Shared by Aurora Gomez on March 20, 2021
Mi más sentido pésame a la familia de mi mejor profesor en Genève. Gran persona, inteligente, de una sensibilidad extraordinaria, han pasado muchos años desde entonces, cuando le conocí año 92, 93 pero el lazo invisible que une las Almas gemelas hoy me hizo buscar en Google su nombre y me encuentro con la triste noticia, está claro, Milo querido, que me has hablado desde el cielo. Descansa en Paz. Mi respeto a la familia y mucho ánimo 

Masters Swimming

Shared by Andrew Wilkes on March 4, 2021
Milo was our fastest swimmer, adjusted for age. He looked 35 but had a few PhDs in math so I knew he had to be older. After hammering out 4,000 yards before anyone showed up, he would push us with another hard set. 

I enjoyed talking to Milo about the Stock Markets. He had designed several proprietary algorithms which benefitted from volatility. He graciously answered my questions about what would be considered a competitive space. One time I asked him about capital structure volatility arbitrage. He said it was based on a paper by Robert Merton contending that, at certain points in the life cycle of a company, different levels of the capital structure would compete for the same assets. Pretty much what I had just read. Milo was a good swimmer, a great mind and a great friend to all of us at Toronto Athletic Club. 

To my friend Milo:  I missed you when you were in Hong Kong. You left us too early. I miss talking with you and swimming with you. A tremendous loss for all who knew you 

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