This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved Mother, Grandmother, Sister and Friend, Olufunmilayọ Modupẹọla Caulcrick, a great woman of strength and character who faced life’s challenges with grace and fortitude. A pillar of strength and a beacon of light to her family, church and wider community; with a life-long dedication to the development and support of family, children and young people. A rare and precious jewel who unified people and brought joy to those around her. She will be deeply missed.  

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Posted by Temitope Oyewole on April 4, 2021
I have left this up on till now, but sincerely aunty, I don't want to come to terms that this is true. My Dear Aunty. Tears drop down my eyes writing this. Aunty you loved us your family so much. You made room for family. You made us know we were special to you. The kind of love you also have for my husband is so much. You dare not hear anything is wrong with Joshua. You do check on us and my children. You remember their birthday and specifically text me not to forget to come over to meet you in the children's church( a place you call your duty post) ; to get their gifts. Of course your darling Joshua and myself broke down when we heard the news.

What of my mum, the love you showered on her. You do call me to be sure I had all in place for my mum's care. Aha!!! Aunty !! You were my helper of destiny. You helped me countless times.

A strict person you were, but down that strictness was a heart who was loving and so concerned. Anytime you wanted to discuss an issue with me, you had your way of inviting me for a meeting to eat, and then you give it to me raw and then top it up with your loving words. 

I still remember when we paid you a visit at your house and you made salad, with ingredients freshly prepared. I remember you showed me how important it was to have everything well prepared neatly.

When I scrolled through my phone at a time of need recently, aside my husband and mum , you were the person I rang and you responded and you kept in touch till things were resolved. When I needed your professional expertise, you were on phone patiently to guide me.

I am glad , I made you feel honoured when I appreciated you in my first published book. I could see the smile on your face when I handed the book over to you and you saw your name. I wanted you to know that I appreciated you and I am so happy you knew that before you left, because that is what really matters, letting those we love, know how much we appreciate them. 

As usual, we will send Happy New Year Greetings but on this occasion this year, I sent you a text, you did reply but sincerely the response felt odd to me because my aunty Funmi's reply will be longer, with prayers, but I assumed another reason could be cause for the response...until my husband and I received that call. I have tried to put all behind me, hoping one day I wake up from the dream, but as the day of the funeral comes close and people talk about it, I get more sad, knowing it is true.

Just recently my husband said he saw someone who looked like you and he was hoping it was you and was walking closer to the person, until he had to call himself back........that shows how much we wish that this is all a dream.

My Aunty Funmi...I love you and will miss you.- Temitope Oyewole
Posted by Lanre Ope-Agbe on April 4, 2021
Your life was a blessing and your memory a treasure.

You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

Sometimes we still cannot believe you are gone.

We will meet again in glory. Rest in peace.

-Lanre Ope - Agbe on behalf of the Efunsile family
Posted by IK Iroche on April 4, 2021
Dear Aunty Funmi
In my earliest childhood memories, you always stood out among the ladies of the Community 2.1-Obanikoro Crowd. You were tall, evidently self confident with a big voice that would not be cowed by any of the men in the extended family. You weren't hesitant to use that voice sternly when one of us youngsters stepped out of line yet you had such a big, warm smile. You were so easy to love.
Some 15 years passed between you and the boys moving to the UK and my moving to Battersea and seeing you again. You hadn't changed much though you seemed kinder, a little softer than before. A smile constantly on your face and your generous laughter never far behind. 
You spread joy to all who came into your presence - a shining example of the right way to treat your fellow humans. At the noblest calling of all: Motherhood, you were in the 99th percentile - a true rockstar. Thank the Lord that you got to receive the earthly reward of grandmotherhood before passing on to receive your heavenly blessings.
Aunty Funmi, I thank God for your life. Selfishly, I thank him even more for letting me come into your orbit - though I only wish he would have allowed for a few more years to luxuriate in your bonhomie.
We are comforted by the knowledge that you ran a true race. You served your time well and now it is time for you to rest and toil no more.
With all my heart, I bid you adieu. Until we meet again
Sun re
Posted by Jade Dee on April 3, 2021
You were gone before I knew it, and only God knew broke my heart to lose you, ln my heart you hold a place that no one could ever fill. But I am rest assured that we would meet to part no more at the resurrection morning. You will be forever missed mummy. Rest on in The Bosom of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ..Love you always . è sùn rè o .Jumoke
Posted by Dada Ayeni on April 2, 2021
We called her Mummy Caulcrick. A woman with such radiant glow and warmth who accommodates all and despises none. Her love for others, particularly children, is unparalleled. She was generosity personified and touched many lives with her charity. Mummy Caulcrick, you took us in the Ayeni family into your own family and words would fail me to recount your contributions to the advancement of our children through counselling, encouragement and gifts. 
Just like the Word of the Lord is ever true and living, I believe that the prayer of Apostle Paul for the brethren in Thessalonica in 1 Thessalonians 5:23 is yours. You are gone too soon. We love you but God loves you more. 
Sleep in the bosom of your Lord until we meet to part to more.
Posted by Francis Ogunojemite. on April 1, 2021
Our beloved sister.
Little did we know that day that God was to call your name.
In life we loved you dearly, in death we still do.
It is a fact that God has called you home, yet you left us beautiful memories and your love is still our guide. Though we can not see you, we believe you are always on our side. Though your life on earth is past, in Heaven, it starts anew.
We are trusting God that you will live for all eternity just as God has promised you.
Without doubt we consider ourselves truly lucky to have a sister not born of the same mother like you
We will surely miss our talks and your comforting voice and those moments where we'd mutually rejoice.
Rest in peace our beloved sister. Continue to sleep well in the bossom of our Lord, Jesus Christ
Rotimi & Folake Ogunojemite( AMAZING GRACE. )
Posted by SEGUN DOHERTY on March 31, 2021
The memory of the righteous is blessed- Proverbs 10:7
We met “Aunty” as we would call her at the RCCG Battersea parish under the leadership of Pastor Kunle Daniel and we very quickly became family. An upright, uncompromising Christian who always stood for what is true, yet faithful and committed in service to God. She was loving of others and the work of ministry.
Our relationship continued as our parish, RCCG Victory Center Luton was planted in the year 2000 and she was until her passing, a pillar of support, encouragement and progress of the parish. A Kingdom sower, she saw to our own welfare and the progress of the church of God in our care. She also gave her professional self to our ministry as the auditor from inception at no cost, yet with the same uncompromising commitment. If you know her you know she never held grudges yet she was principled, disciplined and a person of integrity and character and she offered this service with the same honesty and oversight required at the highest standard.
In the RCCG ministry, nationally, she was part of the follow-up team and there also she went the extra mile in her service. Her commitment and obedience was such that she sent a cheque of her tithe just days before her departure despite her hospitalisation.
Aunty’s passing is personal to our family as she was a huge part of it, we will miss her greatly. It however serves as reminder to us all that we are pilgrims in this world and reckoning is sooner than later.
Like Paul in 2 Timothy 4:6-8 says, Aunty has been poured out as a drink offering and her time of departure has come, she has finished her course, she kept her faith and now she can enter into the rest and reward of her Lord.
Posted by Yemisi Rotimi on March 30, 2021
Sister Funmi
Really saddened to hear of your passing. You were always warm, jovial and full of life. You were a valued member of our noble district - ICAN UK District society. We mourn your passing but we are comforted by the fact that you left a good legacy. Sleep well in the bosom of our Lord till we meet to part no more. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family as we pray that the Good Lord grant you eternal rest.
Posted by Odette Makanjuola on March 30, 2021
Darling Sister Funmi,
Words cannot express how I still feel about your demise. It was a rude shock to me when I heard the news. Who am I to query God, I know that you are in a better place with your creator.
Sister Funmi , you served till the end, loyal; courageous; steadfast; disciplined; loving and always smiling, saying to me "Aburo mi". You will be missed no doubt about that. We are profoundly grateful to God for all He made you to achieve with wonderful children and close family across the world. You supported and loved those around you and giving Godly advise. You were always speaking the truth and say it as it were and was also there to help navigate people through life's challenges. I am grateful that you served and had a strong intimacy with God.
I take solace that you are in heaven now and I know you are looking down at us with your big smile on your face saying "Forge ahead - make the best of life. Your legacy will continue to live on.
Sun re o Abedo ajisiro, omo abe ti soju yankoyanko. (Family Oriki)

Rest in peace darling sister
Till we meet to part no more.

Your darling "Aburo"
Odette Sola' Makanjuola
Posted by Oluwaseyi Oke on March 29, 2021
Wow Mummy,

Your passing away to glory came as a big shock to me as I remembered vividly the day you approached and encouraged me to join the children department as a Sunday School teacher and you constantly send messages reminding me of the rota and the date I will be teaching at the children department. You are such an encourager and a mentor.

Mummy - you will be greatly missed. I know you have gone to a better place with no sickness nor pain.

Continue to rest in peace mummy.
Posted by Angela Buzle on March 29, 2021
It was a very sad moment when we received the news of the passing of our dear Layo. We met a warm lady, with a lot of empathy, great sense of humor and we were very happy to have her with us in our home even just for a few days on the occasion of our mother's 90th birthday, a couple of years ago.
We extend our heartfelt sympathy and prayers to her sons, sister and brothers. She will be truly missed by this side of the family in Sannicolau. Rest in peace Layo.
Posted by Caulcrick Funso on March 29, 2021
Sister Funmi's death came as a great shock to me, Well, I can't question God, for he is all knowing.

I got married to the JMC Caulcrick family to meet my Dear Sister from another mother popularly called "Sister".

We are not from the same state not to talk of the same family but she related with my family as a big Sister.

Yoruba people will say "Iyaale" meaning Senior wife, we related as Sisters. My first visit and subsequent ones to the UK was at her instance. She practically sponsored our stay anytime we went there. A generous giver though an accountant but with a difference."Like she will say, Bose just buy your tickets and come over, feeding, accomodation, excursions outside London, she paid for all. To cap it all, she will load us with gifts of all kinds (including household equipment) when leaving having spent nothing less than Six(6) weeks on each visit. With Sister, you are welcome anytime in her house, just give her a notice of your arrival.

We will miss her undaunting love and care. Sleep on 'Sister' in the bosom of Our Lord Jesus.

Bose Caulcrick
Posted by Omobolaji Shotunde on March 28, 2021
Dear Auntie Funmilayo,your exit from the planet earth was a sudden and painful one.
We had planned coming down to the UK for a family reunion with some sense of urgency to making that happen.
Sorry, we couldn’t make it sooner to say hello and spend some time with you before your departure.
Now, it’s hard to say goodbye,but thank You for your authentic soul presence that came through always in your sincere encouragement through our phone conversations.
Above all, Auntie, thank You for sharing your wonderful existence and experiences of life for 69 years with the world including family,friends and well-wishers.
I am certain you are now with your Creator.Definitely, you will be missed and your memories will be in the hearts and minds of your loved one.
Good night, Auntie Funmilayo and may your soul continue to rest in eternal peace in the bosom of your Heavenly Father.Amen.
Posted by Yetunde Godo on March 28, 2021
It happened I met aunty through her loving sister Aunty Iyabode Owoyemi. The first time I met her was like she have known me for a long time. She was so humble and friendly. Love ones never goes away. Your sister, children and grandchildren will miss you. I know we will see again in an even better place than here. Sleep on aunty.
Posted by Tunde Owoyemi on March 28, 2021
Sister Layo, it is difficult for me to accept that you are no more. You were the pillar of the family. No family gathering will be the same without you. You were so supportive, kind, and accommodating. You were a good confidant. You were so different . You were one in a million. You were a good Christian. My good sister in-law may your soul rest in peace.
Posted by 'Bisi Caulcrick Olabisi on March 28, 2021
Funmi, you are called to eternal glory, you are gone but will never be forgotten.

May the Lord grant your gentle soul eternal rest IJMN. Amen.

May the Heavenly Father empower, strengthen and heal the broken hearts of all the members of the family you have left behind. Amen.

- Aunty Simi OJELADE for the Ojelades, London.
Posted by 'Bisi Caulcrick Olabisi on March 28, 2021
Funmi (our dear Mama Seun), the News of your passing is still a shock!

'Though you spent your teenage and adult life in Britain and was an accomplished Professional, yet you valued the Yoruba Culture and Values. Consequently, with love and humility, you cheerfully performed (as occasions demanded), your traditional "Iyawo" roles within the large Caulcrick family circle.

You loved easily and was always ever hospitable. I thank God for all that gave you Joy and Fulfilment.

You have left an enviable legacy for your loving "Boys" (now Men) and your grandchildren.

Sleep on Funmi till the Reappearing of Jesus. -

Victoria 'Bisi Caulcrick
Posted by Samuel Ogunkeye on March 28, 2021
A Tribute To My Sister Olufunmilayo Caulcrick (née Oni).
At times like this, when the heart is heavy with the pain of the loss of a loved one and void is created, words often take wings to mark themselves absence. Since I got to know Sister Funmilayo through my elder Sister, Mrs Adeyemo in the early seventies, she had impressed me as a thoughtful and caring person of exemplary Christian values.  The sincerity and commitment to her religious believe was always largely evident in the content of her messages we exchanged from time to time.  Now, those messages has stopped at her sudden departure in perfect obedience to the maker’s call home, and we are distraught! Yet, we are comforted in the knowledge that she ran a good race of her Christian faith, assuring herself a crown of Glory in the Haven of rest in the bossom of the Lord.  
Dear Sister Funmilayo, Rest In Perfect Peace.
‘Muyiwa Ogunkeye
Posted by Caulcrick Funso on March 27, 2021
Dear Sis,as I usually called you,the news of your home call came to Bose and I and the entire family as a great shock.We have however in faith accepted what is beyond us and trusting with thanksgiving that you slept in the Lord. The warm, loving and caring relationship shared with the family will remain ever blessed in our memories. We will no doubt continue to miss you dearly for a very long time to come, if Jesus tarries; we however have faith that we shall re-unite with you in Christ our Lord and Saviour in eternity at the appointed time.
Rest in perfect Peace, Dear Sis.

Evang. Femi Caulcrick
Brother Inlaw
Posted by Pheola Caulcrick on March 27, 2021
So ,this is it Funmi...
No goodbye and no prayer shared?
It’s surreal.

You gave so much love and showed so much kindness.
You worked very hard 
Then you suddenly , so suddenly departed
When it was time to put your feet up 
To rest , reap and be pampered
By the many ,many lives you so graciously touched.

It’s a deep cut
But ,the Lord you loved and served
Knows best.
Rest on beloved
You ran a great race.
Posted by Caulcrick Funso on March 27, 2021
My Dear Aunty Funmi,

You loved the Lord with all your heart and served him until the end. You used your resources to promote the gospel at every opportunity. Your doors of love and hospitality were always opened. Thanks for the countless christian materials (audio, books,video tapes e.t.c.) you bought for us while growing up, they were foundational in shaping and strengthening our faith in the Lord Jesus. Will definitely miss your signature jollof Rice and chicken .

Rest on ma in the bossom of Our Lord Jesus till we meet again!
Posted by Bunmi Aiyede on March 25, 2021
Just today, I thought to myself, not spoken to my cousin. It's been a while, just as it could be sometimes when it's gone a week and we hadn't spoken. Hmm, the reality is, even if I pick up my phone to call, she is no longer there to pick my call.
I am left with the memory of the times and moments we had together, the conversations and celebrations. Memories I will cherish forever.
Thank you for always being there for me. Ensuring I am ok.
I am really missing you, rest in peace my dearest cousin.
Posted by IYABODE ONI on March 9, 2021
My Darling Sis Layo, I cannot express the depth of pain I feel in my heart, words are just not enough, the tears just keep flowing, my dearest 'surrogate' mother. How could you leave me so soon. Who will share my secrets, who will be my best friend, my adviser, my counsellor, my prayer warrior, my supporter. There is no one like my sister, the one and only that God gave me. We shared so much together over the
years the tears, sorrows, secrets, joys, laughter and through it all we overcame battles and became conquerors. I always admired your unshakable strength, work ethic, honesty to the core, tenacity, compassion, wisdom, loving spirit, optimism and most importantly sustaining faith in God. 

I will miss you so much. I cannot think of anyone who will be able to fill this empty void. I am still finding it difficult to accept you are gone. I take comfort in knowing that you were a strong Christian and is now in heaven at rest from pain or sorrow.

I look forward to when we shall meet at the feet of Jesus Christ.

Rest in peace my darling sister
Your one and only 'Blister' (Sister)
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Posted by Gbenga Caulcrick on April 24, 2021
Tribute to a committed woman of God

The passing on to glory of Auntie Funmi or Mummy Funmi as she was fondly called by the children and teachers in the children church came to us as a very rude shock.
Aunty Funmi joined us at a time we needed a mature Christian to assist with our children ages 11 to 13. She rose to the challenge and threw herself in 100% into teaching and nurturing the children. I can say that her wise words and full commitment to the children’s church of RCCG, Victory House London has really helped us to where we are today with this age group.
Her age and health challenge did not stand in her way of arriving to church early, the welfare of the children was of utmost priority. Auntie
The children’s church of victory house will miss you dear Auntie Funmi and I will personally miss your words of encouragement. You will be remembered and appreciated always.
Continue to rest in the lord till we meet to part no more, you will be greatly missed.
Precious in the sight of the lord is the death of his saints Psalm 116:15

Yinka Otukpe
(On behalf of RCCG Victory House Children’s Church)
Posted by Gbenga Caulcrick on April 24, 2021
It’s sad to see that Grandma Caulcrick has passed away, as kind and helpful as she was. Always there when you were in need of help. Always teaching our class more and more. Always giving us positive comments, checking how your day was.
I know that she will be in all of our thoughts and prayers. I was very sad to hear her passing, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about how kind and loving she was. But what I do know is that she will always be with us, in heaven and in our hearts. She was very patient, especially with children. Always teaching us through life experiences.
Always seeking the best for children’s church, if you were in need of someone to talk to she would be there. I remember after children’s church having conversations with her, talking about all sorts of topics. Thank you for all the good times.
Thank you for being there for everyone in victory house.

Enoch Hastrup
(Sunday school- RCCG Victory House London)
Posted by Adedoyin Atewologun on April 9, 2021
Dearest Aunty Funmi
Thank you for your steadfast love, your wisdom, your consistency. You taught me so much and you held true to love for family and love of God. You will be greatly missed. Lots of love Doyin
her Life


Mrs. Olufunmilayọ Modupẹọla Olutosin Caulcrick (née Oni) was born in Lagos Nigeria on 27th May 1952 to Samuel Fọlarin and Tanimọwo Ọmọșẹrimi Oni (née Aiyede). Layọ was the second of four children with an older brother Adeșina and younger siblings Adetokunbọ and Iyabọde.

Layọ attended Anglican Girls High School in Lagos. At the age of 13 in 1965, Layọ moved to London with two of her siblings to join their mother; they lived in Tooting very briefly before moving to Battersea where they lived for many years. Layọ attended Garratt Green Secondary Girls School where she obtained several ‘O’ levels before going to Southwark college of higher education where she obtained further qualifications required for embarking on her dream of following her father’s footsteps of studying accountancy.

In her late teens Layọ attended Worthing College before moving to Newcastle Polytechnic (now university); she qualified as an Associated Chartered Certified Accountant in 1976 and was made a fellow of the association in 1977.On graduation Layọ gained employment at Culverhouse & Co/ Dunbar & Co and subsequently at the well renowned Price Waterhouse, a multinational professional services accounting firm, where she continued to develop and was well respected by her seniors and colleagues.

On a long-haul flight to Nigeria for a holiday, Layọ got chatting to a fellow passenger Mr. Olusegun Caulcrick and romance blossomed and continued on their return to London. The couple married in 1978. After the birth of their first son Oluseun, the young couple took the bold step of returning to Nigeria in 1980 to settle and raise their young family. The couple had two more sons Olusẹyẹ and Olugbenga.

Layọ’s career as an accountant has spanned over forty years both in the UK and Nigeria. She worked as finance manager and auditor for a number of reputable companies including CIPFA, BBC Staff Club, Onesea UK Ltd, Deidre Thomas & Co, Parkgate nursing agency, Majorport Express Ltd, Brendancare Foundation Ltd. When Layọ worked as an accountant at Ciba Geigy (1982 – 1987), a global pharmaceutical company , she made a significant contribution and impactwhich was recognised and applauded resulting in her being given an educational development award to travel to Europe for a six months training programme.

Having gained a wealth of knowledge, skill, experience and competency. Layọ took the bold step of establishing her own accounting company O M Caulcrick and Co. As the principal partner, she sustained the business until 1996 when she decided to return to the UK with her children to support them to continue their education.

On her return to London, Layọ worked for a number of companies including within the health sector. Layọ was a financial consultant for charity organisations for a number of years and was one of the trustees for the pension scheme for Communication Workers Friendly Society, a role she held from January 2004 to 2011. Layọ supported a numerous amount of voluntary organisations both in cash and kind, using her skills as an accountant to assist in completion of tax returns, offering financial advice, helping with fund-raising campaigns and other activities and these were done without charge.

Layọ was an active member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and her fellow members respected her wisdom, commitment, support and dedication.

Her final place of employment was as an accountant for The College of Podiatry where she worked for several years and was very happy until her recent illness and calling home to the Lord.

Born into a Christian family Layọ attended church regularly from childhood but her adult conversion occurred at a Billie Graham evangelical crusade in London when she was a teenager. Her passion for God and caring about children drew her to the calling of children’s ministry and she became a Sunday School teacher at the age of eighteen. She was an active member of Victory House Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG) in South London, where she served and worked diligently as a Deaconess and Sunday School teacher for many years until her calling home to the Lord. Her life’s work was to evangelise and bring people to Christ. Anywhere she went Layọ spoke of the love of Christ and the joy of being a Child of God, this inspired and converted many of those she met and knew her.

Layọ was also an active worker at the regular programme of the Festival Of Life (FOL) of the RCCG revival programmes, an internationally hosted event that attracts thousands of people. At these events Layọ was a contact tracer and counsellor for those who gave their lives to Christ during the crusades.

Layọ was the central pillar of her nuclear and extended family. She is blessed with six grandchildren Jevan, Mia, Keona, Mackenzie, Kyra and Maximus, all of them adored their grandma who was so fond of spoiling them.

Layo leaves behind a legacy with many colleagues, family and friends who will miss her terribly.

Recent stories

A trusted friend

Shared by Collis ROCHESTER-PEART on April 9, 2021
I met Layo as Lola's sister as Mrs Oni's big daughter back in the 80's, so she became my friend as well. At the time we both had little boys; Gbenga and Robert are the same age. Robert loved spending time at the Oni's home playing with Gbenga. Over the years Layo remained a trusted as well as trusting friend of our family.

I will always remember her as a 'lady'; dignified, calm, very sensible and with the ability to be reasoned in her thinking and her gentle advice. Her calm exterior was engaging and gave confidence to those around her. When she laughed, it was her eyes that did the laughing, it was so welcoming and made you feel comforted and comfortable.

I knew her as a God-loving person, quietly witnessing for the Lord without any fuss because her Christian faith was so very solid. 

I still cannot believe that Layo has gone to that heavenly place before us ! She is gone much too soon! I certainly was unprepared for her leaving us already. I take comfort in the knowledge that God knows best and He has the final say; I have to accept that her time has come and we must not question God in His actions, I can just hear Layo saying this to me. So long my friend.

Trust no one!!!!!!

Shared by IYABODE ONI on April 9, 2021
I remember when my siblings and I arrived from Nigeria our first home was one room in a multi occupancy house in Tooting in London. Our mother was finishing her nursing training outside London and my big sister who was 13 at the time was a surrogate mother to John & I because our mother had to live at the nurses home (that was the rule in those days) and only came home for her days off. (Note: children raised in Africa are quite mature at age 13 and capable of looking after their siblings and the home, so this was not unusual).

There was a co-tenant living in the house, he befriended our family and looked out for us children whenever mum was away. One day whilst mum was away he gave us a box of 'Black Magic'. We were terrified. Being well brought up children we thanked him but grudgingly and with some trepidation. But we did not thank him the next day (because as you know well brought up Nigeria children are taught that even if you have thanked a person at the time of the good deed you have to go and say thank you again the next day) we felt he did not deserve a second thanks, in fact we avoided him from then on. My sister Layo, who is the epitome of 'all wisdom', suggest we wrap the item in a thick blanket and put it in a very dark place to suppress its power. We did this and placed the box deep under the bed. For days we were careful not to disturb the offending item, to await mums return and watch how she would deal with the problem, the item and the offending donor. 

As soon as mum arrived a few days later even before taking off her coat, we told her about the peculiar gift. My brave big sister Layo brought the blanket and its contents. Our mother unwrapped it very carefully and we were horrified when she laughed, and laughed, and laughed, she laughed so much tears streamed down her face. Even more horrifying she started to unwrap and open the offending 'Black box' as her three terrified children retreated just in case something deadly escaped from the box ....... our eyes popped with delight when to our amazement lovely chocolates nestled in the Black Box' and emerged for our consumption .......... We scoffed ourselves. Of course our mother insisted we go and apologise to the co-tenant for not thanking him the day after giving us the gift and to give him his well deserved second 'thank you'. I have loved 'Black Magic chocolate' ever since.
Shared by felicity i Hatendi on March 28, 2021
I meet up with my big sister Layo through my life long friendship with Lola. I arrived in Canterbury , Kent from then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1975 to commence my SRN training. I was one of the few black student nurses and Lola ( Iyabode) took me under her wing. I would then spend time on days off, with Lola, becoming an additional daughter of the Oni household. Layo would be at home often when ever we would go to London on our days or nights off.  We always looked at Layo as our big sister, quietly spoken, woman of few words, dignified with a quiet smile. I  remember her as she would give us words of wisdom about life in general. Stay focused and remain in the faith and in prayer were her favourite gems to us. Lola and I enjoyed  studying, working and partying hard. Life at that time was very exciting particularly for me as a green horn in the UK.. Layo would occasionally have to keep us on the straight and narrow.. through her big sisterly and loving pep talks. I have gone back to my photo album where and see pictures of us,  your first born boy Segu baptism, pics of you and the boys with Mom. I wish I could share them but remain technologically challenged. 

As I write this looking at the slide show.. tears streaming down my cheeks, memories alive of us it was yesterday. I remember you with a heavy heart. Layo... May your soul rest in peace in the loving arms of the Lord and I pray that you be reunited with Mom.