his Life

Michael was born fourth in a family of six children. Born in Philadelphia. PA. on a Friday on March 23, 1962 and passed on a Friday June 8, 2018. He had struggled during his time in elementary school all due to a learning disability. He did not graduate high school but boy was he good with mechanic work. He worked on cars during his young adult life and occasionally on the weekends worked as a Club Bouncer. He was so tall like his father and with that Albanian/ Greek charisma can charm high school girlfriends. He never allowed anyone to bully him as a mature adult after learning that he could not achieve High School level reading and writing. He had a good heart and many people did not know that but his younger siblings knew it. As an older adult he struggled with mental illness and eventually never bounced back to a self- sufficient life style. His mother was his care taker before passing, then his younger brother Johnny took over before passing and finally his older sister took over his care for the last five years until the state took custody of Michael six months before his passing. He had the best sense of humor and could make you laugh on his good days. He was a very special soul and was always misunderstood. However, he will not be forgotten.