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Tribute to My Beloved Mother, Mrs Abigail Oluwawemimo Odina (Née Akinseye).

January 29, 2019

The moment I received the news of your ascendance, Maami, my world caved in. My heart was torn into two, one was filled with heartache and pain, the other died with you. I wept profusely, sleep eluded me. I lie awake at nights when the world is fast asleep, through the stillness of the dark; alone I take a walk down memory lane with tear filled eyes.
If I could write a story about you, dear mom, it would be the greatest ever told of a kind and warm heart, a loving and caring mother who had a generous heart of gold. Word fail in providing the right words that would correctly describe your sterling qualities. The images fill my head but my education could not arm me with words to say how you are.
I could write a million pages yet unable to say just how much you gave yourself, your love, your resources, your everything; how dedicated you were to caring for your children, grandchildren and others around you; the hope and succour God gave to the childless through you; the free resources you gave generously, the child delivery you superintended through sleepless nights without asking for a dime; the home you gave to the homeless. The encouragement you gave to those who broken-hearted; mediated between warring couples; your generous smile, your sincere advice and kind words that soothe all troubled souls around you, your profound belief that God in heaven watches over our actions.
If I could write a story about your life struggles, the needless troubles and battles you went through in defence of your children and your family and a huge heart full of sunshine with which you tolerated and forgave, a million pages would not be enough to tell the story of how simple a heart you were.
You desired that those who troubled you could understand your inner pains; they failed to understand that you loved and cared for them so much.
You were a bundle of inspiration to all around you. Your kind soul, wise counsel and outstretched hands can’t be quantified. Your home was open to everyone, your hospitality made them feel special. You are the most humble, compassionate, understanding family oriented woman I have ever seen. You are so dear and so true. You had an indescribable inner strength.
When Dad passed on 16 years ago, you went through storms and battles to raise all your children. Like mother hen you shielded us from harm, navigating through legion of landmines laid for you and your children in your home. You owed no man and paid everyone their dues. You were very energetic, highly organised and disciplined. I was not surprised that each group we went for clearance after your death, the reply we got was the same “Iya Ibeji, eni ire looooo”.
I am saddened by your death, dear mother. You went home at the time we were beginning to reward you for your labour over us. But I feel profoundly honoured, blessed and proud that you are my mother. Missing you is a heartache that will never go away but your life will remain a constant reminder that there is no greater way to honour you than to be a better me and uphold the love and peace you lived and died for.
Joy filled my heart when I heard of how you Transited, just as your name implies, OLUWAWEMIMO, (you woke up at the early hour of the Sabbath day, clean yourself up to meet with your God). Maami, Heaven knows am going to miss you a lot, but, in as much as we love you, God loves you more and am quite sure that you are already united with the saints. Greetings to Dad, and tell him how you have played your impeccable roles after his transition long years ago. We assure you both that we shall uphold the legacy you have lived for.
No doubt your parting has left a deep crater but we will fill it with memories of joy, laughter, friendship, kisses that we shared. Yes, Maami, these things we shall miss very much.
Good Night Mom and enjoy your deserved peace with the Lord. Till we meet at the feet of Jesus Christ and part no more!
O di gbaaaaa!!!

Kolawole Amos Taiwo O.

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