; now your an angel in the sky watchin over us! we love you &+ not a day goes by that we don't think bout you!
Posted by megan six on November 16, 2010
R.I.P. Mike. It was way to soon for you to leave us but you are in good hands know up in heaven... I remember all the fun times we had together. Mike I will always miss you but this is not goodbye it is I will see you later. I love you man you are gone but you will never be forgotton....
Posted by Michelle Barr on November 16, 2010
Michael, I Knew I should have been there more for you, you always knew I was there to be your shoulder now your, gone i feel so bad i dont want you to be gone i love you so much and miss you to pieces
Posted by arlena minniear on November 16, 2010
Its crazy how you left us so fast. the few very short times i kicked with you was a blessing, micheal you are very loved by everyone, and we all miss you so much.. rip my niggah.. Ill see you again someday.. another solider lost but will never be forgotten.. rip micheal
Posted by Amanada Aldrich on November 16, 2010
-No farewell word's were spoken, No time to say goodbye, You were gone before were knew it
& ONLY god know's why <3
Posted by Amanada Aldrich on November 16, 2010
RIP hunny! I know you always felt like I took your bestfriend, but we were both alway's there for you! You are an amazing person & I miss talking to you about EVERYTHING =( Idk why & I don't understand... The girl's, Thomas & I love you veery much Michael!! && When we finally do have a babyboy.. His name will have Michael in it!!! We love you buddy!!!
Posted by Candice Cordle on November 15, 2010
R.I.P my lil bro... It was way to soon for you to leave this world but you are in good hands up in heaven. Watch over all of us, and know that we all love you. Keep an eye on my son why your up there, I'm sure he was there to welcome you to heaven cause I know he knows how much you meant to me. You were a great friend, and like my lil brother and have made a lasting impression on my life.
Posted by Charity Biller on November 15, 2010
R.I.P Michael you are loved and will be missed. Another young life taken from us too soon.
Posted by brian buchanan on November 15, 2010
im sitting hear crying for you little brother,wondering why you had to leave me,u were my little brother mikey i wish to god i could have saw it coming,i would have saved you. i miss you so much brother and each day its getting harder and harder to relize your gone forever but i promise bro ill see you again mike, i love you brother and you will be forever missed eachday,love you bub.
Posted by sarah lake on November 15, 2010
I still can not believe yu are just seems lik yesterday we where talking on the computer and yu where telling me about ur life..about how yu wanted to get ur life together and how I needed to come visit yu! Its been 5 years that we known eachother! And even tho we had a short relationship n then we lost touch for awhile yu have never stopped being a good friend..RIP baby boy! Yu r missed
Posted by alissa murray on November 15, 2010
Rip Michael i miss yhu so much gone but never forgotten please watch over us nd keep us safe .

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