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Noble was STRONG !

July 20, 2018

Right in the opening of this is Noble !! For 78155 Family Athletic Club in Seguin, where he was a coach for CrossFit and trained with the people that were part of his CrossFit family there.

Self Made

December 13, 2017

He told me several times that he was on his "come up". He meant that he was on his way to success and had lots of plans on what he wanted to do. He knew he was a great personal fitness trainer. But what he really wanted to do was be a rapper. His best friends knew he had the talent, the ones especially that knew him in Texas. It was something that he sort of kept to himself when he lived in Tulsa, yet it came up when he spoke of his ambitions. He looked up to Eminem. He related to him... he felt that what Eminem accomplished, he too could accomplish.

We talked about how so many successful people in this world started from very little or nothing at all...
This is where Noble blew me away....
Without missing a beat..he started saying the names of a ton of people who had done this:

Jay Z
J.K. Rowling
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Steve Wozniak
Walt Disney
Henry Ford
Mark Zuckerberg
Oprah Winfrey

I am sure he listed off a few more....

I was completely impressed that he could recall all of those names off the top of his head. 
Noble was so smart!
Ah Noble ~ your future was bright!

Where did it go wrong earlier this year on March 20th?
What could have stopped you from leaving this Earth?
What could have made you want to hold on?
What could have made you decide leaving was your best option?
Was it an impulse that moment?
Was it a long laid plan?
Did you have any idea how very, very much you would be missed?
How did you slip away way too soon?
Why did God let you? 

You were self made. You were a hard worker, and felt compelled to do your best at what you did. You had accomplished 5 certifications. You were the best trainer your company had...your boss told me that. He said you motivated people, were full of energy, positive, always on time, and all your clients loved you!  He said He would have loved to have five more guys just like you! 

But there aren't any people like you. There was just you. We were all so lucky to have known you. 

Missing you, and your clever conversation, your silly wit, your great smile and your original style. That confidence you had, it was so authentic. It would have gotten you far. You had already "come up" quite amazingly well, and had so much farther to go.

Noble Doing Freestyle Rap

May 20, 2018
December 5, 2017

My nephew Noble with my daughter Paisley (his cousin) and Laura. <3

Noble at High School Graduation 2013 Seguin, Texas

November 6, 2017

Noble at his High School graduation, 2013.
You can hear his friends cheer for him when he crosses the stage and his name is announced. (56:03)

Noble, you are so loved. We all miss you so much. Life is forever changed without you here.

The Golden Corral

October 15, 2017

The last time Noble and I went to grab a bite of food was after he left the hospital on March 8. He wanted to eat at Golden Corral. He said his Grandpa used to take all the grandkids there. Noble was sort of sentimental I think. We ate some lunch and the waiter offered to fill our sodas... when the waiter walked away Noble said he wanted to leave him a big tip. He put down some money on the table for him and it was quite generous considering how Golden Corral is a self serve restaurant.  Anyone that has eaten at Golden Corral already knows this, but if you have never been there it's sort of cafeteria style. You take a tray around and pick out the food you want, put it on your tray and bring it back to your table. So leaving a generous tip for the waiter that got us a refill on soda was really kind of Noble to do. Noble cared about other people a lot. It is a quality about him that I think about when I remember things about him. He had a big heart and he had a soft spot for helping people that were kind to him too.  Miss you Noble, everyday.

Noble's Great-Grandma Genevieve

July 28, 2017

She was often in his conversations. He looked up to her, loved her, respected her and he missed her. You meant the world to him Mrs. Berryhill (Powell). He learned so much from you. He made references to things he had learned from you, accepting others, showing kindness to those who otherwise may be cast aside. He valued the time he got to spend with you, and now he is with you again in heaven. 

Grief - a quote to put words to the hurt

August 21, 2018

"Grief, I've learned, is really just love. It's all the love you want to give, but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes. The lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go."     

(Jamie Anderson)

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