Posted by SRIRAM SATAKOPAN on July 13, 2021
Dear Nitin,

Hard to believe you are not with us any longer! Have met you just once in-person and I can't forget that infectious smile and confident attitude. Truly feel inspired by reading the rich tributes that your dear colleagues & co-workers have left for you. You have indeed been a great source of inspiration, motivation and have led by example.

Life has cut this journey short and too soon ... but alas my friend, the memories will be cherished and etched in everyone's mind & heart forever ...

Keep smiling wherever you are!


Posted by Sujata Biswas on July 11, 2021
Dear Nitin,

As I read this online tribute article amongst many other worldwide news, I wanted to leave few lines.

An affable human being, an extremely neutral mind of keen judicious decisions and a person with whom Documentation discussion "monologues" as Nitin would term them were always knowledge gate.

May the unseen blessings of the God in the sky be always there with you.

To your future in the hands of God,
Posted by Praveen Durga on June 27, 2021
Dear Nitin, I never thought that I would be writing a tribute for you in this lifetime!

I would never forget your ever smiling face, your logical questioning and those meetings (especially the staff meetings) where you would calmly hear people and then say - "Ye to humne CPG mein 10 saal pehle kiya tha" :-)

I have promised myself I would stop mourning and keep you alive in memories. I have not cancelled our weekly 1:1 calendar on Wednesdays, that way I would remember you every week for rest of my life!

Will miss you my dear friend and prayers for your family!
Posted by Ram Baranwal on June 24, 2021
Have known Nitin for last 14 years and have found him a person who quickly became close friend. He was such a person whom you find as if you from years from the day you meet. He was the one who can speak his mind irrespective of the forum or people in audience. He would always be reasonable even in difficult situations and well learned that made his standing quite acceptable. He was the one whom one always wants in his inner circle as he would always provide solutions to issues we face on professional or personal level. A great human being who would always be missed until we say good bye to this world. Certainly it is shocking to lose someone like him. Wish he meets again once we resume work from office. May God give strength to his family to bear this untimely loss though I myself find it difficult to imagine that we won't be able to see the smiling face I always found infectious.
Posted by Narayan Raja on June 19, 2021
Have worked with Nitin during my tenure at Freescale. Very positive, happy and warm feeling whenever I have interacted with Nitin, his smile is still fresh in my memories. Shocked to know such a lovely person is missed out forever. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Subramaniam Vasudevan on June 19, 2021
I worked with Nitin during Freescale years. Was shocked to hear about his demise.
He was ever smiling and composed manager I have seen! It's been a privilege to have worked with him.
Wish his family all the strength to pull through and come out stronger.....
Posted by Jose Nunez on June 13, 2021
Nitin was an inspiration to many of us and he will be missed by all his colleagues and friends at NXP. I will always remember his calm demeanor, great hospitality and his contagious smile. You are gone from this world, but your memory will always be us. Rest In Peace my friend!
Posted by Vipin Pandey on June 13, 2021
Dear Nitin,
 I am not able to come to terms with the fact that I lost a near and dear one in office. One person who I met at cafeteria in the morning over a cup of coffee and smiling face that was always ready to help in almost any topic one can think of. Talking to you was always insightful and able to offer direction and clarity.
You have been an inspiring leader and a coach for me. As a leader I observed you have been an inspiration in not just the technical arena but also very adept at understanding people aspirations. Perhaps that is the reason you have played so many diverse roles to perfection.
I first learnt about you from Rohit Tomar, and then further with many of colleagues. It gave me an impression of a technically savvy person who is interested to explore every topic to great technical depth and perseverance. Then I got a chance to work with you first hand and I could see what the team members said was not just right but I could see it in action. Working with you was always a different experience.
I hope to live up to your very high standards of work, compassion, energy levels and ideals that you exhibited. You will always be an inspiration for me in my life ahead.
May God grant peace to your soul! Om Shanti!
Posted by Sean Sun on June 12, 2021
Dear Nitin,
Hard to believe this as a reality over a week knowing this shocking news. Your contagious smile and camaraderie will be kept forever in my mind. Still remembered great brainstorm discussions in a cab between Hotel Prinzregent and Munich office among the three musketeers. It was like yesterday.

Your smile and legacy left behind will be with us forever. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Sakshi Gupta on June 10, 2021
Dear Poorva, Atharv and Avni

Nitin's memories and our association of 16 years are deeply etched in heart and mind and will forever remain.

I had the privilege of being born in my professional career to Nitin. He was my first manager when I joined from campus in 2005. My first memory is seeing being introduced to a young lad who was 6 years into the industry and 4 of us were his first reports. I was wondering how come we have such a young manager. But within a day I realized he was Super man around the company. He was smart, highly competent technically and everybody's go to person. That really made me very proud and I still am to date. Nitin was a great friend, guru, mentor and a role model and will remain forever. I have known all of you through him from both of your birth to your growing up. He loved you all a lot. 

He had a brand and he made sure we knew it and we aspired to be like him.
He made us challenge ourselves, would be always there for a fun chat and also treated us a lot! And his smile was always genuine and infectious !
I can still remember the daily coffee sessions when we reached office early morning where we will just blabber and start our day for so many years, lunch parties and he was so fond of Icecream and coffee (Apart from pepsi at that time!) that there are countless times we would just randomly go out post lunch.

Sometimes I would be very upset with him because despite great results (Per me) he would just say "theek hai, itna to minimum hai" :D but then I would see how he helped me think ahead, stretch myself to do better and really become successful. I was lucky to work with him as my manager, coach and technical design lead. I remember going to him with so many technically complex findings at late stages of project but he will just tell me its ok and provide an out of the box and very simple solution. There was nothing literally he did not have a solution to and I would always got to him when I was out of options or ideas.

I want you to remember that he was a great human being and a true fighter. He lived a short but very impactful life.
Even as we were caring for him in hospital, he seemed so much in control and ownership of his life , patiently and positively fighting the most difficult time in his life. He always lived KingSize!

Stay in heaven Nitin and I can still imagine you are smiling up from there and leader of some complex plan that God is creating for us.
We love you!

Posted by Shelly Van Dyke on June 8, 2021
To Nitin's family and many friends - you are in my heart & thoughts often. Nitin was such a positive influence for many years with Motorola/Freescale/NXP, on the quality of products that we make and as a leader and friend to so many. He made a lasting impact in so many ways - cars all around the world are safer and more reliable because of his work. I particularly appreciated the time that Nitin would take to mentor and bring up the next generation of leaders. He was able to educate me without "talking down" to explain complex design concepts. He will be greatly missed and well remembered. In Peace.
Posted by Chetan Verma on June 8, 2021
Dear Nitin's family,
Its been 15 days since Nitin left us but the reality has still not sunk in. How can it when the person you have been closely associated with for more than two decades suddenly disappears, physically.

I first noticed Nitin in a conference hall in our Motorola office at NEPZ. Motorola was in the process of consolidating the design centers at Noida and Gurgaon into a possible single center and management floated this option in one of the communication meetings allowing interested employees from Noida center to temporarily switch to Gurgaon if they needed to. Everyone was apprehensive about the move but there was one raised hand and a confident voice which made everyone turn towards the person and that person was none other than our own Nitin. That was the beginning of an association that was supposed to be "till retirement" but abruptly cut short by the Almighty for the only reason that there was a bigger need for a person like Nits (i used to address him as Nits) in God's land than on this Earth.

I have not seen many people who are as complete as Nits was. Technically super sound, behaviorally even better, a complete teetotaler, fun loving and ever smiling chap. Can never ever forget the endless discussions in the Zen garden in ETT building, on the lunch tables, TT games that we would play at NEPZ, his expert advice on virtually every topic, his lessons on how to construct emails to be sent to the senior leaders and what not. His passion for technology was simply un-matched.. Always the first one to latch onto any gadget, the go-to guy when any of the equipments (projector, slider, anything) would break down in "Phantom" meeting room where, over the years, we had conveniently adjusted ourselves into a near permanent seating arrangement with Nits siting in one of the different seats just behind me. He always was different!

He lived for only half of the years that he actually should have but I can tell you one thing - he lived each day fully making an impact on everyone he met.

May God bless my dear buddy's soul and grant him greater heavens.

Posted by Vasant Mallya on June 8, 2021
Dearest Nitin,

Since the time I walked into Noida office I could see you always had a very cheerful personality. Listening to people , having fun and always helping out people. Whether suggesting solution for the professional side or personal side, it was all easily flowing from you. Also a dare devil n speaking up the mind and bringing any issues in management meetings, it was all there. I always saw you made situations lively by your suggestions on stocks, financial matters . Also very forthright wrt very candid admissions of where you did not right. It still has not hit, you were not there, seems you are reading up all these messages we write and laugh up !
All the best to the family and you have left a legacy both professionally and personally, which all of us see the void..

Take care where ever you are...
Posted by sanjay churiwala on June 8, 2021
I got to know Nitin, as a very young engineer more than 2 decades back, when i joined Motorola SPS in 2000.
It is so tragic that i have to write this memorial. This is not the right age for a person like Nitin to bid adieu to this world.
My impression from those days about Nitin is of a person who showed interest and sincerity in his work, and was balanced in his behavior with his colleagues. During the last 20+ years, we had had common colleagues, and have heard only good things about Nitin.
May God give peace to his soul.
May Atharv and Avni turn out to be the kids that Nitin dreamt of for them, and make their father proud, from High Above.
Posted by Chanpreet Singh on June 7, 2021
Nitin was omnipresent; in people hearts, coffee table, helping people in need and taking out teams from crunch time, whatever one can think he was there. A friend of everyone and a go-getter! Always and forever he remains in our hearts and eyes.
Posted by Gaurav Gupta on June 7, 2021
If you ever needed a reason to smile, you meet Nitin. No matter where, why and at what time, under any circumstances and you would find a genuine smile to brighten your mood. He always was staright to your face proffessionaly, always to the point, same person inside a meeting room and outside. For some he was a friend, for rest a mentor but in his own words "a role player" as everyone of us had a role to play in our company and in our life. While he has left us today physically untimey but his memories will live forever as part of us. And if one thing that I would be wanting to wear forever is the SMILE and warmth that he wore so naturally. While we will miss you forever but you will live in many hearts that you touched so naturally.
Posted by Sudhi Proch on June 6, 2021
It is hard to believe that Nitin is not among us in flesh and blood. However, his memories will live on for ever.
His infectious laughter still echoes in my ears. I would always remember him as full of life, energy and always eager to solve a problem at work or outside of it.

Rest in peace my friend. I pray that your loved ones find the strength to bear this immense loss.

Posted by Garima Sharda on June 5, 2021
Dear Atharv and Avni

Many times you will come back and read the tributes that people across the globe have given to your father, I want you to know that you are offspring of a person with a king sized heart, a go-getter, a fighter, a strong willed and a well-read man. He took care of people around him. He pushed us to become our best.

I met him in 2005, much before you were born, and while he showed by example how to be on top of our game in the work place. He also shared his concerns about Atharv’s lactose intolerance and also coached me how to take care of my daughter. He used to talk about which cartoons you watch and loved you all dearly.

Like you have enjoyed making Robots with him, we have enjoyed debugging silicon with him. The razor sharp focus, the speed, the capability to articulate and never-give-up attitude made him unique and inspiring. It never mattered if he was original lead of the project or not- he was always there to get his hands dirty and solve. He has inspired so many of us with his technical acumen.

I read this somewhere and would want you to remember throughout- “whenever you are in trouble or feeling low- take a deep breath and remember who your dad was and straighten your crown”. The world has endless opportunities and you have his DNA in you and we all believe you will rise and shine, even brighter and make him and us proud.

Stories are endless and he has taught me so much from how to process the specifications, to how to design, to how to present, to how to conduct management meetings, how to deal with difficult people. He always was there, for last 16years.

Even when he was in hospital, I told him he is the coolest care buddy as he gave his own status everyday. He replied (from his text) “ statuses should always flow automatically.. so that leaders are focused on issue resolutions rather than status gathering.. ”

He left another lesson for me.
We will always miss you Nitin.

Posted by Guruswamy Ganesh on June 5, 2021
Dear Nitin’s Family,

Nitin is and will be the most wonderful human being I have met. I Got to know Nitin 22 years ago in 1999 by email first working on Neptune and Patriot Hip6W. He was a one man Army for the DSP core(SONYX) and would always respond right away to my emails with Clarity. The first time I met Nitin face to face was in 2001 and the journey blossomed. His smile, his professionalism, his never say no attitude: always putting his hands up to solve any problem small, larger, complex no matter what, he would take it and solve it. He was a team guy. Always put his team and the success of his team first.

I remember a Freescale party in “Elevate” where I saw the other side of Nitin where we danced to the song “Summer of 69” Bryan Adams and Nitin was rocking it... wow It seems so fresh in my mind.....

Very few people have made so much impact on me that I feel he is always with me:

I can never forget Nitin ever he will always be in my heart, my mind and in my discussions about great individuals you come across in life. He will be with me always.

Posted by Ankur Sharma on June 5, 2021
Nitin was the definition of "cool" manager. Not only was he one of the best technical expert within the org but more significantly had great fun while at it. Although he never managed me directly but he was someone i really looked up to and tried to learn from him. He always had a smile on his face and a thing or two to talk about apart from techinal work which would make junior folks at ease. It was really sad and shocking to hear that is no more. May his soul rest in peace
Posted by Aarul Jain on June 5, 2021
Dear Nitin

It is hard to accept that I will never get to see you again. In 18 years since I have known you, your attitude, dedication and approach to everything in life was so inspiring. I will miss the person who knew how to get things done. I will miss the person who knew it all. I will miss the smile that gave the perfect answer to my questions. Above all, I will miss someone who I looked up to as my mentor and guide.

You were special and its hard to describe in words the gap you have left. I pray that your family finds peace and comfort knowing that you made the world a better place for so many like me.

Rest in peace...
Posted by Mohit Arora on June 5, 2021
Dear Nitin: I write this with great sadness and still can’t believe what happened. 

Though I had pleasure of working with you on several occasions since I joined Freescale back in 2005 - I always enjoyed our discussions around Samsung vs Iphone or any related gadgets during our lunch/party time.

I have always seen you humble, down to earth and smiling despite of any situation. 

Rest In Peace!! You will be missed and always be in our heart. 

Will see you again, my friend!!
Posted by Madhusudan Aggarwal on June 5, 2021
It was a shocking news when i heard about it. Still cant believe that wont see you again. I will never forget the smile on your face.

Rest in peace, you wil be missed indeed!
Posted by Gajendra Sharma on June 5, 2021
Dear Nitin, Its so sad to know that you are not with us yet I am sure you are watching all of us. For last 3-4 days, I searched thru my office e mails . Surprisingly, I could not find a single e mail from you despite we have been working together since I joined in Year 2007.

I was wondering, how did you managed such a big team with ZERO escalation to facilities services that we offer. In-fact, despite being a member of our senior leadership team, you have always been as an extended Facilities arm and supported facilities operation in various meeting to fix problem related to IT, Network, AV etc. You managed minor operational/ technical/ tactical to emotional issues in very efficient way and fixed them before it could come to us. I will always miss this kind of support from you. My sincere regards to you for your humble nature. Rest in peace dear, you will surely be missed for ever.
Posted by Kumar Abhishek on June 4, 2021
Nitin..U can't be gone. It seems so unreal..All the moments at work and friday parties comes flashing into my head. U were a great colleague and a great mentor for me. I learnt many things from you during my tenure at IDC.
Be at peace my friend. You will always be in our hearts..
Posted by Mukesh Bansal on June 4, 2021
I have known and worked with Nitin since 2003 when I joined Motorola fresh from college. So many chips we worked together. And you have always been to look up to for technical things, inspiring and contagious smile.

I still can’t believe you will not be there with us to guide us.

You will always be missed and for sure you will keep inspiring us with the traits you exhibited.

Miss you always.
Posted by Amitesh Khandelwal on June 4, 2021
My very first memory of Nitin is seeing him eat chhole with curd in the basement canteen of the old Freescale building. Amit and I were at our wits end trying to find the solution of an issue related to SDF when he noticed Nitin and introduced me to him and while the Rajasthani in me tried to cope with the weird lunch combo, Nitin gave us the solution without batting a lid and rather looked aghast at our lack of competency.

It was years later when he joined our group as a verification lead first, before swiftly moving on to becoming the design lead (first one of the many to come, each more ‘complex’ than the one before) that I came to know him more. Over the years we worked closely and he made our job so easy always inspiring us, challenging us, motivating us, treating us but most of all ensuring we were having fun. Our relation with Nitin went beyond the work though.

I remember when Nitin had the cutting edge Nokia N95 but bought the latest shiny Samsung Galaxy S without giving two hoots about the price. His love for gadgets was matched with his love of Sci Fi movies and games. We watched and discussed Star Wars to Star Gate, we bought and argued over iPhone v/s Samsung v/s OnePlus, we played and ridiculed xbox v/s playstation, God of War v/s Diablo. One time when Nitin was telling me how he killed Ares in one night, one of the colleagues asked when did he find the time to play games when he seemed to be always in calls, juggling meetings and giving a hard time to the IP team. Nitin’s response was ‘are night out marna padta hai aise levels ke liye toh’. Nitin defined passion. For many folks like me, he was the definition of cool. Always energetic, always cutting edge, always ready.

My most recent interaction with Nitin was on his LinkedIn post on Women's Day where the idea was to pose taking an oath but to me it looked like he was posing to give his blessings.
These days when I eat every lunch with curd, I know Nitin smiles from above, his hand blessing us forever.

Posted by Sanjay Gupta on June 4, 2021
Dear Nitin, Our 23 years of deep friendship can never be erased. You will always remain in my heart as a friend, younger brother, super innovator, sharpest technical brain and most importantly, a great human being !

Whenever I think of you, you brought vivid memories when you joined as a college freshout in 1998 in our team. Since then, you were always there for everyone in thick & thin.. Even today it feels like you are around us and would appear anytime with your ever smiling face and brilliant idea’s which you always had no matter what the topic of discussion was!

We all are greatly saddened by turn of events due to covid and unable to get this feeling sink in. We often take our loved ones for granted and never say it, but I take this opportunity to convey how much me and numerous people around you loved you and cannot imagine a life without you. You lived a dignified life, created a lifetime of positive impact around you and you will be missed forever…Love you Nitin.
Posted by sarita tyagi on June 3, 2021
Dear Nitin, its still not believable that you are not physically there with us. But let me let you that you'll remain in our hearts & memories forever. Since, we all are destined to go one day, will look forward to meet you once again one day. Till then, Miss you and praying for your family
Posted by Youvraj Chandrakar on June 1, 2021
Hey, Nitin, I had no chance to meet you , however based on my team's feedback I heard good things about you ! you were known as a very down to earth gentleman , always having a cheerful smile !!! May you rest in peace !!!
Posted by Gajendra Sharma on June 1, 2021
Dear Nitin, You have been an inspiration to all of us. Very humble and Pleasing personality. You are not with us and may be gone from this world but the designs that you have created for the smarter world would remain for decades to remind us on your professional journey. **RIP Dear**, We miss you a lot!!!

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