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Family Day Cruise on USS Lake Champlain 2009

January 6, 2012

Here's grandpa aboard USS Lake Champlain on a family day cruise, he absolutely loved it that day... I've never seen him so happy. Of course he would love this kind of stuff, because it's what we would know as patriotic. Anyway, two years later, little did we know his life would end. I miss him very much...

Grandpa and Grandma (Lolo and Lola - In Tagalog)

January 6, 2012

This picture was taken at a house in a street I remembered called Sunnyside St. - we were just renting out this house and it was okay for awhile. We didn't end up staying too long here, I forgot why though. My grandpa and my grandma were inseparable and they loved each other very much. I told my grandma to look the other way, so that the picture looked like a stolen shot, and it eventually did - so I thought this was funny.. I miss them both very much, but I know they are now re-united in Heaven.. I hope to be with you two also! Not now, but later down in life when God is ready to take me. I love you both --- very very very much....  

Me and my grandpa (taken in Chicago, Illinois)

January 6, 2012

This picture I thought was funny. This was taken at a church (I forgot the name of the church) in Chicago, Illinois and I was only 4 years old here. Yeah, I know, I look all fat and silly, haha.. but yeah, I have other pictures of me with my grandpa when I was young, but too bad, this free memorial site can only hold up to 3 pictures for the free membership. Anyway, Lolo was like my second dad so I was very close to him because him and my grandmother raised me.  

My grandpa

January 5, 2012

There's so much things to say about my grandpa. He is one of a kind and I will never ever forget him. I remember how every time I'd visit him at the house (at Glen Vista Street), where he used to live with my Uncle, (my mom's brother - uncle Bong), he would always tell me to be careful everywhere I go, whether it be driving, going out with my mom or friends, he'd tell me to always be cautious. I also remember that he would give me advice in life - in how to be a better person overall. I don't know how he does what he do, but he is truly an inspiration not just for me, but to so many others that he inspired throughout his long-lived life. I will surely miss him. Everytime, I see this website that I created for him, it makes me miss him even more, but I know he's in a better place now. 

I also remember my grandpa would be busy on his typewriter, typing up documents related to his past history in World War II, back home in the Philippines, when the Japanese were dominating. It must of been a very tough time for him back then and that's why I guess he's always telling me these stories, because he's very proud of what he's accomplished back then. He told me he was defending their rights and their freedom and that he was very proud to serve his country. 

My grandpa was also a funny guy. I remembere that he used to play the harmonica in front of me and my brother, and me and my brother would laugh really hard because we thought it was just so hilarious! I also remember that he loved to eat all the unhealthy foods - like chicken skin (the deeply fried ones we'd buy from Tita's - Tita's is a filipino restaurant here in San Diego, California, by the way for those of you who don't know) and he also smoked here and there... I am surprised as to how he lived so long with his unhealthy habits. Lol..

My grandpa was also someone you can count on in terms of needing a ride, he was always there to pick me up from work when I used to work at Barona Casino and other places.. I remembered he'd take me along with my grandmother.. they were like my parents.. they'd take me everywhere.. but yeah I wish I could turn back the hands of time and be with them again, but it's too late now... =( I just wanted to share how unique my grandpa was... he was like a dad I never had and more.. just because of the fact that he was so patient with me and my mom and her brothers... he was so strict, brave and intimidating, but at the same time he loved us very much all equally. He will surely be missed.

Even his friends, his fellow comrades, looked up to him because he was very frank in all his words and he was always straight to the point.. he always gave advice to people, especially in how to never give up on your dreams...

Rest in peace grandpa (dear Lolo).. I love you!

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