Posted by Science with the CGs on April 1, 2021
Pat was and is a beautiful person. Her students could always go to her for help and she always had a smile walking through the halls of Grice. Her memory will forever live on in all of us.
Posted by nina mercantini on March 31, 2021
She's always with you.
When you find yourself missing your mom just look in your heart that is where she lives.
May you find comfort from the cherished memories of her..
The pain is gone, and she is now at peace.
Love Nina & Dave
Posted by Mike Kerwick on March 30, 2021
Vicki, we continue to pray for God’s blessings upon your Mother’s soul and for strength for you to endure your loss. Know that our Heavenly Father will bring you comfort and guide your path through these difficult times.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7
Posted by amanda bartos on March 30, 2021
I've worked with Ms. Pat throughout my time at Grice. What I admire about her was that she loved the kids (majority of them), she loved working in the Language Arts classes, she was very spiritual, knew a lot of gossip, was very sensitive, and was so grateful for any little recognition. We had some time, in the beginning of this school year, to catch up on life. I will always think about her smile and laugh!! She will be missed! 
Posted by Diane Warfel on March 29, 2021
Ms. Pat was always a caring member of our Grice School Family.
She strolled down the halls sharing her unforgettable smile and wit with all.
Her signature coffee cup did go all over the school with her!
She definitely picked her passion and made a difference in the lives of all the students whose paths she helped shape. She will long be remembered in the hearts of all who taught, laughed, and lived with her.
I was deeply saddened to learn that she left this world way too soon.
Posted by Jessica Belardo on March 29, 2021
When I think of Pat, I cannot help but smile, thinking of the joy and laughter that she brought to all of us at Grice throughout the years. Her kind heart was always helping in some way, and her tell-it-like-it-is personality made her one of a kind. Pat had such care and concern for her Grice family and students. She loved hearing and sharing stories about family and loved to joke and laugh. She might not have been the best photographer (I know you are laughing at that, Pat), but she captured many wonderful memories by being part of them.
I know her strong faith has brought her to heaven, where she can now watch over her family and friends and live in eternal peace.
You will be missed, Pat. xoxox
Posted by Richard Kelly on March 29, 2021
Miss Pat, as we all called her, will always be remembered for her kindness at Grice. She would go out of her way to watch over the students. I'll remember her always with a coffee cup in hand strolling into the room. If I wanted to know what was happening in Grice outside of my classroom she would clue me in. Actually, she would do that even if I didn't want to know, especially then.
It was so sad that we fell out if touch. I am sure she is in heaven in the special section devoted to Philly fans.
Posted by Francis Juliano on March 29, 2021
Pat has always been a light each and every day in the GRICE halls. You can always count on Pat for keeping it real with students and staff. SHE MADE ME LAUGH in her own special way. Thank you for leaving your mark in so many lives... we miss you.  
Posted by Evan Price on March 29, 2021
Patricia (Ms. Pat) McMahon
Dear Grice Family,

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to celebrate the life of our coworker and friend. I started working with Ms. Pat over twenty years ago and will always be grateful for the wisdom and support she provided her students and coworkers. Pat was an Irish-Italian firecracker with both a strong mind and even stronger heart. Each year, I would choose students from my classes who would benefit the most from her approach and individual attention. It was a joy to observe her ability to break down barriers and create a loving rapport built on mutual respect. While writing this, I am reminded of all the times I sought out her guidance when writing a letter or an email to a colleague. Teaching writing was her passion and where she excelled professionally. Honestly, she is probably donning her grammar cap right now and picking this letter apart…..Sorry Pat! Some of you may be aware that Pat was also a lifelong fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and good friends with the late Richie Ashburn. Pat would always say, “Richie was my heart” when reminiscing about his career and their time together as friends. Below you will find a link to the Richie Ashburn-Harry Kalas Foundation that provides free baseball camps and clinics to children in the Philadelphia area. I know that any donations made in her name would make a difference and put a big smile on her face. If you have any thoughts or memories you would like to share please feel free to add them to the document and we can send it to her family. She will be missed.

Best Regards,
Evan R. Price

I certainly miss her presence here at Grice! I will always remember Ms. Pat asking about my two kids and commenting how beautiful they were after seeing them on Facebook. She always had great things to say about them. She would always come and see me when she ran into my father at the deli in the morning. She expressed great interest in my and my family’s lives. She not only cared about my and my family’s lives, but she cared deeply for the lives of her students. The students loved Ms. Pat! She was a great woman, and she will certainly be missed. May she rest in peace. Brittany Bronski 

Ms. Pat always had a gentle way about her that I grew to admire. She provided a calmness that the students were drawn to. In today’s world, what a gift to offer our youth. She will be missed. May she rest easy now.
Danielle Silverglade

Ms. Pat was always a friendly face for me at Grice throughout my time here. She always said Hi and asked how I was doing as well as my family. She would always put a smile on my face. She showed her kindness and her caring nature towards me and her students :) - Andrea Egner

Ms. Pat was always a very caring soul. She greeted each one of her fellow teachers hello in the hall and asked about our families. She cared about the children and was a wonderful assistant. I had the opportunity to work with her in Mr. Price’s class a few times and I was able to watch what a great relationship and impact she made on the students. She will be missed! Rest in Peace Ms. Pat! - Kristina Clark

Ms. McMahon was one of the first people I met when I came to Grice. She was so warm and friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. She would take huge pride in her students and the progress they made. Often she would share a copy of student work, or, a kind card of thanks she received from a parent or student. Thank you for the decades of experience you brought to our students.  Rest in Peace Ms. McMahon. - David R. Innocenzi

I will always remember Pat for her big heart and gentle demeanor. Pat always asked how you were and always had a kind word any time you saw her. When she had a question she would pop in my room and we would talk well beyond the question she came in for. She was always working hard to make sure her students knew she cared while challenging them to be their best. Rest in Peace Pat. You are certainly missed at Grice Middle School. – Marianne Pace

Ms. Pat was always there for the students and wanted to help in any way she could. I remember her helping with the food drive boxes for Thanksgiving. She quietly let me know about students who were in need and would make sure they had something to eat. She loved her daughter , Vicky, so much and was so very proud of her. Now I know she will enjoy the joy of peace and wellness. Dance with the angels, Pat.  Rachel Reither

Ms. Pat will be greatly missed. She had such an uplifting presence to anyone’s path she crossed. I did not have the honor of working one-on-one with her, but just seeing and chatting with her in the halls each day left a major impact on me. She is so selfless, caring, and genuine. Whenever she passed me in the hallway, we would stop and chit-chat. She always asked me about things going on in my life (specifically when my boyfriend was going to “put-a-ring on it” - LOL). I truly miss seeing her happily stroll down the halls of Grice already, and will cherish the time I had with her. May you rest in peace Ms. Pat.
Love always,
Alyssa Zippo

My first memory of Ms. Pat was from my first year at Grice. We were both arriving back to school from lunch at the same time, and she asked to see my school ID before holding the door open for me. She said there were so many new teachers the year I started that she couldn’t keep track (and there were a lot of us!). From that day, she always made it a point to say hello when she walked by D6. Last year she was so excited that we were expecting our first child and she always made me feel like the most glowing pregnant woman even when I felt like a whale. Pat was so touched the year she received the ESP of the Year award -- she was unwaveringly dedicated to her students and had such a genuine passion for her work here at Grice. Her sunny presence will be missed. Rest easy, Pat -- Amanda Ruzich 

Every time I saw Pat and talked with her, she could have either the worst or best day in the week and STILL have a smile on her face with a heart full of pure joy for what she does. She was the reason that I always looked for the little blessings in my life to look to and remember that we can do everything with a true smile on our face. I always said that I wanted to be like her in that aspect, because when I get tired and unmotivated, I remember our conversations, and I give all that I have to push through. Thank you Pat. You will be sincerely missed, though I know now that you are resting completely in the hands of the father.

Miss you already Pat,
DJ Simon

I am so very thankful to have met a special woman like Ms. Pat. Her positive energy would just fill up the entire classroom. There were so many days that I would see a smile on her face, that was more often than not. I will forever cherish the memories I have with her at Grice. Though she has passed, there are so many lives at Grice she impacted. I feel thankful to be one of the many. Rest in paradise - Victoria Camera

I worked with Patty in the cafeteria. Little did I know that she informed me her brother was Detective Bob Kerwick whom I worked with at the Trenton Police Criminal Investigations Unit. We became good friends. She pointed out a homeless student to me that came to the cafeteria and had no money to eat. I found out later she would take care of breakfast and lunch for him. Eternal rest Patty.
- Vincent Radice

Pat and I worked together for over twenty years. She quickly went from being my assistant to becoming my friend. Pat was always ready and willing to lend an ear or give that much needed hug. Her warmth, kindness, and wisdom helped me through many challenges both personally and professionally. Grice just won’t be the same without her. I will miss her laughter and smiling face. Rest easy, Pat.
-Michelle Infante

Pat and I worked together in class and she was also a kind and compassionate friend. She had a zest for life and her positive energy could light up the room. She truly cared about the students and their well-being. Pat always had kind words to say and we shared many laughs and stories together. I will miss her warmth and kindness. Rest easy. Pat Colleen Smith

I met Ms. Pat on my first day here at Grice. She was my assistant my first year here and helped me learn the ropes here at Grice. Without Pat, that year would have been very different. She was kind to me from day one and I always remembered that. Pat had a kind heart and was interested in all aspects of other people’s lives. Before I had children myself she asked about my nephew and niece all of the time. She loved the stories and was genuinely interested in how everyone was. When I began to have my own family, Pat checked in on me all of the time. As my family grew over the years, Pat asked all of the time, about all of my kids and “very good looking husband” lol. Each time, Pat was more and more giddy to hear stories about what they were up to, how school was and of course their little kid mischief. Ms. Pat was very generous behind the scenes. Always taking care of the students with challenging home lives. Buying them little things, purchasing a child food who did not have any, telling them positive affirmations about themselves and just nurturing them beyond what they may have been used to. There was one student in particular that I am thinking of that she really took under her wing. The changes this child made over the years was astounding. You could see this child’s spirit start shining a little brighter everyday. Pat continued to nurture this child, like they probably never were before. Her good deeds were never told and she liked it that way. It was through observation only, that you could see how much she really did give to others.
During the flag salute Pat would proudly recite it and no fail, at the end always said “God bless our troops.” I don’t know why but I looked forward to hearing her say that, when I was around her in the morning. It was just one of the little ways that showed she was always thinking of others regardless of where they were.

She would probably laugh at my very large “paragraph”

Rest easy, Pat. You will be missed. - Crystle Skinner

Without a doubt, Ms Pat was passionate about her career and her students. She silently provided so many students with assistance beyond the classroom and academics.

To me, Ms Pat was much more than a colleague. We shared so many conversations about books, about our families, and about our lives. She was at my wedding and one of the first people I talked to after I became a mom.

I was fortunate enough to grow up being able to call Pat’s daughter, Vicki, my friend. Pat was beyond proud of and so in love with Vicki. She cherished any time they were able to spend together.

Ms Pat, you will be so very missed.

-Brittany Riese

When I found out I would be working at Grice Middle School, I was somewhat apprehensive, having only worked at the elementary level. On my first day there, after the “Welcome Back” breakfast and staff meeting, I saw a friendly face waving at me - it was Pat. She remembered me from my days working as a substitute. She escorted me around the building, introducing me to some of the teachers with whom she worked. She then introduced me to the other ed assistants and showed me the various areas throughout the school.

I will never forget Pat’s kindness and friendliness in welcoming me into the “Grice Family.”
I hope you are resting in peace. - Marge Prokop

Miss Pat, as we all called her, will always be remembered for her kindness at Grice. She would go out of her way to watch over the students. I'll remember her always with a coffee cup in hand strolling into the room. If I wanted to know what was happening in Grice outside of my classroom she would clue me in. Actually, she would do that even if I didn't want to know, especially then.
It was so sad that we fell out of touch. I am sure she is in heaven in the special section devoted to Philly fans.

-Richard C. Kelly

Pat,Please know that I am thinking of you and extend my condolences and prayers to you and your loved ones during this difficult time. Words will never be able to express my sorrow over your loss. May you find comfort and strength in the warmth and caring of friends and family.

I had the privilege of working with Pat in inclusion classes at Grice Middle School. I will always remember her fondly as a dedicated coworker. The students will always remember her as someone who cared deeply about each of them.

My sincere sympathy.

-Darvis Holley

Vicky, I am sending condolences for the loss of Miss Pat. I will keep you and your family in prayer.

DuJuan Jackson

Ms. Pat was one of the first people who I met at Grice. I remember telling her that my Mom and her shared a name. I felt as if I had known her for years because she was so open and warm. She was my assistant for many years and we shared so many stories and laughs. She genuinely cared about each of the students and would tend to go with a group who needed guidance and help. The kids also loved her humor and wit. She always asked about my family and my kids and we talked about motherhood and she would tell me memories about her daughter, Vicky. She always talked Phillies in the spring and our shared favorite player, Ryan Howard. We would have a lot to talk about the day after when he would hit homeruns and I even sent her a picture of his Florida house when I drove by it and she loved that. She didn’t miss a beat with our inside jokes, one in particular when she took a photo for me at one of the dances. She always made me giggle. I will miss you Pat and think of you at the corner of B-Hall J where we shared a memory.  Rest in peace, Grice will miss you very much.
~Megan Wilson

I worked with Pat a few times over the years. I remember her always being cheery in the classroom and very kind to the students. If the classroom was a mess after some crazy lab we did, Pat stayed to help me clean up. She loved walking around the room to compliment the kids on what they were working on. Whenever I passed her in the halls, she would give me a smile and a kind word, every time!. She always lit up when she talked about her family and how much she cared for them. Pat will be greatly missed in the halls of Grice Middle School. It won’t be the same without her.

~ Maria Cesaro-Golding
Posted by Anna Portella on March 29, 2021
I have know Pat since the mid 80s. She was always smiling. Forever helpful to others. Loved Vicki with her whole ❤heart. Loved her job. Gave 33 years to work with kids. When times got hard she had complete faith in God. I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. I'm glad she is at peace now. Her work here done and now Resting with God. Forever missed. 
Posted by Lessie Johnson on March 28, 2021

Vicki, Mike and I are saddened by the loss of your mom, our friend Patti. For us, her departure is bittersweet. Bitter because she is no longer with us in her earthly body. But sweet, in that, her spirit and memory will live on in our hearts; sweet because God has chosen to release her from her pain and suffering. I rejoice in knowing that she never lost her faith and trust in Jesus; and she is now secure and safe in His presence.

Patti and our initial encounter, and years-long friendship, began with what we called “A God Moment.” Only God could have orchestrated such a spiritual connection between a black couple (us) and this wonderful, witty Italian woman! Over the years and miles, we maintained such a strong friendship; we prayed together, encouraged and supported each other in many ways. We truly became “sisters from another family.” As we’d tell the story of how we met and maintained our close bond and relationship (over the years and over the miles) to our family and friends—people were always AMAZED by our meeting and years-long friendship our "God Moment" (Matthew 19:26a “With God All Things Are Possible”).

Vicki, you were the love of her life; she adored you! Keep trusting in God, and believing in the faith that she entrusted and expressed to you. Her students were her “babies;” and she gave them all the love and care that God anointed her with. I know they will miss, "Miss Pat" also. Most of all, she loved her Jesus and never gave up on His love for her; and this was our connection! She was a trooper. Even in pain and suffering, she never lost her sense of humor, and often had me laughing about one thing or another.

Rest In Peace, my sister/friend Patti.  We will meet again one day. But, for now you are safe at home in the arms of Jesus! I know Jesus has said to you about your earthly mission: ”Well Done, my Faithful Servant!”

Missing You Much!
Lessie & Michael
Posted by Brittany Riese on March 28, 2021

So many beautiful pictures!

Your mom was so much more than a colleague to me. We shared so many conversations about books, about our families, and about our lives. She was at my wedding and one of the first people I talked to after I became a mom.

She loved you so, so much and cherished any time you spent together.

I will truly miss her. Sending you strength and prayers.


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