This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, OLANIKE FAJEYISAN. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Ogunde Modupetemi on June 8, 2021
Wish i had the words to describe her, even from a distance, she carrys the grace of a true mother. Her smile and laughter lits a heavy heart. God bless you ma for whom $ what you have been to us all.
Momma, please say me well to my dad, Akintola Ayoola. Sun re, iya daada!
Posted by Akinola Muritala on June 3, 2021
My dear mother in law,mama motunrayo,Grandma Erioluwa, A woman that accepted me wholeheartedly. you meant the whole world to me mama because you haven't treated me like a son in law but your's hard to believe you are gone.

you were always by our side through thick and thin,you have helped us. Now that you are gone,it's hard to say goodbye. But i know your love will still shine on us forever.Though you are not here with us in the flesh but we will always have you in our hearts and memories.Thank you for giving me a replica of you in my wife. we love you forever momma.

May your beautiful soul continue to rest in perfect peace!

Akinola Muritala
Posted by Okikioluwa Agbede on June 2, 2021
Am short of words,can not still belive that you have left us so soon,we will all miss u you our big mommy,knowing you was the best thing that happened to me mum,you have indeed let a lot of memories in our hearts mum,your a woman of honor ma ,you don't joke with your families and loved ones,you will forever be in our hearts mum,may your soul rest in the blowsson of the lord mommy,forever loved big mum
Posted by Oluremi Agbede on June 2, 2021
Good night graceous woman and mother of nations. We will miss you.
Posted by Olabode Bolaji on June 2, 2021
Mummy....Mrs Olanike fajeyisan....

I can't bring myself to say rest in peace but who am I to question lived an impartful life,you loved life and cared for people around you.
I met you through the course of work but you took me like a daughter always giving me advice on my marriage, inquiring about my mom's health while fighting your own.i hold dear all those memories of you I have mummy and I wish we could turn back the hands of time but I take comfort in the fact that you have gone home to rest from all the troubles of this world.
You were one of our BEST distributor(Prestige Paints Comp LTD),you don't joke with your business and it shows in your dealing with the company.

May God give your daughters the fortitude to bear this great loss and I pray God will forgive your sins and make heaven ur final abode.(amen)

Truly you don't value wat you have till u loose it.
You will be forever missed Mummy.
Olabode Bolaji
Prestige Paints Marketer.
Posted by Kenny Orekoya on June 2, 2021
Mummy,you were such a wonderful person,the first time I met you,I was attracted to your gentle nature. We wish you would have stayed with us longer,but God knows best. May your gentle soul rest in peace. Rest on Mama
Posted by CHIEF MRS AJOKE OGUNDE on June 1, 2021
MY mother, Mrs OLANIKE FAJEYISAN who passed away on the 9th of May, 2021. We will forever miss you.

My mother was like my elder sister. She had me at a very young age. It took me time to know she was my mum. She related with me like her sister. She guided me in every area of my life and I have never regretted her counsel and advise for once. 

It is not how far but how well, I celebrate the life of my good mother. She's like my elder sister and related with me alike. Seeks my advise on virtually every issue and respects my opinion. She tells people "let me ask my daughter first, you know she's a lawyer, she will advise me appropriately". My mother will deliberately avoid discussing certain issues with me if she knows she's at fault because she knows I will always aportion her blames when necessary. She is the only person that I condemn when she's wrong without diluting my words. She is like my sister and sees me alike. No wonder we argue a lot. She will tell me she's not going to come my house again but in a few weeks she will return with food stuff and goodies for the kids. We will continue the love fight from where we stopped! What a mother to miss. 

Her every visit to my house, she will recount all her experience in the past weeks and report all those that has offended her. She will sit on the dining table with my husband and jist till she's ready to sleep. She enjoyed his company.  

I remember when I was trying to gain admission into the University, my mother went on several trips to Unilag just to secure an admission for me. She made exactly the same trip for my younger ones. She is never tired, she is a rugged woman.

If I tell my mum am desirous of a particular food, she will travel to any lenght to get it. She enjoys to see me happy and also appreciate her effort in getting the food. Though sometimes I complain of the result of her effort atimes. Now I realise, we most times don't cherish what we have the way we should until we loose them. 

I will never forget the night she came to my room when I was still living under her roof at our house at Mile 2, She told me to my face that she will never discourage me to marry my to be husband. My mum was being very careful dictating on matters concerning marriage perhaps because her marriage didn't work.  She is very skeptical of making same mistakes regarding her children. She said, "Ajoke, I am with you all the way, if you want to marry Babaoba, I will support you without looking back". My mother did support me, the amazing joy I have in my marriage today was because of her undoubted support for me. 

She loved my husband and respected him so much. I recall the day my husband reported me to my mother, she called me and was crying on the phone, she will condemn every action of me be it right or wrong as long as it is my husband that complained about me. She was a mother who wanted her daughter to have peace of mind in her marital home. Having a happy marital life today was by the grace of God and for the total support of my mother.

My mom, was a very strong, proud, and caring person. Extremely hardworking. She looked for uniqueness in every individual. She loved everything beautiful and always happy to be known with good things. 

I must emphasise that she single handledly took care of her four girl children all by herself with the help of God. She didn't for once was unhappy she had girl children. She was proud of them and did all she could to make them children to be proud of. None of her daughters got pregnant in school, none is a drop out, none has immoral traits or characteristics, all her girls are responsible children. It takes a determined mother to achieve this.

When I sometimes condemn her actions on certain issues, she will say "you know I don't have husband support" that became her mantra for a long time. We always laugh when she tries to do naughty and hide under not having a husband support. She will laugh deep as well. She has gotten away with a lot of things by saying her "no husband support" mantra just to simply justify her actions and inactions towards everything and anything. She was right. She never did!!! 

My mum could be very stubborn and try to assert her opinion on issues. When she believes in something, she believes in it totally and will fight tooth and nail to make her point. If you see my mother's unwavering determination to make it, it was for her and her children not to suffer,  she wanted us to be relevant in life and amongst family and friends. Abiyamo tooto. My mother hates to be cheated and looked down upon. She will fight tooth and nail to prove her point. Perhaps the reason she is sometimes perceived as stubborn and very firm. 

She is very passionate about her Late brother who died same day as her. Even while she was sick and struggling to get well, she took upon herself the burden of caring for him for a whole year at my house with joy. Her death happening on the same day as her brother speaks volume!! Her brother stood as a father figure to us all. 

She was born by a Muslim father and a Christian Mother.  Mum practiced Christianity but accepted the Muslim doctrine without bias. She attended C.A.C Obadare for a long while and much later RCCG for proximity.

My mother will be greatly missed. My best friend, my older sister, my carer, my confidant, my Mum will be deeply missed.

I take solace in the fact that you have gone to rest and left this sinful world. Till we meet and part no more my dear mother. Adieu

Rest on MAMA Ajoke. Your thoughts will forever be in my heart. 

By the way, your twin grand children will miss their grandma that is always dosing in their parlour.


Posted by Kehinde Fajeyisan on June 1, 2021
My Mum, Olanike Modupe Fajeyisan.

Mumsy or Iya Ibeji as I fondly call her.

A relentless human being I am proud and honoured to have as my birth mother, who against all odds raised strong fearless children- all daughters for that matter. She raised us with an even hand and it was clear we would be strong and we would go as far as we wanted to because that was what made her proud of us.

Olanike, you left too soon
Iya Ibeji, you left too soon
Mumsie, you left too soon

There are not enough words to capture what you did that NO ONE else would EVER do for us. You left us wee hours of Mother’s Day. Cruel joke it seems, that the one day that epitomizes the indescribable significance a mother’s influence is on her children is the day you let go of the silver chord binding you to this earth.

We are left to intern you on Mother Earth even as we can’t bury all what you have done for us. All of your children can boldly say you were an amazing mother who would go double extra miles in order to see her children happy and successful.

There is so much to say, but what we will say will be the good you left in all of us. Yes, the good, perfect and beautiful memories you left behind in all of us.

In all of us…We, who remain till the end, your children, robbed of the honour of repaying all our debts to you. A mother’s debt is never repaid; it is only carried forward. We will carry your love forward Mumsy. It is as simple as that.

God knows there was absolutely nothing I couldn’t do for you mama. Your love for me particularly is unfathomable and I am grateful for it all.

We bless God for a life well spent and we say till we meet again…we will continue spreading the message and the beauty you left in all of us.
We remain your good news as we carry a piece of you in all of us.
We say thank you for giving us life…for giving us strength…for giving us the lessons that has made us who we are today.
Thank you for everything Mum…for everything that has made you proud of us, that has prepared us for life.

You will be loved always…remembered always…and in my heart, you will never die…Adieu Mama.
Posted by B. G. Ogunnowo on June 1, 2021
Wow! How time flies... Our first meeting through a mutual friend over 40 years flashes back like yesterday's event...
The memory of your affectionate warmth, infectious smiles and deep loyalty to your bosom friend then, would remain evergreen. Your growth and maturity into a most loving mum to your children, ever ready to sacrifice all you had for their sakes, bearing all challenges and scaling all obstacles were simply exemplary.
You no doubt will find a sweet repose in the bosom of Almighty God our heavenly father. Sleep on in peace "Mum-Ajoke"...

Otunba Tope OGUNNOWO.
Posted by Bayo Ogunde on June 1, 2021
Mama ibeji, with your passing, we have lost a jewel of inestimable value. We miss you dearly. We miss your charismatic and infectious smile. While we're grieving, we give glory to God for the children and grandchildren you left behind and pray that Almighty God keep on abiding by and blessing them while you keep on resting in the bosom of God.
Posted by Oba Toye Alatishe on June 1, 2021
We lost a gem in the mother of Yeye Olutoyese of Ososa, the mother of the amiable wife of Babaoba of Ososa.
Iya Ibeji Snr., was an epitome of industry, resilience and one woman that loved her family deeply especially her children. She was very kind, humble and very generous with her smile. So young looking that she could pass for a senior sister to our Yeye, who was very fond of her. It was with such a shock to hear of her sudden death. But we give thanks to God.
Olori, the good people of Ososa and I shall miss her. We have no doubt that she will find repose in the bossom of Our Lord.
“Oku olomo , asin isin tan. Gbogbo wa la nse idaro Re, Iya Ibeji”. Continue to rest peacefully. Almighty God will give your children, family, indeed Ogunde family and all of us the fortitude to bear your departure. Adieu!!!
Ogunroyega VI,
Gbegande of Ososa
Posted by Ufuoma Otobor on May 31, 2021
It's hard to believe you are no more, you were indeed a wonderful mum to your children and even their friends I can testify to that. You always loved calling my nick name Ufofo with a big smile on your face. You are sorely missed. Rest well Iya Ibeji. You are heaven's gain. May God comfort the family you left behind.
Posted by Emelda Ogunde on May 31, 2021
Mrs Fajeyisan, with your passing I know heaven has added another angel. I learnt about your amazing achievement as a mother through my sister-in-law, Chief Mrs Ajoke Ogunde. May you forever rest in peace.
Posted by Abayomi Ogunde on May 31, 2021
Mrs Fajeyisan, it was profoundly sad when I heard you have journeyed to the bosom of the Lord as it was far too early. I was doubly sad as I never had the privilege of meeting you but we are thankful that your memories live on in all the lives you have impacted and your children including our beautiful and generous wife, Chief Mrs Ajoke Ogunde (Iya ‘beji). Sun re o
Posted by Oluyomi Odulate on May 31, 2021
My dear sister-in-law mama 2
It's with a heavy heart but gratitude to God Almighty for having met you and knowing you as my husband's cousin.
The first time we met after returning home from UK and you came visting us at NAA, was a day l will remember for the rest of my life, cause you did not come empty handed. As mama 2 to meet another mama 2 was so exciting to me and it felt like we had known each other for life. Thank you for all you did for your brother (my husband) and the family as a whole. You will be truly missed but l know you are resting with you maker.
Rest in perfect peace my dear Iya-oko.
Posted by Abidemi Karim on May 30, 2021
Iya ibeji, "omo papa mi" as fundly called by her siblings.
You attended the same secondary school (Isolo grammar school) with our most senior brother. Through we did not all live together while growing up under the same roof. But, while still in school, during the long vacation, you spent it together with your siblings.
Most times, when we all have the opportunity of being together, that family tie or love is always reflected. You would always hear Egbon mi, Aburo mi.
   Most Nigerians always crave the desire of staying abroad. Through our late Dad was a sea man. You have always believed in your country Nigeria. That was why, when you travelled in 2001 you spent only 9 months and before you know it you were back.
When you came back to Nigeria you continued with your business. A business woman to the core and highly industrious.
  You will always be remembered by your siblings and the Ojo-Giwa family. 
 Sunre O. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Mrs Karim Abidemi, on behalf of the Yusuf and Ojo Giwa family.
Posted by Damilola Abolaji on May 29, 2021
You were an agitated customer and I was the bank staff that calmed you cos I sorted your complain with a smile and made you leave smiling, then you called me 'omo mi', not knowing we were related until we met at a family party couple of days later.
I remember the joy of seeing you back on your feet after several illnesses and the uncountable gists we had as mother and son, the childish smile when you tell me things that meant a lot to you; they all rise like rainbow after a storm whenever I'm weak cos you were a warrior.
But that day came, when the sky was going dark and God needed another star to keep the twinkle up, HE chose you.
I cried then but now I smile cos I know you lived an impactful life and now you sit up there watching over us your children.
Good night mum.
Posted by Banke Willis on May 28, 2021
Abiyamo tooto,your memory will continue to linger in our minds-you are a true mother to even the ones that are not yours directly—I have no missed feeling you are resting in the lord’s blossom-your time here was well spent -continue to smile and be happy for you have done well.
Sunre ooooo
Posted by Joy Yusuf on May 28, 2021
A week before your demise, I was feeling very troubled in my spirit, sensing something not so pleasant was going to happen but couldn’t place it. I woke up on the 9th of may , picked up my phone and saw a text message from the Head of the Yusuf family, the content shook me so badly , I thought it was a mistake and l had to reach out to my other siblings immediately who were equally shocked and was like let’s confirm cos it was like there was mix up.

Oooh! Aunty Nike, I wish this was a dream, I would wake up from. You were such a hard working woman who raised four daughters (all university graduates) by herself. My MD/CEO , Nikki Enterprise as l would hail you and you would burst into laughter( you had a beautiful way of laughing)
Hmmmm! My sister! My blood! My Father’s first princess! I miss your laughter, I miss your gist, I miss your advice, I miss you

Words are not adequate to express how l feel my sister , my blood, you left so soon, but you accomplished a lot. There is no better way of dying, only a better way of living. You lived well.

Hmmm! Sleep on my beloved big sister. Good bye is the saddest word.

Your sister Fausat Yusuf Henry.
Posted by Abiola Ameen on May 27, 2021
May God Grant her eternal rest
Posted by Abdulrasheed Green on May 26, 2021
It breaks my heart that you were taken so unexpectedly. The little time we spent together on my last visit to Nigeria, the memory will never leave me and live long in my heart. Sun re o, Sister mi.
Posted by Temitope Mabo on May 24, 2021
Our sweet mummy, Mummy the hustler, She had the strength of a man..A strong and superwoman..she doesn't joke with her children happiness...Mummy I will miss you ma...your prayer, Laugher and your good advices...we love you but God loves you more...Rest on sweet mama and keep dancing with the angels above...
Posted by Taiwo Fajeyisan on May 24, 2021
It’s been so difficult to pen down my words, words really fails me as I can’t still believe you are gone dear Iya ibeji.. My mum Olanike Fajeyisan was an angel, a woman of virtue, a disciplinarian, a business mogul, a mother in all ramifications (Abiyaamo Toto)
Obinrin bi okunrin. she loved her children with all her heart, always making sure we were very happy..Our happiness and accomplishments was her joy and fulfillment’s , She sacrificed a lot for us to become who we are today..

My mum,iya Ibeji was my support system, my back bone hmm who do I run to now after God ? Who ?
She would literally carry my matter on her head, my worries was her worries and her soothing words was all that was needed and everything would be fine ..I tell her basically everything and her consent & support is all it takes. I believe she was my good-luck Charm ...lest I forget, don’t dare cheat her she won’t take it lightly with you LoL.Oh she detest it when I and my twin have misunderstandings loolzzzz....
Iya Prestige as I fondly call her was a Generous mum but she doesn’t play with her money ooo Loolzzz.
I love you to the moon and back maami but God Loves you more ..I would choose you again and again to be our beloved mum.
God bless your beautiful soul mummy You lived a fulfilled life and I hope you are in a better place looking down on us and nodding your head in approval,I want to tell you and the world that you’ll always be in our heart forever...
Posted by Babatunde Ejio on May 24, 2021
Your sudden death was a great chock to me and all your classmates at Ansar Ud-Deen college Isolo ( 72/76 ) set. You were an active/ financial member of the set. Your demise will be greatly felt. May Almighty God accept all your good deeds, forgive all your shortcomings and grant you eternal rest. Amen . May Almighty God grant your children the fortitude to bear your loss. Amen
Posted by Temitope Olaleye on May 23, 2021
May Mama Ibeji’s beautiful soul Rest In Peace.May the Lord console the family she left behind.
Adieu dear Sister.
Posted by g a on May 23, 2021
I recall the last time I had the privilege of meeting you. It was at Mama Ibeji"s house. You were full of life and bubbling with joy.
keep playing back those memories even till date.
You were a very loving mother. Caring for all. Your vacuum would be felt with your departure.
It is however consoling that you lived a good life. You fought your battles and conquered. Today, you are a Heavens gain.
Continue to rest on the bosom of our Lord.
Farewell Mama Ibeji Agba.
Posted by Taiwo Fajeyisan on May 22, 2021
It’s a rude shock when l heard of your dismise Mumsi, l never thought of not going to see you again, as l promise to pay you visit at home or office, l said within me that this is my Mum, due to the words of encouragement and you told me you will be there for me all through . What can l say? Is unquestionable God ,He knows all, Your Legacy will continue to lingering in my heart . The good Lord will continue to guide and guard us all you left in Christ Jesus amen.Good night Mum. From Taiwo Fajeyisan jnr
Posted by michael bassey on May 22, 2021
Keep resting on in the bossom of the lord.
Posted by Olubunmi Aladetuyi on May 21, 2021
Mummy Fajeyisan, I am glad I knew you. A very respectable personalty. We thank God for your life. Rest on!
Posted by Ayodele OGUNDE on May 21, 2021
Tribute to Mrs. O. Fajeyisan

Mrs. Fajeyisan (alias Nicky and Iya Ibeji Agba) was a unique woman in many ways. Her laughter, full and throaty shakes up the room with joy. She had a lion heart that was pure and true.
Met her many years ago and she gave me a wife, her first daughter Ajoke , that I am and will always be proud of. She did wonders single -handedly bringing up successfully four daughters , who anybody will be proud of, when she herself was hardly a mature woman!
She had the good habit of greeting everyone. She will kneel down for anyone. Disrespect was not in her language but respect for everyone was .
She loved immediate and extended family, one and all. It fell to her to look after her elder brother (Bitside) at his darkest hour when he was so sick and frail. She rose to the occasion with gusto even when her own health was failing. She supervised to completion her brother’s uncompleted building despite her serious health situation, where he eventually passed on. God bless her pure soul.
Why did she pass on exactly the same date, May 9th, as her brother? God works in wondrous ways indeed.
“Ija d’opin o ogun si tan. Olugbala ja’gun mo’lu “
Good night and God bless you ma for all you did for us.
BabaOba Ososa. Chief Ayodele Ogunde
Posted by Oloruntegbe Victoria on May 21, 2021
Hunnnnn, Iya Ibeji Agba 'as I always call you and you will say "mummy mummy ''. Your love for your children and people around you was unparallel.
Will miss your generosity and love.
You called me in December wanting to give me Paint for my house and you felt very bad when I told you I had already got some. You will call me to always thank me, and I sometimes wonder why? . It is sad you left at this time.
You were a Mother - In - Israel wanting the best for everybody around you.
I will sincerely miss you, my darling sister and Inlaw.
May your gentle soul rest in peace. Adieu
Mrs Oloruntegbe Victoria (Mama Segun)
Posted by gladys adeojo on May 21, 2021
Tribute to my Amiable and Loving Amazon. Mrs Olanike Modupe Fajeyisan. Aunty Nike as l profoundly called you, I can't still believe like a dream in the night. Heaven's gained OMF, you will be missed greatly.l miss you is an understatement but l am filled with Joy because Heaven gained you. She was hardworking, humble, accommodating, a disciplinarian to the core that loves her children. Adieu wife, mother, and iya ibeji, good night rest on until we meet at the feet of Christ on the Resurrection Morning. May God Almighty uphold and keep your glorious children in sound health in Jesus mighty name amen. Rest on sister. From Dcns.Bolasire Fajeyisan O. Adeojo.
Posted by Aderemi Akin on May 21, 2021
Simple, smiling and generally quiet. God bless her soul
Posted by Alhaji Hakeem Green on May 21, 2021
My dearest sister,an "Iron Lady", no nonsense taker. She speaks her mind regardless of whose ox is gored. She always know what she wants and where she is going. Sister,was a hard-working lady, this was demonstrated when we were in London briefly then.
Sister had all the attributes of " Mama Sogo" as we usually call grandma.
She truly will be missed. I on behalf of the Green Family wish her eternal rest.
Posted by Tee Green on May 21, 2021
My dearest ♥ sister, a chain is broken in the family . You call Alhaji "Papa Mi" because you saw him as your biological father. You were always there for me when i first arrived in London. You were giving me advice. I remember your words,'omo onile a te jeje'. Sister as I always call you, your life was a blessing. Your memories was a treasure. I love you beyond words. May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Femi Ajibade on May 20, 2021
Mumsi, like I fondly call her, she's always protective of her children and would go any length for them. Your show of love and kindness will never be forgotten. I would always be proud to call you my mother in-love. What and earthly loss and a heavenly gain. Continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Motunrayo Abimbola on May 16, 2021
Mama Motunrayo! My Loving mum,my best friend,my super woman,sweet & hardworking woman anyone could ever wish for. No words can describe the feeling when I realize that you are no's a feeling like no other. No one can really understand the pain of going through life without such an important part of me.
you passed on just too soon.most times it feels like it was yesterday and other times it feels it's been hundred of years since I last saw your warm and bubbly face but I really wish I could see you see again.

As a single mother, you provided everything we were always a shoulder to cry on even after being were always ready to help me and my husband and make sure all is well. Erioluwa peperepe as you fondly call her will miss you so much and i still don't know how to explain to her that you are nomore.
you have gone to meet your maker because most weekends she was always at your house to cheer you up.

I see you virtually everyday and our closeness is unique because there is always something to talk about.Few weeks to your demise you told me you were happy am the one handling your business.most customers call me Nicky and don't even know it's my mother's name.There was a day a customer came and he started calling me and shouting Nike' Nike' and she was on sit,she just looked at him and smiled' I will miss you differently Mama prestige,Nicky Londoner,Iya Ibeji,Mama awón beautiful girls.No one to worry me at the shop again.she calls Iya Eri at the slightest.

If roses grow in heaven,Lord please pick a bunch for me,place them in my mother's arms and tell her they are from motunrayo.Tell her I love her so much and miss her,and when she turns to smile,place a kiss upon her cheek for me.
I hope life is better where you are now my beautiful angel.i miss you more than you know and my heart aches anytime I remember you are gone. Goodnight mum,until we meet to part no more.

Your second daughter
Motunrayo'Iya Eri peperepe'
Nicky Junior
Posted by Kehinde Akintokun on May 16, 2021
Adieu Iya ibeji. You were a strong woman. Mother adored by all. Abiyamo tooto! Sun re oo mama daadaa.
Posted by Hawa Oluwatosin Saka-Omos... on May 16, 2021
Farewell Mommy Tunrayo, a mother loved so very much by all. A caring, warm and hardworking mom who raised strong, kind and wonderful women. You were always a force to reckon with.
May God give you eternal rest and put your soul where the righteous rest.
Posted by Olaide Adeshina on May 15, 2021
Words fail me at this moment but like the words of Our Lord and Savior, we shouldn't mourn like unbelievers. I believe in my heart that you have joined the heavenlies to forever praise your Maker.
Its a journey we all will embark on one day.
So to me, it's not goodbye But goodnight.
See you on that glorious morning and PLEASE greet my mom (oluyemisi) for me.
Rest in Perfect Peace Ma......
Posted by Abibat Ogunde on May 15, 2021
Those we love must someday pass beyond our present sight. Until we meet again Mama, May God hold you in the palm of his hand. Rest in heaven's glory Ma.
Posted by Abi Arikawe on May 12, 2021
May God grant you eternal rest mama. I pray he gives the entire family the strength to bear this pain and void. It is comforting to know you are now resting and we are grateful for your life well spent. Adieu ma
Posted by Oba Toye Alatishe on May 12, 2021
Mama Ibeji, the dearest mom of our Yeye Olutoyese of Ososa, a very kind hearted mother ever so full of life always smiling even when she was going through tough times. Beautiful in and out, the undoubtable source of the beauty of Yeye, who is also the mother of our own twins. The pillar of the family, always smiling.
We shall sorely miss you but we have no doubt that Almighty God loves you more and has reserved a place for you in Aljannah. We can only beseech HIM to give Chief Mrs Ajoke, her siblings and our BabaOba the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
Sleep well Iya Ibeji, in the bosom of your Maker.
Olori and Oba Dr. Toye ALATISHE
Gbegande of Ososa
Posted by uthman Omoware oluwatoyin... on May 12, 2021
Didun ni iranti olododo, may God grant you eternal rest.
Posted by Angela Abolarinwa on May 12, 2021
Knew you when I was much younger, detailed and always minding your were an example to follow in business and bringing up your loved beautiful things and full of life.

May your soul rest in peace you are sleeping now you are not dead ,you have departed we shall all meet again Adieu mummy!
Posted by Stella Ug on May 11, 2021
Dear Mum, glad I met you and happy you prayed for me while on earth with us. We choose to mourn like those that know God. May your legacy be remembered forever. Keep resting, in God's bossom free from pain and filled with joyful worship. We love you , but God loves you most. RIP dear Mum.
Posted by Ashimolowo Ayodele on May 11, 2021
You were the best Grandma anyone could have asked for. Thank you for everything you ever did, you will forever remain in our thoughts and hearts.
                         Ashimolowo Ayodele

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Posted by Ogunde Modupetemi on June 8, 2021
Wish i had the words to describe her, even from a distance, she carrys the grace of a true mother. Her smile and laughter lits a heavy heart. God bless you ma for whom $ what you have been to us all.
Momma, please say me well to my dad, Akintola Ayoola. Sun re, iya daada!
Posted by Akinola Muritala on June 3, 2021
My dear mother in law,mama motunrayo,Grandma Erioluwa, A woman that accepted me wholeheartedly. you meant the whole world to me mama because you haven't treated me like a son in law but your's hard to believe you are gone.

you were always by our side through thick and thin,you have helped us. Now that you are gone,it's hard to say goodbye. But i know your love will still shine on us forever.Though you are not here with us in the flesh but we will always have you in our hearts and memories.Thank you for giving me a replica of you in my wife. we love you forever momma.

May your beautiful soul continue to rest in perfect peace!

Akinola Muritala
Posted by Okikioluwa Agbede on June 2, 2021
Am short of words,can not still belive that you have left us so soon,we will all miss u you our big mommy,knowing you was the best thing that happened to me mum,you have indeed let a lot of memories in our hearts mum,your a woman of honor ma ,you don't joke with your families and loved ones,you will forever be in our hearts mum,may your soul rest in the blowsson of the lord mommy,forever loved big mum
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Shared by Akinola Muritala on May 21, 2021
My dear mother-in-law,
You meant the world to me
It’s hard to believe you are gone.
You were always by our side
Through thick and thin you helped us
Now you’re gone, our life is hard to live without
And it’s hard to think about anything but you.
Even though your love will shine in us
Forever, it’s still hard not to look for your hand to hold.
Even though you’re not here with us in the
Flesh, we still have you in our hearts and in our memories.
Thank you for giving me a replica of you in my wife.
We love you forever, and
Rest in perfect peace mom