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Shared by Rita Nwadiogbu on December 15, 2019
Nini, Ada oma, Omalicha nwa. I cry every day and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and cry myself out wondering what happened. We never saw this coming. You were a very strong girl from birth, intelligent, elegant, a shinning star, full of life. I wish we can turn back the clock and this whole thing will be a dream. 

I cry as I put down few words in this page but I must write something for Nini. 

Nini, Ije oma. I pray that the Good Lord will grant you eternal rest and comfort all of us especially your Mum, your brother, your husband and your little Angels who are so young to understand what is going on. How will they understand the meaning of death or that they won't see their beautiful Mommy again. Oh!! Nini, it's so painful. 

God, please help us.

Rest in Peace Nini. 

Class, Confidence & Kindness defined Nneka

Shared by Ifeoma Oli on December 11, 2019
For a student who joined FGGC Onitsha in JS3/SS1 (there about) , Nneka defied the norm by becoming a senior prefect for her set. She was highly acknowledged by both students and teachers alike for the level of class and confidence she exuded as a person. 
I think everyone who schooled during her time at FGGC Onitsha would tell you she was that type of gentle & kind personality. It is truly sad to hear of her passing. With God, she is now an angel watching over all her family and friends. 
Adieu Nneka! May your gentle soul rest in peace.
Shared by Ayobami Adeoye on December 10, 2019
Shocked. Perplexed. You impacted us with great knowledge. Your drive and your passion for excellence and great work inspired us. I stiil find it difficult to accept the reality of your demise. RIP Boss!


Shared by Nonye Mkpasi on December 9, 2019
I am still short of words Angel .God be with you till we meet again at the bossom of Our Lord. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


Shared by Ola Adigun on December 9, 2019
Dear Pharm Nneka,

The news of your demise is so sad. I really do not know how to feel about it. It was just a short moment with you, but you were really amazing. I am only glad my internship year allowed me experience your awesomeness. You were a boss like no other, I have gone back to our last emails time and time again, I cannot forget how you helped me fast track going for NYSC and you really took it on yourself to ensure I went that time. 
I have flashing memories of you eating all the healthy stuff in those small small plates lol, I remember your smiles, you in your gym outfits, and you calling me "Ola" in one funny way lol. ohh dear...

No words can comfort your loved ones. if I am this sad, I cannot imagine how they feel. I can only pray that God consoles them.
I am sad, but I will console myself that heaven is rejoicing. You gained your wings, you won at last.
Please rest well.

So so painful

Shared by Amra Atugbokoh on December 9, 2019
its 2 weeks but It’s still like a dream. We had our hangout yesterday and you were not there. Seeing your name on that list was a painful one. You were meant to be there. For the moment, it was like you were there with us. 
I still go to your social media pages to look at your pictures and the pain is always the same. I remember you fondly during our 20th anniversary period. You rode with me to the church on the mainland and back and we had a lot to talk about after 20years we left FGGC Onitsha. It’s so so sad to know that you’re no more.
I believe God is the greatest comforter and will comfort every one affected by your passing; your mum, brother, husband and most especially the kids. It is indeed a painful one, I won’t lie.

Adieu Nneka...Rest in the blossom of our Creator❤️
Shared by Ikechukwu Orakwue on December 4, 2019
Words can not express the pain. “Nwannemu” thatswhat you called me ! Your forever my sister,my family. Will do all you expect me to do.i know exactly what roles you expect towards your family. They will be loved like no other. Till we meet again to part no more. Love you Nneka Onuora. NwannemmaduMay your soul Rest In Peace. 


Shared by Nenye Eze-Nwosu on December 4, 2019
I’ve come here over a thousand times, yet clueless & uncourageous about what to write. 

Nneka I must say it’s hard to move on with the knowledge that you are not here with us bodily anymore,

My heart breaks per minute about how the world dared to move on and everything seem normal !!

My heart is squashed about how life just happens .....just like that... I have been waiting for the world to stand still and mourn you at least for a minute, just one minute, but we are clearly going about our daily routines & more.... Even though you remain in our hearts...

I didn’t know my heart loved you this much until the news of your death came, I am only left with tears flowing and shoulders shrugging from time to time daily...
Nne, this one hard oh!! Sharp knife piercing heart pains, but what can we do? ...

If I feel this way, I wonder how your mum, brother, husband & sons feel.

...but you know what? We will not mourn like them without hope...
May God comfort all affected greatly by your passing on

May God accept your soul in His Paradise

Goodbye my friend

Can't seem to wake up from this dream!

Shared by Tomi Majekodunmi on December 3, 2019
Pharm Nneka,

My superwoman! My best boss lady! A true leader! A visionary leader! A true friend! Down to earth! Live of the party! Ever smiling! Never a dull moment with you. You had the most pleasant personality ever. A strong woman, in control of almost everything around her. Despite your ever busy schedule at HP, you still made out time to ensure the kids were not lacking in anything that will make the great leaders in future. You were a lady of processes and had systems in place that worked well for you. Many people were envious of your personality. You were so easy to talk to and you were ever ready to listen and apologize quickly. 
Never had a boss like you on my entire life. You taught me so much and helped me become the woman I am Today. 

You moulded the strongest and most reliant team in HealthPlus' history. You stood for what was right and just. You frowned at mediocrity and wanted excellence, with so much willingness to help each team member achieve this.
You have played a huge part in my career growth and I'm glad you were the angel sent to make my head correct.
You had so great values to copy from. You had a beautiful heart. You were a giver! You were reliable.

I still don't understand why it was exactly 2 months after you signed off from HP that this happened. It's incomprehendable. I was anticipating our hangout as a team again. 
You were an ocean of knowledge. Always had a big picture in mind. Always had great ideas and encouraged us to do same.
You were ambitious and saw the best things ever about people even when others didn't see it. You were fun to be with. You were a friend to even the unfriendly. You knew how to bring people together. I miss you so much. 
I could go on and on...... But I'll have to say to you, my best boss lady ever...... Rest on the Bossom of the Lord.

Your legacy lives on.

St Andrew’s nursery misses you!!!

Shared by Mary Onu on December 3, 2019
Didi’s mum,

I’m hoping you’ll respond to this message!

You are family! How could this happen?

Every single week for the past 5 years, you’ve come in to school or called or sent a message sharing thoughts, progress and concerns about the boys.

God grant you Eternal rest and let perpetual light shine upon you. Rest in peace Cheta’s mum. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and grandma! Oh! 

All of us at St Andrew’s school, Lekki will miss you dearly!

Big Aunty 

Heaven has Gained an Angel.

Shared by Amponsah Adade on December 2, 2019
Dear Nneka,

I didn't know you personally but I felt your love through my sister. You loved her with the kind of love that only exists in movies. You fought for and stood by her when everyone deserted her. You were indeed the angel God sent to her. 

I had looked forward to the day I would see you and tell you about the loving way my sister spoke about you. It's painful that I'll never see you again. I questioned God. I needed to know why He let you die. You were a sweet lady. Sadly, I'm yet to receive answers. 

My joy is that you believed in God so I'm certain you didn't die. You only changed state. You're in the arms of your loving father. In a place where neither sickness nor pain can come close.

You're greatly missed Pharm. Nneka. 
Sleep on, till the resurrection morning where we shall meet to part no more. 

Heaven gained an angel.

My dear friend turned sister

Shared by Ije Obi-Agbo on December 2, 2019
My heart is aching, but heaven is one star brighter. I can't believe I won't hear your voice again. I still remember our last conversation 2 weeks ago. How do I describe your selflessness and loyalty? You never missed an opportunity to encourage me.

I think about the family you left behind everyday. You were a mother, a sister, a loyal friend, a focused and smart pharmacist. Zee, your loved ones will miss you but God knows best. Thank you for being not just a friend but a sister.

Rest in Peace Nneka.

Rest On And In Power, My Dear Nneka!

Shared by Sandra Nwadi on December 1, 2019
I truly would like this to be a lie and yup, 
 I can delete this and we can all apologise for the wrong stuff posted on our timeline.

I don't understand.

I don't want to...

Real sorry to all of your loved ones, our friends and her closest family. 

Nneka Onuora Isiadinso.
The one and only Zeeba. 

What happened.
Why you?

Back in school you were my friend and as almost immediately when you got in, good and mutual respectful friendship,
also had your bed next to mine and neighbour and 
You had my back, never ever let me hurt or discouraged and when I spoke on rights or poetry or other speeches and aspirations, you cheered!

I liked and cared for your friends and those we had mutual pals with. 
Sort of made sense and in synergy. We all flowed.

I loved your  general outlook and values in life and your being pleased with my works or performances.

You always welcomed me...

You were a bold, confident, analytical, brilliant human!


What does everyone mean by RIP.

I hate those words...over the years.

I am tired of it all.

I thought of the day it happened and news about you being gone and just kept wondering why the good or amazing or those we love die or go young.

When does it end.

Yes, I know we all will die some day but jeez...!

I am tired.

I remember going to visit you in London when you had your first baby and was unsure the best of gifts for the adorable boy and you appreciated the one I bought later.

Your people you were often with in London treated me so nice as though I was your own sister.

I remember some of my calls and messages over the years and yea, time flies by so fast.

My life worries and how you encouraged me and also, your kind words when we also grieved, lost and buried in my family.

How...how and why can't the world and death quit being cruel.

I would like this to be a lie but even your amazing  cousin, Sandra Udoewah Newsome who was also, amazing to me in London is grieving.

Why can't it all be false.

I'm tired.

Been loosing and burying.

How can one sleep or pretend to be okay.

How can your closest  family, mum, sibling, hubby, kids, etc be alright?

I really and truly wish and hope some kind of healing comes their way.

For real.

This life.

Rest on, friend.

Rest on and in power, my dear Nneka.


Shared by Ebere Nwosu-Ezeoguine on November 30, 2019
Am consoled by the accoades from friends. Indeed your death is a painful one. I pray that your children, husband, mum and people that loved you will be consoled by Holy Spirit.

Rest on Nne until like you we win the crown. 

Painful but God knows all

Shared by Nkechi Orazulike Ikwuka on November 30, 2019
Dear Nneka, I am consoled with the fact that people speak well of you! That shows the heavens will also speak well of you! Your mum, kids and hubby will be fine! Am sure you would still be with them. God knows why all things happen! You will be missed , fare thee well. 

Death!!! Oh Death.....

Shared by Chichi Menakaya on November 30, 2019
Nneka!!! I do not know where to start....

I have tried to understand this, tried to avoid my thoughts (I have looked at this site and the gallery a hundred times) but, my girl!!! It is you that has been taken from earth.... Why?? Why you? Why now??.......

We haven't spoken in ages but, when I got the news of your passing, I was so shattered I realised that out of sight wasn't out of mind..... It reminded me that I have always held you in my heart even though life had blurred us maintaining a regular communication. It reminded me that your spirit is so electrifying that years after, the loss of you is like a sharp arrow that refuses to stop causing pain and more pain......

I have had so many feelings since then!!! Sad!!! Devastated!!! Angry!!! And then heart broken.....

Sad because I can recall your dreams, your impact and your person..... We have all lost that..... The world is left without you..... How does the world continue without you?....... 

Devastated because not only has your Mum, kids and family lost you, your friends will never laugh like you make people do when you appear......... Why oh death why Nneka??

Angry!!!! Oh!! I am so angry...... How could this have happened? Who let this happen?? Why couldn't you have been given more time to raise your children? ........ Who would death bring to comfort these beautiful ones??..... Why would death deprive them of the love, protection and counsel that you bring to them? .....

My heart broke a million times because all of a sudden, all I can see were our times in FGGC Onitsha, your family houses in Onitsha and Enugu, London and my heart couldn't stop breaking......

- I recall my trips to Enugu and making sure we met up and just chatted and laughed about different things....You always insisted I came to the house..... I see us on a street now,  walking just talking as teenagers, Or would I say young adults..... I think it was in Independence Layout..... 

-I recall FGGC Onitsha days and that picture we took in front of one of the hostels during our graduation dinner....Hmmm!!! You loved fashion and our outfits and hats still makes me laugh till date.....

- At a party in London with Enuma, Uche's house in London- our excitement each time we see........

Nneka, but why??? You are a leader, a beauty, a driven person, full of energy, always lightening up a room with your presence and you loved to dress up and look stunning..... 

Despite my feelings and this great loss, I will remember you just like that...... Not gone but ever present......I know to us the time with us all feels short but, I believe that the "little time" we all spent together, the force that is you touched not just me but, so many others!! We are lucky to have met you......You achieved all........

Rest in God's bosom my dear........ Your children, Mum, family and friends will be ok but, we will never forget you...... You have laid a foundation already like the leader that you are........

Good night....

Shared by Blessing Dennis on November 30, 2019
Nne, it's hard to believe that you are gone. The first thought that struck me was your boys and how they will cope. Your mum? I find consolation in the fact the the Lord will watch over them.
I am happy that we had our 20th anniversary weekend getaway in 2018 because it gave me the opportunity to see you again after 20years. I still remember our conversations. It is a memory I will forever cherish. Good night my dear friend...

I can’t type RIP

Shared by Joy Ibezim on November 30, 2019
Days have gone since I heard of your painful dismiss, it’s difficult to go about my day without reflecting on what we shared, how we met, and the  last conversation we had. I am yet to come to terms with exactly what happened to you. my dear friend and sister My heart is broken, my tears know no bounds. How I wish tears could bring you back. I sit and stare to the skies asking questions on why this had to happen to you. Nnem, words fail me, I am lost in my thoughts of you, I can’t stop thinking about the kids, who will take care of them like mummy? Typing this farewell, is the hardest one for me. No loss as hurt my soul like this one. I am believing God for the strength to bear this one. I hopeyour Mum, Hubby and the kids, find solace in God, knowing you are in a better place. Farewell my friend


Shared by Patience Nzelibe on November 29, 2019
Nne, it's just unbelievable! Why? How will your mum cope? And the boys?
May the Lord grant you eternal rest dear and comfort your family and loved ones. Jee ofuma Nne. Such lovely heart... 
Shared by Enuma Okeke on November 29, 2019
Nne Nne! Still in shock since I received this sad news! Can't stop thinking of your 3 boys, husband and mum. I can not question God but I can pray. And I pray God to grant your family the strength to go bear this great loss.... it's such a difficult time for your friends and family.
Eternal rest grant onto her and let perpetual light shine upon her. May your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen.

Oge Okwesa

Shared by Oge Onuoha on November 29, 2019
I have visited this site so many times not knowing how to gather my thoughts together in the midst of the disbelief, shock and pain in my heart.
Dear Nneka, you were such a warm, kind, loving and compassionate person. The last time I saw you was 2006 at a traditional wedding. Knowing you was loving you. My prayers is for almighty God to give your family the heart, strength, will, mind and means to bear your loss.
Nneka your passing is going to be a great pain in our hearts. I am yet to come to terms with what has happened to you. Heaven gained a soul and we 're at a great loss. RIP sister.
Shared by Ada O on November 29, 2019
Rest in the bosom of our maker dear Nneka..
Shared by Chizoba Ibeto on November 29, 2019

Nneka, you left a big hole in my life. I’m yet to believe you are no more. It’s hard to type RIP for you Nnem. This beautiful woman, inside and out, was a wonderful friend to me with her gentle and caring nature. One of her beliefs in life was the importance of being authentic with people, saying what needs to be said because it’s good for the relationship. Also, I always admired how she never judged or forced her opinions on anyone, but offered valuable and truthful advice that I will surely miss. Life of a party!! It’s hard, it’s really hard to accept this reality. RIP Nneka

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