This tribute was added by Nancy Norton on June 24, 2020
PJ, Patrick, Pat—you couldn’t have just one name like the most of us?
But makes sense that it takes more than one to do you justice.

Since babies, we’ve been both buddies and cousins.
Hangin’ with our tribe that almost counted in the dozens.

Family parties, Roosevelt pool, ice skating, street softball, we always found the time.
Especially our walks to McDonalds to get our French fries for a whole whopping dime!

Our childhood years seem to blend into an unending span of simple celebration.
Until that day the Sully’s moved to Phoenix and brought about our separation.

I remember standing in the front yard of our home on Sequoia Trail,
Watching as your station wagon pulled away and like a baby I did wail.

But then you all returned to Glenview, and back to your roots.
Quite sure you were all sporting them fancy cowboy boots!

Then it was our turn to move out west after a few years
And once again saying goodbye brought on unending tears.

We were apart for most of our teen-age and early adult years.
Think we mostly survived them without causing too many parental fears.

Then Karen, (good for you Pat!) came into your life.
And you knew you were meant to be husband and wife.

We visited a few times when you lived in Mission Viejo.
Didn’t last long, though as soon you said, we gotto go!

You two lived so many places--Grayslake, CT. Wisconsin, just to name a few.
It was a bit exhausting for the rest of us to keep up with the two of you!

Ah, then you finally made it out west for what became the duration.
In Tucson, it seems, you found your zone in the Southwest nation.

This made it easy for you both to head to what Lanny refers to as the left coast.
Gave us so many opportunities in person to have toast after toast after toast!

There was Petco Park, seafood dinners, concerts at Humphreys by the Bay,
New Year’s Eve at an Irish pub and Thanksgiving Day.

You and Karen made it over for many a party at the Spruce Street house.
Where you’d employ your famous Irish goodbye and scurry away like a mouse.

I’d give anything to once more clink with you a cold glass of beer.
But instead, I will have to settle with raising one, to you my dear.

In my thoughts and in my heart you will forever and ever remain.
You’ve given us all so much ground to cover in our walk down memory lane.

PJ, Patrick, Pat, as both my cousin and my friend, you are the best.
And, now my darlin, its time, in peace, for you to always rest.

With so much love,
This tribute was added by Scott Blaul on June 24, 2020
"Sully" Pat my best friend. It's has been an amazing ride with you as we journey'd through life together. I loved you and will miss you greatly! You made my life so much better because of your friendship! Thank you brother!!
This tribute was added by John Halleran on June 23, 2020
Mr. Sullivan,
I will always be grateful for having met you and spending time giving me your 'counsel' on every topic we managed to bring up...from helping out with our home projects to traveling destinations to our passion for all things Harley-Davidson, and where can you get a good beer around here! The time was far too short, but the quality of that time spent together remains as your signature to what a caring person you were to me and all the people around you whose lives you touched. I am honored to have know you Patrick...God speed to your just reward!
This tribute was added by Robert Gatz on June 17, 2020
We've only had the past few years to get to know you. What a wonderful
experience. We enjoyed your company and your love for all things Chicago.
But most of all your love for family and Karen. We'll miss you.
Bob and Jean Anne
This tribute was added by Indira Morrow on June 16, 2020
Lee and I didn't know Pat for long, just 5 years or so and we've only met up a few times but we always felt a close connection that made our time together easy and fun whether at your house or ours. I'm sorry that we didn't have more time to take on some of the other adventures that we talked about.  Know that we will always be here for Karen and will care for her. Rest in Peace.
This tribute was added by Nancy Packman on June 15, 2020
We will miss your smiling face whenever we visit our sweet cousin, Karen. You were always so gracious to all of us when we got together. We just kind of took over your house when we were all there. So glad all of us are finally close by so we could get to know one another again...God's blessings and may you rest in peace! 

Ronnie & Nancy
This tribute was added by Karen Sullivan on June 15, 2020
Pat, my dear husband, we had 30 special years together as husband and wife. Oh the places we have been and the things we have seen. All so much better because we did it together. You made me a better person just by being at my side. I will miss you every day but will smile when I think of you and the love we shared. 

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