His Life



Mr. Peter Anu Alemanji was born on 20 August 1941 in the village of Agong Azi Fontem to the polygamous family of Pa Robert Alemanji (RIP). He was the first son of the six children of Mama Emilia Ngenyi Alemanji.

He attended the Bangwa Native Authority School (N.A. School Njenbetui) from 1949-1956. He then moved to the Roman Catholic Mission School (RCM, Fotabong) with Mr. Michael A. Fotabong, a Grade II teacher who had been made Head Master of that school. It was from here that he gained admission into the prestigious Saint Joseph’s College Sasse in 1961 (Registration no. 1226).


He gained admission into the Local Government Training Centre Buea (known by the French acronym CEFAM) from where he graduated as a Treasury Clerk and was posted to the Mamfe Rural Council in 1966. The very next year on the job, 1967 he came across the beauty of his life, fell in love and married Miss Joan Atemnkeng, the daughter of Mbeh Fuandong Awung and Mama Cecilia Ankakem all blessedly remembered. God blessed them with 9 children, 6 boys and 3 girls (all doing well in their various occupations).

Upon the creation of the Fontem Sub-Division, he was transferred to start the council in Azi Court Yard in 1968, but later posted in 1969 to the Fundong Rural Council as the treasurer. It was here that he spent a long period of his career (1969-1980). While in Fundong, he encountered his long-time friend and classmate Ivo Yongbang. They ventured into cattle rearing as a hubby and made some financial gains.

In 1980, he was back to Fontem Rural Council, in the higher rank of Secretary General, a position he maintained until 1987, when he was lifted to the higher position of Secretary General of the Kumba Urban Council. For ten years, he brought innovation to the council (extension of the Kumba main market, provision, and naming of streets, etc.). In 1997 he was again transferred as Secretary General to the budding Konye Rural Council to fortify the administration. Because of his expertise in council administration, he became an invaluable asset to the local government authority. When Lebialem became a full division, he was transferred to Alou Rural Council where he served for two years before proceeding to a well-deserved retirement in 2001.


For our people, children are the embodiment of promise, hope and optimism. They are part of the social fabric and they epitomize renewal and regeneration. Their affection for the children and grandchildren meant that they spent a lot of time traveling to Yaoundé, or flying to England, Germany, Belgium or Canada to visit and be together with their grandchildren. They will miss him.

Peter was diagnosed with diabetes type2 the same year he went on retirement. Complications from it forced him to have eye surgery in 2008, as if this was not enough of a burden, in December 2014 he had double throat surgery at the CNPS Hospital in Yaounde and miraculously recovered fully.

Suddenly his right knee began to bugle, his children refused to give up. They organized for him and his wife to fly for specialized medical treatment in Canada. Problems of insurance derailed the plan. They flew back to Cameroon and his children developed a new strategy to handle the knee problem. In February 2020 he had knee replacement surgery in Bombay, India, recovered and flew back home before the COVID19 plague took the world by storm. His children have been shining examples of reciprocity of love.

They have sustained him for twenty years with diabetes and paid for complicated operations to give him a good standard of living. We thank and pray that their own off-springs emulate them as they too begin to age. He suddenly fell ill on Saturday 20th March 2021 and one week later on Saturday 27th March 2021 he slept in the Lord.

We thank the Almighty for the fulfilling life he lived. He leaves behind his lovely wife, 9 children, 23 grandchildren, his 16 brothers and sisters, together with his classmates and the SOBAN family to mourn him.