Shared by Holly Fisher on September 19, 2019
Nanny was my maternal grandmother my best friend, my heart
 Nanny loved playing scrabble and loved       Christmas. I remember playing scrabble and she     would always laugh so hard she'd cry. Pawpaw played one time and beat the socks off of every one of us!  Those were some good times. 
     In her final days, there was confusion, alot of confusion.  She was not able to walk and had not been able to for quite some time. She would try to get out of bed saying that we had to get Jeff & Tim up for school(her sons that were grown men). There was one time in particular she was rambling then got very quiet and out of the blue said "Janice got married way to young" Janice is our cousin, her neice. We laughed so hard! I also drew a picture of Nanny and Pawpaw's wedding picture for her, gave it to her and oddly enough I made her cry with joy. Those special moments I will hold dear to me forever. I love you and miss you as much now as I did the day you got your new zip code and wings.

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