Ochuko James Okiti
  • 44 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 15, 1971
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Nov 26, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria


One year ago, the clock chimed. It marked the end of a season, the start of another. Life without you. You live in our thoughts, our dreams, and imaginations of what could have been. We live in the reality of life without you; in the knowledge that your death fits into a plan orchestrated by an eternal God. You finished your part, your death was the interval - you left the stage to join the angelic audience. The beautiful music has not stopped. It continues.....we keep playing. With God, it will end well!   

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Esohwode Ezekiel on 17th July 2017

"You are greatly missed; my very dear cousin. May your soul always find joy. The candle you lite in your life time on earth shines on......"

This tribute was added by tayo karunwi on 16th July 2017

"You are always remembered"

This tribute was added by Kenneth Okiti on 15th July 2017

"Ochuks my brother, you would have been 46 years old today but the evil hands of death snatched you away from me and my family but we will continue to celebrate you because to us you are still alive so happy birthday my brother in heaven and rest in the Lord almighty from all the pressures of this world."

This tribute was added by uche ken-okiti on 15th July 2017

"Happy posthumous birthday no day passes by without a thought of you my sweet and wonderful brother in law.Continue resting in the arms of our lord Jesus Christ.We will NEVER forget you.We love you bro."

This tribute was added by alfred Biosah on 15th July 2017

"Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Itodo Faith Onyejeche on 15th July 2017

"Rest on Sir..!!.."

This tribute was added by Peter Avwaruroro on 15th July 2017

"Dear Mr J. O. Okiti, You are forever missed, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace whilst you and your lovely family is always in our prayers."

This tribute was added by David Uko on 15th July 2017

"You are forever remembered in our hearts Sir. Continue to rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Fatima Oladosu on 15th July 2017

"You are always fondly  Remembered!"

This tribute was added by Fatima Oladosu on 15th July 2017

"You are always fondly  Remembered!"

This tribute was added by Adaobi Chikeluba on 15th July 2017

"Oga Ochuko, it's simply impossible to forget you! When I heard about your passing, I was so distraught that I couldn't even cry. It still hurts as much, 2 years after. At Zenith Bank, you were the best! Always appreciating people, free with advice (valuable ones too). You were very smart, insightful and thorough. This made you stand out! You were always ready and willing to put a smile on someone's face. I could go on and on...

Continue to rest in perfect peace. I celebrate you today for the outstanding human being that you were!"

This tribute was added by peter okiti on 8th March 2017

"Hmmm, like a candle in the wind you left this world. Miss you bro. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by alfred Biosah on 27th November 2016

"May your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Toluwa Banjoko on 27th November 2016

"I'm sure the angels welcomed you home...rest in peace brother..."

This tribute was added by Unity Nwanze on 27th November 2016

"One year already! Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. We miss you sir"

This tribute was added by Eunice Udolisa on 26th November 2016

"Ochuko, continue to Rest In Peace. We miss you dearly!!!"

This tribute was added by Mabel Bassey on 26th November 2016

"Continue to rest in peace. Amen"

This tribute was added by Andrew Esemezie on 26th November 2016

"Dear Mr. Okiti, May God continue to grant you eternal rest. Your family is in our hearts and prayers always"

This tribute was added by Fatima Oladosu on 26th November 2016

"It is a year already, but you come to mind every time I pass your office, go to the Palms, move in front of your estate or go to cold stone at lekki.
May your soul rest in peace! You were a blessing. I always say a prayer for you and your family. You are not forgotten,  they are not forgotten, His grace and peace will continually be their lot.
"If not now; when? " we are only guaranteed of now! Live in your now.
God Bless."

This tribute was added by tayo karunwi on 26th November 2016

"Just like yesterday, it's a year already. You are forever missed, can't forget our days @zenith bank palm avenue. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord"

This tribute was added by Kenneth Okiti on 26th November 2016

"Chukky, I remember you this day when I got the biggest shock of my life about your passing, I still don't understand why good people like you don't last on this earth but I continue to console myself that you are resting in God's hands and I will forever cherish your memory in my heart till we meet to part no more, rest in peace my dear brother."

This tribute was added by Mildred Walter on 26th November 2016

"Still can't believe you are gone  R I P Mr James Okiti"

This tribute was added by uche ken-okiti on 26th November 2016

"One year has passed since that sad day,My sweet wonderful brother in law loved by all. I never expected it,It was a very hectic and bleak day I could not understand why or anything,did not get a chance to even say goodbye,It was so hard to accept.No day passes by without a thought of you from us or the kids.A great role you played in our lives that is very difficult to fill.To me you knew everything and always had a way with words. We have always loved you and will always!!!! You are someone special and wish you were here. Rest well Ochuko my sweet brother in law! YOU HAVE CONQUERED THE GREATEST FEAR OF MAN,,,death.You can never be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Itodo Faith Onyejeche on 25th November 2016

"God bless your soul sir.   Continue to rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Okosun Sandra on 3rd September 2016

"Continue to rest in peace Ochuko"

This tribute was added by esther obiekwe on 19th July 2016

"So one cannot even say Happy Birthday again to a dear friend. Or can I? I remember saying that to you just last year....

Just remembering you my dear friend. Remembering you today also lets me handle better so many life challenges I have been going through in the past weeks. I will never build my lasting treasures on this earth save to serve humanity. Thank you for the ability to be your friend and the many life lessons learned. Rest in peace.."

This tribute was added by Samuel Egube on 17th July 2016

"Lying still on that day leaves me with memories of God's overwhelming rule over us, to which we submit. In you the obvious was clear that morning; man has limits in this body. When eternal life is mixed with life we realize all is well. I miss our conversation on business and Nigeria. I miss turning back in church to see you behind. Tobore is fine, Maro and Mase are so heroic, they are doing very well in school. I know you are fine, but I need to assure you that all is well with us. Peace!!!"

This tribute was added by Unity Nwanze on 16th July 2016

"Mr. Okiti,  I will always celebrate you because you were always worth celebrating and you always celebrated others. Happy birthday Sir...We miss you so much....continue to rest in God's bosom."

This tribute was added by Bukola Olabiyi on 15th July 2016

"Continue to rest in peace Sir"

This tribute was added by Kenneth Okiti on 15th July 2016

"Ochuko my beloved brother, I remember you this day not knowing how to feel but still with the unbelief that you are truly gone forever, oh how I miss you, words cannot describe how I feel, you know on days like this I normally call you to say a very happy birthday just like you normally call me on July 13th every year to wish me happy birthday but two days ago when I didn't hear from you it down on me that you are truly gone but all the same I wish a very happy birthday in heaven celebrate with the angels and have a good time with the almighty Father Jesus Christ, happy birthday once my beloved brother."

This tribute was added by uche ken-okiti on 15th July 2016

"July has always been a great month for my family since I married into your lovely family.Runo my daughter 10th,Ken my husband 13th,My younger brother 14th ,yours 15th,Mase 16th and your anniversary 17th,I still give God glory for the opportunity of knowing you.
Happy birthday bros Continue to rejoice with the saints and angels.I can indeed feel your smile.We love you dearly.Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Juliet Obie on 15th July 2016

"Dear Uncle, Since i am unable to wish you HBD in person, I sealed my birthday wishes for you inside an envelope filled with love and respect so it reaches you in heaven and goes right through your heart.Happy birthday in heaven! We miss you."

This tribute was added by Christian Ogbuitepu on 15th July 2016

"Those we love don't go away.  
They walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard, but always near,
Chuko you are still loved, still missed and still very dear to us.
Happy Birthday Bro."

This tribute was added by Oluwatosin Tomisin on 15th July 2016

"Continue to rest in peace Sir"

This tribute was added by Itodo Faith Onyejeche on 15th July 2016

"Happy birthday to a wonderful boss.
We celebrate you even in your absence.
Continue to rest in the Lord's bossom.

Happy birthday.."

This tribute was added by chidi oyeka on 15th July 2016

""Happy Birthday Boss!

We miss you so much,

The Memories are everlasting .

Continue to live On Boss!!"

This tribute was added by Abiola Odegbami on 15th July 2016

"Happy Birthday to the best boss ever,who was not just an employer but a father,a mentor and a friend to me.
Seems like it was just yesterday we were celebrating your birthday at the office.You may not be around anymore ,but i know you are probably listening to All of me by John Legend in Heaven and all your classical music and smiling down at us.I miss you Sir!!

Happy Birthday Mr.James!!
May your gentle soul rest in peace!


This tribute was added by Efe Egube on 15th July 2016

"For Your Birthday In Heaven - Still loved still missed and very dear - Your Birthday is here but you aren't,
I would have sent a gift but know I can't, So I'll make a wish upon a star To carry my love to where You are"

This tribute was added by Abiola Akanni on 15th July 2016

"Dear Ochuko,

It was my birthday yesterday and i missed your call as it had been the practice  between us for 8 years. I still can't believe i am leaving a tribute  for you today and not wishing you a happy birthday. You were kind and very thoughtful and you will be sorely missed. Rest on my friend."

This tribute was added by Adeola Olajumoke on 15th July 2016

"I miss you!

I know you are resting and enjoying his peace in His presence."

This tribute was added by Adeola Olajumoke on 15th July 2016

"'Egbon mi!'

I remember you this day which would have been your 45th birthday and i pray for your wife Sis Joyce and the lovely children that the Lord will preserve them in his infinite mercies and bountiful grace always. AMEN!"

This tribute was added by Francesca Isi Igoche on 15th March 2016

"I remembered how you taught me to listen to Beethoven 4 seasons, back in the 90s. How you pull jokes but wouldn't laugh and other fond memories with you.
Though I've not seen you for years, I will surely miss not seeing here again but confidence that we'll meet again.
Adieu my brother."

This tribute was added by Aderinola Onokpasa on 8th March 2016

"A Tribute to my Wonderful husband-Ochuko James Okiti
(Chukky/Dada/God’s Miracle Baby)

Job 14: 5 ”Seeing his days are determined, the number of his
months are with thee, thou hast appointed his bounds that he
cannot pass”
The Almighty God your Maker gave you a heart of Gold, the
finest of Character and placed you on a fast Lane. He gave you
a mastery with words of wisdom which made it easy to connect
with people that cut across age brackets. There was no need for
rancour. Issues that hurt were not meant to be discussed but
avoided. Your strength was in your calmness, brilliance, respect for
people, seeking opportunities to celebrate those who gave you an
Ochuko, I was given no time to negotiate with God. He did not
hint me that your time was up. Certainly, I would have wrestled with him like Jacob asking for more time.
We were married for fifteen (15) years and you thrilled me enough to last a lifetime. You watched my back,
dressed me up and set me on stage cheering and applauding me all the way. What to say, how to say, when
to say and where to say were lessons you taught me and even when I muddled things up, it was yours to
straighten out. You made me so happy. You brought me so much joy.
Now I understand a little of why God gave you extra time between August 28th, 2015 when he could
have taken you to November 26th, 2015 when he eventually did and I am most grateful to God for that.
Our heavenly Father showed you great mercy, revealed his power towards you to the astonishment of the
medical Teams abroad and at home. He nullified their concerns and empowered you to do all the things
they doubted you will be able to do after surgery. I still hear your voice each time you caught a worried gaze
from me saying to me reassuringly “I am fine, thank you”. When I eventually broke down, you summoned
strength, got up on your feet, walked towards me to tuck me in bed. “I will take care of you when we
get to Lagos” you promised. Yes you did. We took care of each other. You are God’s miracle baby and
your life remains forever a testimony. Your quest for God got deeper as he revealed himself to you. Your
thanksgiving and praise to him was magnified. You blessed Maro and Mase daily in an extra-ordinary way
speaking about and prophesying into their future. I believe God showed you the blue-print for their lives;
You caught a glimpse of what they will be and you thanked God, reminding him that they are covenant
children as you blessed each one of them daily.
In Life you were an enigma, In death a marvel. Just when I thought a new phase had started you requested
we go to bed. You insisted that this time just you and I should have the communion and in the middle of
the night, just before dawn, you were whisked away in God’s Chariot.
I recall your parting words of counsel and the details are well noted. Thank you for choosing me to be your
wife. Thank you for the life we shared. You prayed so much for me and I asked you why? All you said about
me in prayers, God heard you my husband and friend. So shall it be in Jesus Name-Amen!!!
Your Wife, Tobore Joyce Okiti

I’m exasperated at the fact that i can’t seem to write a perfect tribute then it hit me… This man wasn’t
perfect just a perfectly imperfect man. A man so selfless that i wondered if he neglected himself just to
ensure that everyone was okay. He was so many things in just one thing…He was and still is my dad. There
are 6.6 Billion people in the world but God sent me into the household of Ochuko James Okiti as his
As i sit here trying to dazzle this tribute with words, i realize that my dad will only require one thing from
me ; that my words don’t come from the dictionary but my heart. My heart can tell you that silent tears
roll down my face at the thought of being a fourteen(14) year old girl whose dad passed on despite the fact
he promised he would walk me down the aisle. It hurts that God still took him before i could buy him the
G-wagon that i told him i would get him for his 50th Birthday. We had so many plans…
I remember every night, how he would walk into my room to put on my Air conditioner because he didn’t
want me to sweat as a consequence for forgetting to turn it on in the first place. I remember touching
his knee and querying him about the cream he used as I marvelled at his silky skin. I remember my dad
scolding me for never wearing my slippers and if he didn’t scold me for that then he gave my brother and
I a speech about how abiding to African time means we have no sense of urgency. After reprimanding us
he would turn on his Bluetooth so that i can send him the latest songs on the chart. I miss strolling around
the Estate with him every evening by 6 pm for 20 minutes, it was a time of laughter and discussions about
serious issues and then some more laughter but in reality every minute with him was pure enlightenment
with a tinge of humour.
On the 26th of November 2015, My dad passed on. I didn’t “lose” my dad but rather Heaven “gained” a
new resident. That day could be interpreted as many things but I interpreted it as the day my dad was called
home, the day he finally stopped fighting and could now rest. A few hours before this, my dad requested
that I cook his favourite meal of okra and stew with Eba. I was ecstatic because my dad caught a glimpse of
the Independent cultured lady he raised, like a reassurance that he has played his role the way it was meant
to be played.
If you don’t recall anything from this tribute that’s fine just as long as you know that my dad was a strong
man who fought…
Daddy’s Girl,
Maro Anita Okiti
There are a lot of adjectives that can be used to describe James Ochuko Okiti. A good brother, wonderful
friend, Man of wisdom, An ambitious businessman and many others. The adjective I would use to describe
him best is a wonderful Father because to me as his son that was exactly who he was. The truth of the
matter is that all these adjectives can only be used in past tense since he has gone higher to glory. To me
what is important is what his life stood for. So let us not be so disheartened by his death but let us thank
God for the life that he lived.
Your Son,
Mase Anthony Okiti

This tribute was added by Talatu Okunamiri on 11th February 2016

"Just heard about your demise today. Still in shock. Just the other day I was telling my hubby God bless my client who gave me the only surviving rechargeable fan in the house, not knowing you had passed on. Life is indeed fickle. We cannot question God for he alone knows best. Adieu James Okiti rest on till we meet at the masters feet."

This tribute was added by Okosun Sandra on 28th December 2015

"God Bless your Soul Ochuko James Okiti. Amen"

This tribute was added by Ekene Aguonye on 20th December 2015

I have really struggled with leaving this tribute because it feels strange to write about you in the past tense. Even though you lived a short life, you have definitely left some strong footprints in the sands of time. Adieu my friend, rest in peace. May God comfort your family and give them the strength to continue. Amen!"

This tribute was added by Lara Mowete on 20th December 2015

A short but fulfilled life, you definitely impacted your world. Gone but will never be forgotten. I pray that the Lord grant your family the strength to carry on."

This tribute was added by Ogo Ibhade on 19th December 2015

"Rest in perfect peace Sir. I will never forget."

This tribute was added by O Flakes on 18th December 2015

"Ochuko, na wa o. na go be dat? i just tire. No be so we talk am now. Dem do commendation service for you the other day, I dress up, waka go but I no fit enter. Grief paralyse me I just waka pass. How I for go? I go see your face for poster; e be book launch or opening of another store? I no fit. Shame catch me, but I still no fit.

If I no fit do Lagos, Eku is out of the question. I just no fit.

We had happier times; happier moments. Peter brought me to your house. Your family became mine. I ate mumsie’s banga; my first taste of Delta cuisine. Your taste in fashion then began and ended with tie and dye. You opened your home to me; I prepared for one of my ICAN exams at No 160.

You were dependable, reliable, a friend closer than a brother; attributes you shared with your Saviour.

We were young. We were four. Emmanuel, Chika, you and I. we played, fooled around. Had great dreams, talked about the world and changes that should be made. Those were happy days; carefree days; some of my happiest days. AIISEC days. Christ Embassy days. You wrote a book; I edited; you listened to suggestions, made adjustments. You published ‘BEYOND LIMITS’ and launched at NIIA. How old were you then?

You couldn’t be my chief bridesmaid because of your single X chromosome but you were among the first guests at my wedding. I teased you about it. You wanted to make sure this crazy girl truly got married. You called me to celebrate your life events and I would yap you. O flakes, I have just been promoted and I would reply you impudently.  Are you the first to be promoted? You would laugh; and still call me again on another piece of good news.

The calls ceased. Life happened, career, marriage and parenthood took the front burner; we grew apart. But then I knew deep down that my life’s balance sheet and networth were solid because I had an asset with the number 0802x157xxxx.

I weep for myself; one of the few candles of friendship I possess has burnt out. I weep for Tobore; losing you and her brother in a few short years. I weep for your kids; they won’t have you to supervise their journey beyond the limit. I weep for your siblings and their families, Elizabeth, Peter and Kate. I weep for Mumsie; her grief incomprehensible; it is just too much personal pain.

Now you have gone beyond limits; you are now truly illimitable. Chucky, fare thee well bruv into God’s unapproachable light which no man has seen or can ever see. Love to Popsie and Onome.

Words are truly inadequate hmmm…….."

This tribute was added by yinka Onasanwo on 16th December 2015

"I still cant get past the news of your passing, I know your death is part of Gods plan...... I wished you spent more time on earth, you were way beyond your years......."

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