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This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dr. Monisha Choudhury. We will remember her forever.

Dr. Monisha Choudhury, neé Manisha Basu, MBBS, MD, MNAMS, DipRCPath(Cyt), FIAC, was an eminent Cytopathologist, based in Delhi NCR, India. With a career spanning over 4 decades, she strived for excellence in her profession and achieved national and international fame. Born to an Indian Army family, she displayed discipline, intelligence, drive and had a fierce fighting spirit. A pillar of support to family, friends and community - she was always someone you could depend on in your hour of need. Friend, mentor and guide, she taught generations of doctors, and took immense pride in their achievements.

With broad ranging interests in gardening, travel, fashion, food, arts, culture and entertainment; she was an accomplished conversationalist and loved spending time with family and friends. With a larger than life personality, she was always front and center in a group and full of fun and laughter. She remembered everything about everybody, from the smallest personal details to the largest accomplishments and never failed to connect with them on special life occasions. She had perfect recall of people and events in great detail, even five-six decades later! She frequently amazed and entertained her friends and family with her incredible storytelling. Each discussion would trigger multiple connected strands and the entire conversation would become a kaleidoscope of memories. 

She tested positive for Covid on April 20, at the peak of India's deadly second wave. She was hospitalized at Yatharth Hospital, Greater Noida on April 25th and passed away on May 02, 2021. She was 68. She is survived by two daughters, three grandchildren and countless family, friends and students who carry forward her zest for life and learning.

January 10, 2023
January 10, 2023
Remembering your beautiful, kind ,happy face Monisha.
You left a wonderful legacy.
God bless them all.
Lots of love
May 3, 2022
May 3, 2022
Mom, I miss you. It has been an year since you left us but love has poured in for you from all over the world during this time. It helps me feel your presence even though your touch and hugs are absent. You always had goals be it academic or at home. Everything had a place and you found it, even when I only saw unsolvable jigsaw. My goal is simpler, just be a bit of you. Life will go on and I will carry my bit of you with love.
May 2, 2022
May 2, 2022
Such a bubbly, enthusiastic, full of zest, ever helping personality that even Almighty was in a hurry to have Moon in his company. Her compassion will keep her alive in the hearts of numerous colleagues, juniors, family members and all those friends who received fragrance of her positive vibes. Keep smiling Moon, where ever you are
June 11, 2021
June 11, 2021
 I will always fondly remember dr monisha choudhury,she was dear to me .she was multitalented personality,renowned pathologist/cytologist.
I had a long association with her.luckily she was my first post graduate student then became my colleague and friend.always laughing smiling and helping others.i remember dear Tina And tuktuki she always used to talk about her lovely daughters
We.had a very strong bond I miss her a lot .
May her soul rest in peace .
May God give strength to her family to bear the loss.  ओम् शान्ति
June 8, 2021
June 8, 2021
Dr Monisha Mam, was a brilliant teacher, an outstanding pathologist, mentor, researcher, guide, photographer, all in one. It’s a difficult reality to come to terms with, that she no longer is with us. I fondly remember and feel so privileged to be a part of her teachings in lady hardinge. She was such a dynamic lady, always smiling, her passion for cyto-pathology was unmatchable. There are so many memories attached with mam, the way she encouraged me when i was travelling to London for FRCP, I remember getting a very sweet message from her, wishing me all the luck, just before i could board my flight. We not only shared our birth-dates, but also the fact that both our fathers are ophthalmologists.
Her memories live with me forever, and i miss her presence in my life, her regular posts on social media, Her beautiful comments on facebook posts would bring such a beaming smile on my face. Such was her charisma, she could keep anyone engaged for hours with her teachings, experiences, her travelling adventures, the amount of history which she had lived and shared, her life was no less than legendary. She was and She is, an Extraordinary Lady. I firmly believe, they don’t make women like her anymore.
I miss her, and I don’t think anyone can match upto her zeal and passion for life. If i could just be half of what she was, i’ll consider myself supremely lucky.
You will forever live in my heart Mam, Miss you,
Please be at peace
Lots of ❤️ love
June 7, 2021
June 7, 2021
Ma’am was the first person I met when I joined Department of Pathology as a post graduate student. I still remember her smiling at me as she was writing down my name in the roster. My eleven year relationship with her will be a memory of a lifetime. She was an amazing pathologist and an outstanding teacher. I fondly remember how she used to show such subtle and interesting findings in the microscope and how she used to fire questions in reporting and seminars. Ma’am always greeted everyone with a smile, was ever cheerful and most importantly was always there for her students no matter what.  It was a pleasure to see her posts on Facebook. I am blessed to have known her and be taught by her. She was my mentor and I strive to be a person like her everyday.
June 7, 2021
June 7, 2021
I worked on the first floor in microbiology deptt of LHMC and Dr Monisha on the ground floor of the building.So we often used to run into each other.She always used to radiate friendliness and was a committed individual.She loved nature.
Sometimes in the evening I would find Dr Panna Choudhry waiting in the car to pick her up.His face always revealed a vision.
We will miss you.
June 6, 2021
June 6, 2021
Whenever I think of dear Monisha I think of a really happy,loving ,beautiful person who lit up the room.
I cannot believe she has left us.
She was in medical school with me—a petite beautiful girl—happy and kind.
We did not meet each other for over 35 years and then in 2016 I met her again and communicated on Facebook and messaging.
She shared her beautiful garden with me and wrote the kindest comments.
I wish we could have met again.
My condolences to her wonderful daughters and family she left behind.
June 6, 2021
June 6, 2021
I have known aunty for a very long time. She was my neighbor from Netaji Nagar. What I remember most about her is her smiling face and her immaculate garden. She always invited everyone to view it. Uncle and she were good friends of my parents so we saw a lot of them. Even after she moved to Noida, she would tell me to visit her whenever I visited India so that I could view her garden and have a nice long chat with her. She was well traveled and told me that if she ever visits New York she would visit my place. I last saw her in November 2019. She was at a party of a family friend and as usual she was smiling. Wherever she is now, I am sure she is still smiling.
June 6, 2021
June 6, 2021
Will always carry her in my memories... what being positive in Life means, what finding joy in the smallest of things means. There are a handful of people who become a permanent bedrock of learning for you and for me she is one. I can see her smilng with the kids around handing out chocolates as I write this.
A person so full of unconditional love, she perhaps is that role model on what a human being is meant to be...

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January 10, 2023
January 10, 2023
Remembering your beautiful, kind ,happy face Monisha.
You left a wonderful legacy.
God bless them all.
Lots of love
May 3, 2022
May 3, 2022
Mom, I miss you. It has been an year since you left us but love has poured in for you from all over the world during this time. It helps me feel your presence even though your touch and hugs are absent. You always had goals be it academic or at home. Everything had a place and you found it, even when I only saw unsolvable jigsaw. My goal is simpler, just be a bit of you. Life will go on and I will carry my bit of you with love.
May 2, 2022
May 2, 2022
Such a bubbly, enthusiastic, full of zest, ever helping personality that even Almighty was in a hurry to have Moon in his company. Her compassion will keep her alive in the hearts of numerous colleagues, juniors, family members and all those friends who received fragrance of her positive vibes. Keep smiling Moon, where ever you are
Her Life

Early Life and Education

May 29, 2021

Manisha Basu was born in Military Hospital, Delhi Cantonment on January 10, 1953 to parents Lt. Col. MK Basu (nicknameMoni-da) and Mrs. Anima Basu, and elder brother Biswajit Basu. She was affectionately nicknamed “Moon” by her family. Her father was an Army doctor, (specialising in ophthalmology) and she lived in many places in her childhood including London, Bangalore, Jabalpur, before finally settling in Delhi. Her childhood experiences exposed her to multiple social circles early in life, and her ability to connect and stay connected with multiple circles of friends and acquaintances stayed with her for a lifetime. Extremely bright and intelligent, she had an amazing memory. Even many decades later, she could recount the smallest details about people, places and events. Her recall of people in particular was remarkable. Pick any name and she could recount their entire childhood and education history, social connections and special events.

She did her early schooling in multiple cities. An interesting story she would tell was that at school, her name was pronounced as Monisha, and the change in spelling became permanent. She finished her schooling in Delhi, her school friends from Frank Anthony Public School forging bonds that stayed strong for over five decades.

She then started her medical science journey. After a year of pre-med in Deshbandhu College (1970-71), she briefly joined Zoology (H) in Miranda House (Aug-Oct 1971) before joining the first batch of University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS), 1971. In her own words - “I was also the first student of UCMS to become a teacher in UCMS!” 

She completed her post graduation from LHMC. Her thesis was on Prostrate Cytology and her guide was Dr. Savita Mittal. Her brother remembers helping her type out her thesis on a small portable Remington typewriter, and consequently learning a lot about the prostrate! She forged lifelong bonds with her fellow postgraduates Dr. Medha and Dr. Urmil. They completed their MD together in 1981. 

Personal Life

May 29, 2021

On March 6, 1978, she married Dr. Panna Choudhury, and became Dr. Monisha Choudhury. She used to recount that initially she was interested in Pediatrics, but switched to Pathology. Her husband went on to become a world renowned Pediatrician, whereas she joined the “Who’s Who” of Pathology.

They had two daughters, Pallavi (b. 1978) and Surabhi (b. 1983). In 2010, they became grandparents to their first grandchild, Saisha. In 2014, they welcomed two more grandchildren, Ashwin in June and Aria in August. 

After a few months in Sarvodya Enclave, they moved to Sector 3, RK Puram for a few years. From there they moved to M-Block, Netaji Nagar, where they lived for almost 30 years. They forged deep friendships with their neighbors and were an integral part of the residential association. They moved to Noida with her elder daughter and family in Apr-May 2014. 

Just after Christmas 2014, Dr. Monisha was diagnosed with swine flu. Her condition deteriorated rapidly and she was on ventilator for 3 weeks at Gangaram Hospital, Delhi. But she fought her way back to health, and was discharged by second week of Jan 2015. She called it her second life. Despite being advised to take rest, she found a renewed zest for life and immediate started planning and organised her grandchild Ashwin’s mukhe-bhaat (first food) ceremony and party by end of Jan! 

Sadly, Dr. Panna Choudhury passed away on Sep 1, 2015 after a brief but intense battle with cancer. He was 68 and they had been married for 37 years. His loss left a huge void in her life. She took over his mantle as Vice Chairperson in Child Health Foundation, an organisation he had co-founded with his pediatrician colleagues. She remained associated with the foundation for the rest of her life. 

She continued to live and work in Noida, even after retirement. She travelled with family, with friends and colleagues, and took interest in local community matters with a special interest in gardening. Despite battling diabetes for years, she never let it diminish her love for life. 

Always together, Dr. Panna Choudhury’s memorial site is here:


May 29, 2021

She started her career as a Demonstrator in UCMS from 1978-83 and Lecturer from 1983-86. In 1986, she joined Lady Hardinge Medical College as Assistant Professor and after 32 years with the institution, she retired as Director Professor in 2018. Post retirement, she joined SMSR, Sharda Hospital, Greater Noida, as Professor and Head of Department. She later joined NIIMS, Greater Noida, a new medical college, to set up their pathology department and remained a teacher till her last breath.


  1. Awarded Commonwealth Medical Fellowship in Cytopathology, Imperial College London, U.K. 1992-93. 
  2. Visiting Professor to Karolinska Institute, Sweden, 1993
  3. Awarded Diploma from Royal College of Pathologists in Cytopathology, London, 1994
  4. Awarded Distinguished Alumnus and Citation on Silver Jubilee Year and Convocation of University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi University, 1995
  5. Awarded Fellow of the International Academy of Cytopathologists, Chicago, USA, 1998
  6. Gauri Bazaz Malik Research Award for Immunocytopathology, Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, 2001 and 2003
  7. Awarded Senior ICMR Medical Fellowship to Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, 2007
  8. Awarded Ernst Fernandes Silver Medal of Indian Academy of Cytologists, Chandigarh, Nov 2009
  9. Co-Author and Thesis guide for Nalini Bai Thakkar Best Oral Presentation at the Indian Academy of Cytologists, Bhubaneshwar, 2012
  10. President Elect of the Indian Academy of Cytologists, 2013-14
  11. President of the Indian Academy of Cytologists, 2014-15
  12. Awarded P.N. Wahi Oration entitled "Four Decades in Cytology - Past, Present and Future" at the 44th National Conference of the Indian Academy of Cytologists, Kota, Rajasthan, Nov 2014

Teaching Experience
  1. Teacher (Medical) Undergraduate and Postgraduates for 42 and 40 years respectively
  2. Examiner Undergraduate and Postgraduate for Rajasthan, J&K, Rohtak, Agra, Lucknow, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Punjab, Indraprastha Universities
  3. MCI Inspector for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Medical Institutions in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka
  4. NEET Exam Supervisor for PG entrance 2016
  5. MD Thesis Supervisor for over 30 thesis in Pathology and several as Co-Supervisor in Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, EYE, ENT, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Radiodiagnosis, Medicine
  6. MCh Co supervisor in Pediatric Surgery
  7. PhD Examiner for King George’s Medical University, Lucknow
  8. Expert: For Selection of Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors for Pathology, Hematology, Hemato Oncology in AIIMS, Delhi and ESI
  9. Underwent TEACHERS TRAINING course at MAMC, New Delhi
  10. Underwent NABL course from Bangalore
Research Experience
Worked on early and more accurate detection of Cancer by PAP smear and establishing immunocytochemistry and Liquid based Cytology methods in lesions of Cervix at LHMC.
  1. AgNOR staining and Ki67 Immunostaining in PAP smears of Cervix. Assessment of proliferation in preinvasive and invasive squamous epithelial lesions
  2. Detection of HPV by In Situ Hybridization in precancerous and cancerous lesions of Cervix
  3. Evaluation of Manual and Liquid Based Cytology in detecting cervical carcinoma and its precursors
  4. Dual expression of p16 and Ki67 on LBC in Precancerous Lesions of Cervix
Worked on Endometrial Cancer and Ovarian Cancer

  1. Expression of Cyclin D1 in Endometrial Hyperplasia and Endometrial Cancer.
  2. Cytohistological correlations of Ki67 expression in ovarian Tumours.
  3. P53 overexpression in Ovarian Neoplasms
Worked on better diagnostic methods in Bronchopulmonary Lesions.

  1. Established Bronchial Brush and Bronchoalveolar lavage Cytology
  2. Efficacy of Bronchial brush Cytology and Bronchial washings in diagnosis of Non neoplastic and Neoplastic bronchopulmonary lesions
Worked on Endoscopic cytology and biopsy for diagnosis of H.pylori and Celiac disease

  1. Studied Vit A deficiency in acute diarrhea
  2. Invasive and noninvasive diagnostic procedures for H pylori in children
  3. Celiac disease in first degree relatives
Worked on Breast Cancer

  1. Conducted research at Imperial College London on breast cytology and Image Analysis
  2. Immunocytochemistry in breast aspirates at Karolinska Institute, Sweden
  3. Evaluated Sentinal node biopsy in Breast Cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy, LHMC Delhi
  4. Studied effects of neoadjuvantlevamisole on local immune response in Breast Cancer, LHMC Delhi
  5. Detection of lymph node micrometastasis in node negative breast cancer using Cytokeratin and EMA, LHMC Delhi
Worked on thyroid neoplasms with use of Imaging and morphometry to differentiate benign from malignant tumors

  1. Diagnostic utility radionucleidescintigraphy on solitary thyroid nodule .    
  2. Morphometry in cytological differentiation of benign and malignant lesions.
Worked on use of flow cytometry in the diagnosis of malignancy in effusions and aspirates of lymph nodes

  1. Flow cytometry was used for the first time in LHMC to diagnose malignancy in effusions.
  2. Flow used for diagnosis of nodal and extranodalHematolymphoid neoplasms.

Administrative Experience

  1. HOD Pathology, Clinical Pathology and Blood Bank at LHMC, Delhi; SMSR, Sharda University; NIIMS, Greater Noida
  2. Chairperson of various hospital administrative committees
  3. Member of various committees of Lady Hardinge Medical College including Research project evaluation, Purchase, Condemnation and others

  1. Expert Selection Committee for UGC for sanction of Travel grant
  2. Expert Selection Committee for recruitment of Professors in Pathology, Hemato- Oncology, and Assistant Professor in Pathology and Clinical Pathology at AIIMS, New Delhi
  3. Expert Selection Committee for Assistant Professors in Pathology and Hematology at ESI, New Delhi for their hospitals in NCR
  4. Expert Selection Committee for posts of Senior Resident and Contract Assistant Professors in Delhi Govt. and MCD
  5. Expert Research Committee for evaluation of PhD thesis Delhi University, King George’s Medical University, Lucknow
  6. Expert for selection of Assistant Professors Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission
  7. Member Hospital Equipment specification Committee for RML Hospital, Delhi

List of Publications
1. Talib VH, Kiran PC, Talib NJ, Choudhury M. Plasmodium vivax malaria in the neonatal period. Indian J Pediatr 1978; 45: 337-339.
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  1. Organising secretary of the National Conference of HematoOncology in 1992
  2. LHMC Member organizing committee of National CME of Surgical Pathology in 2000
  3. LHMC Member organizing committee of several annual IAPM and DSH conferences of Delhi Chapter
National Annual Conferences of Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists

Attended and presented papers and chaired sessions (from 2002 onwards) in Belgaum 1980, Mumbai 1989, Bangalore 1996, 51st IAPM Kolkata 2002, 53rd IAPM Pune 2004, Hyderabad 2010,Kochi APCON 2015.

National Annual Conference Indian Academy of Cytologists

Presented papers in :- Manipal 1991, Goa 1998, Mangalore 1999, Nagpur 2000,Hyderabad 2001,Pune 2003,Jamnagar 2005, 35th IAC, Ranchi 2006, Allahabad 2007, Ahmedabad 2008, Chandigarh 2009, Delhi 2010, Bhubaneshwar 2012, Puducherry 2013, Kota 2014, Dehradun 2015, Nagpur 2016

Panelist and Participant in National CME, Workshop and Symposia

  1. Conducted workshop in LHMC on FNAC of Superficial Masses in1991.
  2. CME speaker Abdominal masses, Nagpur 2000.
  3. CME speaker Bone and soft tissues, Hyderabad,2001.
  4. CME speaker on Breast Pathology, Ranchi 2006
  5. CME speaker on Kidney and Adrenals, Allahabad 2007 and several others.
Delhi NCR conferences/ CME/ Workshops

  1. Attended, presented papers and was member of organizing committee of several annual and quarterly Delhi Chapter IAPM conferences from 1978 till 2017
  2. Founder life Member of Delhi Chapter of Hematology and Blood transfusion
  3. Life Member of Delhi Chapter Indian Academy of Cytologists since inception in 2012
  4. 8th International CME in Surgical Pathologyin AIIMS , Delhi 2002
  5. International CME in Bone Pathology AIIMS,2007
  6. International CME in Pathology Goa 2011 and many more

  1. Attended scientific meetings of British Society of Clinical Cytologists in 1992 -93 in London
  2. Attended scientific meetings of Royal College of Pathologists in London 1992-93
  3. 21st European Congress of Cytology, Vienna, Austria, 1993.
  4. 12th International Congress of Cytology, Madrid ,Spain, May 1995.Member of  Panel on Inflammatory Lesions of the Cervix
  5. 5th International Conference of the Computerized Histology and Cytology Laboratory. Chicago,USA. 1998
  6. Attended the Scientific meetings of the American Association of Pathologists in Boston, USA, 2007
  7. 16th International Congress of Cytology Vancouver, Canada May 2007
  8. 19th International Congress of Cytology Yokohama, Japan, May 2016
Recent stories

Third Death Anniversary

May 2
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Please be patient.
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Dear Ma,

3 years today. The count goes on. I rose today in melancholy, but I’m actively trying to choose happy thoughts - happy memories, happy news to tell you, happy photos to post about you in WhatsApp and Facebook … I’m trying to think bright thoughts, even as I struggle to shake off the darkness that seems to sink into my bones and seep out through the corner of my eyes. 

Big news about your grandkids. Saisha and Aria made their piano stage debut on April 27, 2024 at Sathya Sai Auditorium, Lodhi Road … the same place where we had held Baba’s prayer meeting 9 years ago. This was my first time back there, and I thought it would be poignant. Though when I actually was there, all I could think was that it was smaller than what I remembered. I wish I could have shared that moment with you, when you see your kids up on stage for the first time. I could remember Tuki and my dance performance at Kamani auditorium many years ago, and resonate with what you must have felt then. Jorbagh - Nene Mama, Sudeshna Maima, Joy and his new bride Ria were there. Saisha played 2 solos - Viking village and Arioso, followed by a Saisha-Aria duet of Havana with their music teacher Sahil sir on drums and in the next segment Aria’s solo of A Thousand Years. I was so proud and missing you so much. I wish you were here. Your other grandkid, Ashwin is also winning medals and medals in swimming! And Tuki dusted off her Talkatora swimming days with a few medals herself! In other news, Saisha is now in Grade 9, and everyday seems like a new challenge with the school as we settle into senior school. Aria will move to PYP Grade 5 after summer holidays and sometimes I feel I’ve left her too much on her own in studies. On the other hand, she is extremely independent and gets upset with me if I try to ‘teach’ her. Sounds familiar? I guess history does repeat itself! You and I were always clashing in similar ways! I wish you were here to sound off and support with their academic tracks. Rupesh tries to share the burden of stress, but it’s not the same without you. 

Coming to us, Rupesh is doing well at office though he never tends to show stress so it’s difficult to gauge sometimes. He IS drifting a little with his running after achieving his six star marathon medal, and that’s when I wish you were here, with your strong ambitions and drive to always excel and then keep setting higher goals. You were such a strong motivator, despite the ambition gene skipping me completely, I cannot deny, as much as your kick-in-the-ass could enrage  … it also made achievers out of us. And I need that to lose weight. Finally managed to stay regular at physiotherapy gym for a year now, and yoga for about 6 months so far. Weight has in fact increased! But I feel so has muscle. Latest blood tests were mostly ok, slight increase in sugar (hba1c 6.1) but it’s my knees that are currently giving the most trouble. Physio is helping, but ultimately it will come to reducing weight … sigh! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will hold up for our vacation. And yes, finally Paris and Switzerland are on the cards! You’ve been telling me about these places for years! Wish me good luck Ma, with the kids, with the vacation, with family, with health, with life. Bless us and look after us from wherever you are. I wish I could tell you, you were right about so many things that I’m only appreciating with age. I think we had started that process of understanding. I just wish we had had more time. 

Miss you and love you always, 

Remembering you on your birthday

January 11
Dear Ma,

Remembering you on your birthday. You would be 71 now. You are never far from our minds. Tuki baked a heart-shaped cake, and we opened a marble cake that had been gifted to us last week when we visited Rashtrapati Bhavan. You would have enjoyed the visit. We were hosted by Rupesh’s colleague who has just retired from the Army and his old regiment is stationed at Rashtrapati Bhavan (6th Sikh regiment) till end of this month. They hosted a visit to the new war memorial and lunch at the officers mess inside the Presidential estate. We were also gifted a basket of baked goodies from the President’s personal bakery including the above mentioned cake. When we cut it on your birthday yesterday, Rupesh remarked if there was one person who would truly appreciate it and its backstory, it would be you! He also arranged for a visit inside Rashtrapati Bhavan, but that is another story. Tuki in Indore, baked a heart shaped cake full of chocolate chips! Seeing it, Aria immediately wanted her to bake it when she gets here on Saturday. This Saturday, they will make a weekend trip here to attend your brother Hauz Khas Mama and Mimi’s 50th golden anniversary (actually on Jan 15 Monday). Everything reminds me of you, the Rashtrapati bhavan visit and officers mess reminded me strongly of your army childhood stories. In fact I just shared that with your friend Niru Aunty and she was also all nostalgic about your Jabalpur days. 

Keep watching over us wherever you are and Happy Birthday Ma. Love you. Tina

Second Death Anniversary

May 2, 2023
Dear Ma,

It’s been 2 years since you left us, yet it still doesn’t seem real. You are constantly in my thoughts. The first thought when there is any special event, is the instinct to share it with you. When your grandkids do well, I wish you were here to celebrate their success. In every action, success and failure, I wonder on your reactions if you would have been here. This January, on your birthday, I wrote in my letter here that I enrolled in a 21 day poetry challenge. I wish I could see your face as I tell you that I completed it, and it will soon be published! Rupesh added his sketches as illustrations, and of course it is dedicated to you and Baba. It is titled January Greys, and indeed I felt very low this January, with both your birthdays that month. Writing was cathartic in a way and I seek blessings from both of you for its release.

The children are growing up so fast, Saisha is taller than me already! Misha is the life of the house as usual, and I see so much of your energy in her. Of course, this leads to many clashes (already!!) and in my mind I hear your I-told-you-sos!!

We finally took a vacation, our first big trip since the 2019 cruise with you and Tuki. At Boston, Rupesh finally completed his 6 medal World Marathon Majors quest, and I wish you were here to celebrate his achievement. You were always so proud of him! I remembered your visit to Boston and work at Harvard Medical College and Brighams Hospital. While we couldn’t go there, we did go to Harvard Yard and walked the Charles river memorial esplanade. I remembered you telling me how you would walk all over Boston and for a few days, we were there, retracing your steps. From there, we took the kids to Disney World, Orlando … and if Boston had us walking miles daily, Orlando had us on our feet 12-14 hours everyday within its amusement park boundaries!! It was quite the opposite from the ‘slow living’ vacations we have had lately! My step count average for the entire year has gone us due to this one 2-week vacation!! Reminded me a lot of the trips you and Baba would take us on every year, and how we would try to pack in as many sights and experiences as possible! Tiring but so memorable, and as we enter a similar life phase with our kids, I wish you were here to guide us, share your experiences and celebrate our achievements (and also keep us standing when the feet say no more!!) I should say, I remembered how painful Tuki and I were on our UK trip that you would make us walk so much everyday! Now, I understand how you must have felt, I’m sorry for being so difficult! Thankfully, Saisha and Aria were much more cooperative… phew! 

This letter started with feelings but has become a chronicle of all that we have been up to since the last letter. It reminds me of the letters you would write to us during your fellowship in UK, telling us about your experiences and guiding us from afar. So many memories each leading from another…my thoughts are just all over, jumping multiple life phases and experiences we shared. I could keep writing all day! You lived your life to the fullest and made my life memorable. Thank you Ma. Rest in peace and please continue to watch over us as always. No matter how much I struggled against your authority, I know I’m a better person because of it.

Love you

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