The Eager Beaver Club

Shared by Milan Wall on June 26, 2020
As a childhood friend of Mike's, I wanted to share a story about Mike's organizational and motivation skills as an elementary school age youngster.  I was a member of the Eager Beaver Club, which Mike founded and led (as president) when we were in grades 6-8, or thereabouts.  The club's main attraction was that we got to spend Saturdays together at the South Platte River, where we (tried to) snare rabbits, call in Sandhill Cranes, and search for other nature-oriented opportunities to pass time in the outdoors.  We spent winter time preparing, and that preparation included studying books on plants and animals, at Mike's direction, so we could be prepared for the summer time trips.  Occasionally, an older brother (as Jim may recall) went along so we could spent the night, cooking a meal over a fire, staying up to hear ghost stories and sleeping in a tent.  One fall we captured a snapping turtle, put it into a bucket of sand and trudged back to Mike's house, where it stayed the winter in the basement.  We all got an urgent call the next spring when Mike's mom discovered the unwelcome house guest and told us to take it back immediately!  Which we did.  Mike and I did not stay connected over the years, except for high school reunions, but I will always treasure the Eager Beavers and his leadership of our merry band.

Mike Kirkman and I

Shared by Bob Brickson on June 25, 2020
I met Mike in my sophomore/Jr. year in college.I just transferred from Colorado State University to Nebraska. I was introduced by some of his Phi Delt friends, many of which I went to high school with at Southeast in Lincoln. we connected immediately and became roommates in the first semester of 1966 at NU With Soupy and Norma. Total rent was $45 a month for a dump on 18th and F. we had a lot of fun. We double dated to a Nebraska game at Boulder one year, in Colorado Springs at air force another.1965 & 1966.
 About 3 Years ago Mike called me. We didn’t miss a beat from our earlier days. I have had many conversations since then that have been extremely valuable. Mike was so intelligent and funny. We were both Vietnam veterans which we talked about a lot. His attitude was always great. My daughter and I spent the hottest day in history at the US open tennis tournament and 2018. We were so fortunate to have Mike as a guide that day, because as you probably know Mike was a big tennis fan. He knew everything about the U.S. Open. Thanks Jason for sending this. 
Please except my sincere and deepest sympathies to Sally & all of the Kirkman’s. I would definitely want to attend a get together for Mike’s honor. He was a great friend. It has been really special to talk to him all the times that I have in the past three years and to see him in New York City

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