Posted by Adebisi Odiakose on April 22, 2021

Brother Osondu, a rare gem is gone to be with the Lord,
You have taken the best choice,
Much words cannot describe you,
Even though, it has been a very long time I met you last,
Your memories lingered on,
You facilitated the branch of discipleship class in our local church,
Man of passion for Jesus,
I have gone through all that people said about you here, that is just whom you are,
Your singing is so unique and heavenly, 
Brother, hope to meet you in the morning at the feet of Jesus,
Where we will know as we have known.

Good night, bro. Osondu!

Sis. 'Bisi Odiakose
Foursquare Gospel Church, Victory Estate, Iba.
Posted by David Ebube on April 21, 2021
Your words; 'don't loose focus' has kept me through a lot. It was 2017 I took the decision to take the yoke of discipleship and you were my first experience of human discipler. Your humility and meekness had challenged me so much. How tenderly you relate with your children at home became a prayer point for me. The little time I stayed with you before I was transferred, was a great help to me. It formed a basis for my continuity in discipleship. I thank God so much for your life. It is actually so painful to say 'rest on Daddy'
Posted by Oluwaseyi Ajibade on April 19, 2021
Our dear sweet psalmist is gone to be with the Lord.
While you were here on mother earth, you were in Christ and we saw Christ in you.
Your rendering of praises and worship to God brought joy to our hearts and strength to our bones.
But there'll never be another you. In that I can guarantee. I'm only comforted by the fact that you finished your course and fought the good fight of faith to the end.
And you are resting in the bosom of your Lord and Maker smiling down on us from Heaven. Adieu...
Posted by Oluwakemi Akanni on April 19, 2021
My Brother, you are a worshipper of God, your memory stays fresh, Rest well my dearly beloved Brother. We will greatly miss you. But God know the best for you. Bye till we meet at the yonder, Bye
Posted by Philip Zekeri on April 19, 2021
Jesus is Lord. Like a dream the sun is set for my brother and your work is done. The thought of seeing you no more on this side of the river is daunting. Yet it is the truth. That your beautiful voice would not be heard again on this bank of the river is a painful imagination. But it is so sweet to know that when the morning breaks at the glorious eternal dawn, your glorious face will be seen and your wonderful voice will be heard. Good night brother Osondu Oko. See you in the morning. Musa Philip Zekeri
Posted by Chinwe Harrison on April 18, 2021
God used you to facilitate my restoration. I believe you have fulfilled your purpose and it has pleased God to take you home. Rest on in the bosom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, till we meet to part no more.

Farewell brother!
Posted by Tomi Oni on April 18, 2021
Bro Osondu,

Words fail me but you have seen Jesus! You are beholding Him face to face!
Continue to bask in His presence till we join you!
I always wondered at your humility, a man choosing to lead worship something most elderly men shy away from doing but you did it at every disciples gathering with such humility and commitment.
Pls continue worshipping. No guilt in life No fear in Death!
You have lived in Christ and now your Gain has come!
Posted by Anthony Chuks on April 17, 2021
Brother your departure was so sudden and untimely, but God knows beyond all human being. Your Godly and humble disposition was nothing to be compared with. Also, you services in the household of faith will be forever remembered. Farewell brother, we will meet at the feet of Jesus.
Posted by Aju Ameh on April 17, 2021
We met you very humble, unassuming and friendly at our first brotherly meeting; you spoke few words, words full of inspiration, kindness and love: you lived the brotherly disposition throughout our relationship, and sadly we fellowshipped last at my mother's burial. What a brother gone home . We thank God for you, rest in peace.
Posted by TUNDE OLADUNNI on April 16, 2021
Dear Brother. Thank God you lived for Christ. I once asked you to teach me one of the choruses, you did not hesitate, you were friendly, cheerful. We will definitely miss you. Thank you for serving Christ till the end. May the Lord comfort the family and the entire Peace House. It is well. Till me meet again at our Master's feet.
Posted by Olalere Ariremako on April 15, 2021
Dearest bro Oko, though you have been with the Lord yet the memory of your Counsel to me in the year 2008 remains fresh. I thank God for the Life Well Spent. Sleep on my Beloved Faithful Brother Osondu Oko. Until we meet to part no more. Bro Ariremako Olalere_Ikorodu.
Posted by Tola Jones on April 14, 2021
Hmmm, dear brother Osondu, it is still like a dream that I wont see you on this side anymore, even though it's quite painful and shocking to me, I still thank God because you lived a life worthy of praise, you left a legacy behind, you were so committed and dedicated to following Jesus and you so did by Gods grace until He took you away, adieu, dear brother until we meet to part no more
Posted by Kolajo Olajide on April 14, 2021
Dear brother, I am very certain heaven has gain a warrior. Yours is a recall back to base because if the Lord wills, He would have made you whole. Your labour of sacrifice for the Ọjọ, Agbara, Badagry field will forever be celebrated. See you on the day of resurrection.
Posted by tolani goriola on April 14, 2021
Beloved brother and leader I missed you and the loving way you have to led us in worshipping God, also your example of humility in the face of opposition is still a lesson for me.
Posted by Charked Nzoputa on April 13, 2021
It's too hard to believe you are no more, my little time with you have impacted so much to me, I know you have wakeup In God's held arm,rest on till we meet
Posted by Titilayo Ogunmefun on April 13, 2021
Thank God for the impactful life you live. You were my group leader during the Lekki Mission Outreach, and even after dividing us into sub-groups, it was still the two of us who went out together. God bless you for all you taught us and made us understand in the things of the Lord. I believe it's time for you to rest, so the Lord took you home. Rest peacefully with the Lord whom you served faithfully to the end. He will surely keep watch over your family and all you left behind. GOOD NIGHT DEAR BROTHER. It is well.
Posted by Lydia Obioma on April 13, 2021
Mmh!. Brother Osondu, good night rest to you. May the Lord comfort your wife,children and the entire Peace house. You are forever missed here but not forgotten.
Posted by Tom Iyke on April 13, 2021
He sang and we rejoiced in the Lord our maker. I miss him for sure. A brother gone ahead. May the Lord comfort the whole house of Peace house revival labour and much more his beloved wife and children.
Posted by Nkechi Otugeme on April 13, 2021
I know you are in a better please because our hope is not only on this earth...
Keep resting brother Osundu.
Lord please keep His love ones theat he left behind.
Posted by Abiodun Jimoh on April 13, 2021
Bro Osondu will ever be remembered, your labour brought many to the knowledge of christ and become a disciple of christ,it is in my memory your gentle voice when you teach at Ikorodu class in those days, how you arrange transportation to Gboko, I saw you last in Gboko at the bookshop some years ago and you greeted me passionately for seeing again at the MLR that year.
You have joined the choir in heaven singing Hallelujah because you have overcome . Rest on Bro Osondu
Posted by Chidi Akuonu on April 13, 2021
Hmm....words are not really enough to describe how I felt when I heard of your departure in the discipleship class. It sounded so unreal, shocking and mind disturbing but true. How your music ministration blessed my life in meetings I have attended where you sang. Most times, the songs you sing are so plain and non-conventional but heart piercing and soul dividing. Through your ministration, I believed that God's help can come to lives in songs

My first contact with you was in December 2012 when you brought help to my life through counselling. I can't seem to forget that experience.

God bless your memory and keep your family in Christ. You are much loved.
Posted by Sanni Tolani on April 12, 2021
My brother am glad for you that you make proper use of the opportunity of knowing
the Lord , u imparted so many lives that while on Earth u never could imagine how much tears Ur Lord help you to dry through the message of the gospel. I sincerely missed ur praises. Thank God you made it. Hallelujah!
Posted by Foyeke Ashikabe on April 12, 2021
Bro osondo, l have lost things that mean much to me but among them lossing you to go home at this time pain .
  You were always there for us since i met you 13 years ago. Bro Osondo.. You were a sincere soul. .I am sorry , i dont have pass mark to mark peoples life but among the clan of disciple i have met in this past 15years you were different.
  A man you can open your fault to and will never paint you black. Bro Osondo.. Who will be my confidant in the human body now?. A spiritual but lively elder.
  Your passion is to see that my husband fulfill God,s counsel to details.. You prayed for him" MAY GOD OPEN THE BODY OF CHRIST TO YOU"
  You never cease to encourage me to give all my support and guide us where we are not getting it in a simple and plain words. You keep asking me to take my business to higher level. You believe in the vision(business)) even when i wanted to stop.
We will miss you our noble elder. You are irreplacesable Bro Osondo.
Posted by Adedotun Dipeolu on April 12, 2021
My dear brother Ozondu, I received the news of your demise with mixed feelings. This is because when I visited you on January 29th with my twin brother (Akintunde). I visited with the mind that as I and my brother pray with you, there will be news of your healing soonest; only to hear latter that you have departed to be with our heavenly father on the 17th of March. I want you know that my wife and I will seriously miss you, We will miss your good leadership skills, your calmness in the face of Gboko MLR return journey early morning rush, your good interpersonal relationship devoid of any form of descrimination, your gift of bringing us into the presence of God during your songs ministrations. I pray for your wonderful wife and children and all other brethren that you left behind that the Lord will help all of us to also live a fulfilled life and to be relevant to His plans and purposes for our life in Jesus name.
Good night, my dear brother!
Posted by Adetunji Ojedapo on April 12, 2021
I really appreciate the Lord for your life!

You gave your life to Jesus and He gave you a brand new life which is life without e nd..

We will forever have you in our memory.

Bye till we meet again.
Posted by Akintunde Onamade on April 12, 2021
Hmmm !!! "My Oga" as l fondly call you , your memory is sweet.
I watch you gracefully every Sunday that marks our departure from Gboko after the MLR how many disciples call your name repeatedly looking for the buses to bring us back to Lagos without any form understanding despite all the pressures you remained calm,cool and collected.
Surprisingly,your exit came at a point when it became very obvious that such Exodus will not be necessary!!!
Our last moment together in January with my twin brother (Dotun) is refreshing,the words are comforting,even on your sick bed you gathered up energy to discuss with us.
My wife,your disciple will miss your role as the lead singer.
May the Lord comfort your family and the body of Christ as a whole in Jesus name.
Posted by Moses Akanbi on April 11, 2021
Bro Osondu,

Gone too soon. You will forever be in our memory

Bro Moses & Sis Adebunmi AKANBI
Posted by Kola Seed on April 11, 2021
Our Brother we thank God for the fufilled live you spent
We can recollect how we began together travel together to mission work
For several years
We eat together
We quite appreciate your concern for the work of God even unto death
No man can reward you but your SAVIOR whom you served passionately
We love much but God love you dearly
Good night our brother Osondu and friend
Kola &Bunmi Apara
Posted by Isaiah Anumah on April 10, 2021
My brother, friend and co-labourer,
Just when we were planning the future of the Pastor's work around Ojo and Agbara, you fell ill, and as we were beginning to believe you will breakthrough the sickness barrier, our loving heavenly father called you home.
Your humility, sincere heart probing questions during bible studies and heart moving worship sessions will certainly be missed by us all.
Brother, we look forward to a time when we will join you in endless worship before our heavenly Father.
Bye for now, triumphant soldier, the battle is over.
Isaiah & peju Anumah
Posted by Bamidele Bukola on April 9, 2021
We traveled together as we all came to know the Lord, and we thought we would travel together for long on this side of eternity, but alas the Lord deemed it fit that your own journey will end now, you have beaten us to it, you went to be with Him earlier than us, you have fought the good fight and your journey is finished, we still remain in our own journey, we only wish we finish well and strong the way you finished yours, good night my brother till we meet again at the resurrection morn, and at Jesus' feet.
Posted by Mounde Akor on April 9, 2021
We came to meet each other as we were traveling to go home above, when our paths crossed into the kingdoms highway of discipleship in the Peace House labours.
You had been a great lifter up of our hearts by the exercise of the gift of worship and praises that came from your bowels. You have served him who loved us so much, and He has called you to come up. We rather than mourn, rejoice that you have go ahead of us to your everlasting residence in the city of God.
We hope to contend for the common faith that the Father has given and admonished us to hold to. We're coming behind you Bro OSUNDU OKO, as we will see again at the resurrection morning. Good night.
Posted by Peter Kegh on April 9, 2021
Beloved Osondu,
The news of your death no doubt was shocking to me and immediately a sense of loss struck me and I began to remember your unique style of praise and Worship that made me your fan without contemplation at that Arkbearers retreat way back in 2014.
Only the Lord can indeed console our team and family of your death at this critical moment as we respond to the greater task ahead of us.
Rest on gallant soldier of the the cross.
Peter Kegh
Posted by njideka ikeora on April 9, 2021
The news of his death shocked me to my bones. How could it be that an encourager should be withdrawn from the Body....
But how can a dropping leaf ask God questions
My only solace is that Bro Osondu in the celestial, far exceeds in glory than his terrestrial version. He would no longer come to us but one day we all shall meet to part no more. Take thy rest beloved brother.
Posted by Titilola Ijimakinwa on April 9, 2021
What came to me... when I heard about Bro Osondu’s passing ,was ‘Onward Christian Soldier’... Indeed you fought as a gallant soldier and you’re marching on......
Broda....March on ! You have indeed Marched on!
We who are left should gird ourselves even now to serve better than ever before..
We met at MILERT, sat together to learn of Him at Shepherdill, a Broda, simple and gentle.....
March on Broda....March on!
Posted by I. C. Onuchukwu on April 8, 2021
I can't imagine it, that Bro Osondu would no longer be in our meetings to lead the songs in his peculiar grace. I had always looked forward to those ministrations. I appreciate God for his life. He was a gift of God to the Body of Christ. O how I miss him.
Nevertheless, God knows the best. There's no loss in Him.
All Glory to Jesus who has swallowed up death in Victory. Rest on my brother, till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Anthony Egbeogu on April 7, 2021
What can one really say about Bro Osondu Ogbonna Oko at a time like this? A rare gem who could keep the congregation on their feet for up to an hour when he leads praise/worship. A veritable teacher in the discipleship class..........
Your passage so soon is very saddening but if our Father has allowed it, what can we do? Fare thee well Bro Osondu till the resurrection morning.
Posted by Senater Ushahemba Sambe on April 7, 2021
It is so difficult to say good-bye. Thank God you lived a great and purposeful life.
As you proceed further, I believe you will join the host of angels in melodious songs to our Lord.
spirit filled worship will be greatly missed. Rest in God's blossom brother Osondo.
Posted by Gabriel Ajodo on April 6, 2021
I will the fact that you always ask very simple, personal questions during Bible study previews that are very helpful for everyone...
Posted by Timeyin Ogungbe on April 6, 2021
Your life has been a blessing to our family.

It's still like a dream...

Your gentle, humble disposition spoke volumes...

I'm just short of words

So long sir!

Till we meet at Jesus' feet
Posted by Akorede Adegun on April 6, 2021
Your life as one of my class facilitators at Obanikoro made me to see the value you put in honouring this way than pursuing what you could have become in the world. As you share how the cross brought real, practical and tangible transformation into your life, encouraged me not to relent in my pursuit of this life until I can share a similar testimony in all boldness and honesty. I will not forget how your worship life as also deeply rubbed on me. I can only be consoled that yet we will meet again.
Posted by Obianuju Chibueze on April 6, 2021
Sir, Never had the privilege of Meeting you or interacting with you on a personal level, have always observed you from afar. The first time I saw you was in a Teachers Conference, the way you led the worship simply and yet powerfully got me wondering... first it was strange for me to see a "big man" leading praise and worship, unlike where I was coming from; such tasks was given to youths/ Teenagers. But as you led that worship, repeating a particular song over and over again, I found myself weeping before the Lord. Thereafter, I found myself following your every movement in that camp meeting, at some point I saw you running towards some brethren that had mechanical fault with their car and then you joined them to push the car like it was the most natural thing to do. The way you carried out every duty in that camp meeting got me seeking for what you had. It was so glaring to me that there was something about you (which at that point I couldn't place my finger on but as I started attending Discipleship class, I found out that, that thing that was so magnetic is called THE LIFE LIGHT!

Later I got to know your name by asking questions and never stopped to watch and admire you from afar. You affected my life in a way only heavens can say and I bless God for your life. We will surely miss you and pray that our lives will also be a magnet for people to see Christ.
Posted by Francis Banjoko on April 6, 2021
Our brother and our leader who loved us has left us to join the choir above.
Thank you for showing us how to be calm when the pressure is high. I remembered those years when you were in charge of transportation to Gboko, how you handled difficulty situations and everyone will be fine.
Also thanking you for the praise sections, always bringing us to the presence of the Father.
I'll see you again in the general assembly up there.
Posted by Olusegun Alabi on April 6, 2021
You came to the world as a blessing from God.You left for heaven to gladen God's heart for a job well done.
Yo are forever missed. It is still a pain to our hearts ,but thank God for His Spirit's consolation in our hearts.
We are blessed by you Songs of praises to God and your smiles always takes off our unhappiness whenever we see you.
You are a true leader and a Disciplier.
But it pleased the Lord to take you home.
What more can we say but to submit to God's authority.
We love you,but God loves you more.
Good night.Till we all meet in God's Kingdom.
Posted by Igho Eruotor-Pat on April 6, 2021
Bro Osondu, is a brother that I've cherished from a distance.... Your worship leading is one I look forward to especially when we have programmes at shepherd Hill... You will indeed be forever missed. But we're grateful to God for the life you lived and we trust that you are resting at Jesus's bosom
Posted by Esther Olaniyan on April 5, 2021
Bro Osondu, I met you first at peacehouse Anthony when going to Gboko. I watched you tirelessly ensure we all made our journeys on our planned days. Then we became team mate in the singing team. In fact we did recordings together for meetings during the lock down and your funny way of taking the song you were to lead made us all laugh our hearts out. We never knew you had such limited time left with us. Your memories lies in our heart forever.

Rest on beloved of God.
Posted by Sopuluchukwu Chukwukuba on April 4, 2021
When you were posted to Ojo/ Okoko then it has not become a field you stayed in the house with me. Your fellowship during those days was indeed a meeting with a discple of Christ. I saw you don't struggle with anythings. The little meal I served not minding how poor you really appreciated it and expressed joy. I laboured with you in Ojo/ Okoko field and you thought me how to sing and lead hymns. You also thought me spiritual songs from the word of God. One of those song I will never forget is in Psalm 86:10 (Kjv) " For thou art great, and doest wondrous things: thou art God alone."
Each time I sing this song especially when praying I've always touch the Lord presence.

I cannot thank God enough for coming in contact with you.

I know you're presently with our Father. Keep celebrating His everlasting Joy. We will really miss you my brother. Sopuluchukwu and Joy Chukwukuba.
Posted by Tony Oleagbo on April 3, 2021
Dear bro osondu when I return from abroad to Nigeria I wanting to run away because of the situation and problem of Nigeria, but your encouragement and prayers helps me to overcomes my fears and challenges, oh my God you labour in my life so much that God begins to commit things in my hand now that I need you most you just live us oohh my God,my prayer is that the Labour God use you over our life Will never be in vain br/sis Tony Oleagbo said Rip my oga
Posted by Akingbade Joshua on April 3, 2021
The first time I met him was 2016, at the ministers conference held at shepherd Hill Baptist Church, Lagos. I have never experienced that kind of peace and connection to God in a worship session and since then I have been a secret disciple of his worship ministry. I also learn to enjoy God in worship without musical accompaniments through him. Oh how I miss him already. It seems am dreaming, let somebody tell me it's not true that Bro Osondu has passed away... My only consolation is that I believe he is with the Lord Jesus Christ now. May the Lord be with the family and raise others to replace him in the work of God. May we all finish well in Christ Jesus name. Amen.
Posted by Olaseni Odusolu on April 3, 2021
These are David's last words: The voice of the son of Jesse, the voice of the man God took to the top, Whom the God of Jacob made king, and Israel's most popular singer!
We miss you bro Osondu oko,was always looking forward you would take us to the presence through your endowed gift ,but little did we know you will soon be taken away from us. Your love you and He has taken you to be with Him . You are forever missed .
Posted by OLATOKUNBO ODUNUGA on April 3, 2021

Brother Osondu Oko was a man of immense stature physically, and by my perception, also morally and spiritually. His stature can easily make observers marvel at his God-imparted humility and gentle disposition; expecting otherwise due to his Herculean figure.

Talk of the liberal gift of God, I may want to surmise that, not too many can be very far ahead of him in musical sense. If not for consecration and kingdom's sake, he would likely have been making waves in the world of the musical industry. But he deliberately chose the God-ordained path, and in the similitude of Frances Havergal, satisfied to make a pact with his Master to :
"Take his voice and let him sing
Always, only, for his King;
Take his lips and let them be
Filled with messages from Him".

The very first time it dawned on me that he was God-sent for the role of one of the sweet psalmists of our time was about a decade ago during a couples' retreat held in the Four-Square Gospel Church Camp, Ajebo. That night, he rendered, "Be thou exalted, be thou exalted, Be thou exalted, Lord...." . It was as if I was listening to that age-long song for the very first time. He sang it repeatedly for about ten minutes or more and it was as if he should just go on for the next hour.

Reflecting on the little or more I knew about our beloved brother, I will not be part of those who will express that, "May His Soul Rest In Perfect Peace". I believe that by the Mercy of God, his Soul and Body had already reposed in perfect peace from the moment he breathed his last. If his pedigree did not rest in perfect peace, then apart from Abraham, Lazarus, Moses, Elijah, Euodias, Syntyche, Clement, and the Apostles whom the scriptures had already testified of, I may be wondering who else is presently in Abraham's bosom.

May God provide those of us still in the pilgrimage with abundant grace to run with zeal and earnestness such that, also by His Mercy, we will be privileged to re-unite with our deeply-missed brother at the feet of The Master in the General Assembly.

Meanwhile, my earnest prayer is for the Lord to graciously console and strengthen his wife, children and the family, filling the vacuum for them with His presence and the sweet memories of our brother- ODUNUGA, O.O.
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