This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved Paul who went to be with Jesus after a long and courageous battle with cancer.  The family welcomes your encouraging sentiments, memories and any stories you would like to share.  Thank you for visiting and God bless.

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Posted by Anita Crosena on January 4, 2022
Happy Heavenly Birthday Paul ❤️ Miss you bunches!
Posted by Anita Crosena on June 5, 2021
Miss you my friend. 10 years already and it seems like yesterday. Lost too many people In my life. It’s just not the same without you and MDD but I’m still hanging in. Miss you both so much!
Posted by Gay Schirs on June 4, 2021
Thinking of you on this day Paul...always reminded of your unshakeable faith.
Posted by shauna richardson on June 4, 2021
I cannot believe it's been 10 years. You are still so missed and loved! There will never be another like you! Miss you!
Posted by Gay Schirs on January 8, 2021
Think of you so many times and miss our friendship. You were surely a special person in my life.
Posted by Anita Crosena on January 4, 2021
Happy Heavenly Birthday Paul! Miss you and Michael so much.
Posted by Anita Crosena on January 4, 2020
Happy Birthday my friend. So miss you 
Posted by shauna richardson on January 4, 2020
Happy heavenly birthday Dr. D! Was just talking about how much you are still missed yesterday!
Posted by Anita Crosena on January 4, 2019
Happy 60th Birthday in heaven my friend. Wish you were here so I could raze you about it. Miss you
Posted by Anita Crosena on June 4, 2018
I can't believe it has been 7 years since you left us. Many things have changed since then but missing you hasn't.
Posted by shauna richardson on January 4, 2016
Was just talking about you yesterday for a while. How great of a person you had been to me and how much I missed you!!!!
Posted by Anita Crosena on June 5, 2014
Thought about you all day yesterday my friend. Gone but not forgotten. Miss you much.
Posted by shauna richardson on June 4, 2014
I miss you so much! You were an amazing doctor, boss and friend! XOXO.
Posted by Kim Paquette on June 5, 2013
I want to honor Paul Derderian once again on the 2nd anniversary of his birth into another dimension of living. My greatest compliment to him would be that he was one of the few doctors I have ever met who listened!
Posted by shauna richardson on June 4, 2013
I miss you so much!! I speak about your kindness and compassion often!! Love you!!!
Posted by Gay Schirs on June 4, 2013
I miss you, your smile, your laughter and our friendship. I will never forget all the kind and caring things you did for so many.I am always reminded of your unshakeable faith.
Posted by Anita Crosena on June 4, 2013
Will always miss you. You will forever be in my heart.
Posted by Anita Crosena on January 7, 2013
Happy Birthday, my friend!
Posted by Anita Crosena on June 7, 2012
I can not beleive it has been a year since we lost Paul. I can still see his smile and hear his laugher. I miss you my friend. Tracy and family, I pray your hearts are a little lighter. Hugs and Kisses.
Posted by malissa gentilcore on March 21, 2012
Dr. Paul Derderian was the most compassionate, loving, caring, and devoted man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I met Dr. Derderian in 2001 when my mother, Norma Martin began her battle with breast cancer. Unfortunatly, she lost her battle in 2007 after a long and couragous fight. During this time, Dr. Derderian became my angel. I will truely miss him, and never forget..
Posted by Misty Provencher on January 5, 2012
Dr. Derderian saved my mom. We were told she had three months to live and he worked with her to prove the other doctors wrong. He was an incredible person that genuinely cared about balancing medicine with an individual's wishes and well being. We were so lucky to have my mom in his care, and not just in some doctor's roster of patients. God Bless.
Posted by Patricia Kirschling on September 17, 2011
I am an RN at MCRMC on the Oncology Unit. I have known Dr. Derderian since 1999, but got to really know him over the past few yrs. What a sweet man! wonderful doctor with a great bedside manner! He is missed very, very much on 5 South!
Posted by shauna richardson on August 11, 2011
Dr. D,
Your passing has been heavy on my heart.. I miss you so much and think about u often! I pray for Tracy and the kids all the time. your a great man and will be forever missed!
Posted by Vickie Kasper on June 17, 2011
What a smiling, caring devoted man he was. I am a nurse at MCRMC. Worked with him for years and always thought he was one of the nicest docs around. Never said a bad word about anyone. Always laughing and saying something to make others smile. He
Posted by Kim Paquette on June 13, 2011
Dr. Derderian saved my life. When I was misdiagnosed with the wrong kind of cancer by two other doctors, he diagnosed correctly, treated carefully, and here I am, ten years later, cancer free. He was kind, talented, and listened. He will be missed
Posted by Shannon Reneski on June 11, 2011
Dr. Derderian was one of the most amazing bosses anyone could ask for. His laughter and smile would make any day better.I was honored to call him my boss,and even my friend. He touched my heart and for that he will always be in it.
Posted by beverly altovilla on June 10, 2011
Dr. Derderian was wonderful to myself and my family during the time my Husband, Tony Altovilla had cancer.He was very concerned and gave all of us great comfort. My husband passed on to be with the Lord. However I will never forget Dr. Derderian.
Posted by Elaine Geer on June 9, 2011
To the most wonderful doctor who has taken care of me for the last 10 years. His faith in Jesus Christ shined through in his encouraging words and dedication to his patients. Prayers of strength and healing to his wife and children. Elaine Geer
Posted by ray demers on June 9, 2011
Paul was a very special friend and colleague, as he was to so many. His faith was the deepest I have ever seen, and he lived it true every minute. That he stayed so positive, kind and full of humor through his suffering captures the real Paul.
Posted by Mary Burg on June 8, 2011
Dr. Derderian was the most wonderful boss anyone could work for. More than that he was a friend to all of us in the office. I miss hearing his laugh echo in the clinic! He touched so many lives. The world has lost an amazing soul but he's in a better
Posted by Joie West on June 8, 2011
It was an honor to know such a fine man, caring doctor and passionate caregiver. He will be missed. God Bless him and God Bless his family
Posted by LIZ CLANCY on June 8, 2011
"It was a joy to hear your voice and see your smile Dr. Derderian! Your kindness to me I will never forget. You are eternally home now in the presence of Christ Jesus. My prayers are with your family and friends. He never lets go."
Posted by lynette mcgee-mitchell on June 8, 2011
To the Family of Dr. Paul Derderian I had the chance of knowing Paul as a child when my aunt work for his parents. He was always a loving and caring person as was his entire family. My prayers are with the family be strong and continue to believe in
Posted by Mary Irons Cooper on June 8, 2011
My deepest condolenses go to Paul's family. I remember Paul in high school as being such a respectful young man. He never seemed to say a bad word about anyone and that is a rarity. I know that he will be very missed by all the people that loved him.
Posted by Linda Lyons on June 7, 2011
I was privileged to know Dr. Derderian through my employment at MCRMC and the MCRH Foundation. He was a great person and doctor. We will miss him and his wonderful caring smile.  Linda Lyons
Posted by Marianne Eberlein on June 7, 2011
Dr Derderian was a passionate teacher and patient advocate. My prayers to his family. Know that he touched more lifes than we will ever know. The world was a better place because of him.
Posted by Ledrianne Jones on June 7, 2011
I had the wonderful pleasure of working with and becoming a friend in the Lord to a man I consider second to none. I know God is pleased to receive his son home but us who had the pleasure of knowing him will miss him greatly.
Posted by Rhonda Leonhardt on June 7, 2011
Everytime you walked through the door you would put a smile on our faces. You will be sadly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Rhonda and Gayle
Michigan Resonance Imaging
Posted by Bobette Dodge on June 7, 2011
In a conversation at work, I shared a personal concern with Dr. Derderian. He asked me if he could pray about it for me. He never failed to remind me that he was continuing to do so when I would see him. He touched my heart with his faithfulness.
Posted by Linda Rubino on June 7, 2011
Dr.Derderian will be in my prayers. What a wonderful and caring doctor he was. My son had stage 4 testicular cancer and he never let me or my son get discouraged. My son is now 11 years cancer free and we owe it all to Dr. Derderian.

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Posted by Anita Crosena on January 4, 2022
Happy Heavenly Birthday Paul ❤️ Miss you bunches!
Posted by Anita Crosena on June 5, 2021
Miss you my friend. 10 years already and it seems like yesterday. Lost too many people In my life. It’s just not the same without you and MDD but I’m still hanging in. Miss you both so much!
Posted by Gay Schirs on June 4, 2021
Thinking of you on this day Paul...always reminded of your unshakeable faith.
Recent stories

Joe v. Roberts

Shared by Joe Roberts on February 24, 2016

Paul Derderian was my hematology and oncology specialist he came on in 2000. From the time I first met the man was born with a smile on his face and know matter what kind of day he was having he was always smiling.  He Also saved my life /

And in return all he wanted was me to Pray with him!

      What a Man

Shared by Stephanie Jearlds on June 9, 2011

I never got to meet Dr. Derderian personally. My Mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer the day before I left for college in 2005. Unfortunately, she passed away at the end of July 2010. But I know how much she appreciated him both as a doctor, and as a person. She was devastated when she heard that his cancer came back. And so was I. I truly believe that he helped give her the hope and strength, far beyond modern medicine, that kept her with me for those five years. And for that, I am eternally thankful. 

I know how hard it is to lose a loved one to cancer, and my heart goes out to his wife and children. 

Stephanie Jearlds

A great friend

Shared by Keith McKenzie on June 7, 2011

I was lucky enough to get to know Paul very well in the spring of 2004 on a missions trip to El Salvador.  I remember being apprehensive leading up to the trip because I knew ahead of time that I would be sharing a room for the week with Paul, whom I didn't know well at the time.  It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life and the start of a great friendship.  We had the opportunity to share lots about life and God during that week. Paul and I continued to be close friends over the following years through many breakfast meetings and an occasional dinner or social gathering. 

Paul was an inspiration to me in so many ways.  He always was good for a big smile and a laugh and when things got serious, he helped me to keep life in perspective.  He had a true passion for our Lord and for living life to the fullest. 

Paul treated many of my patients as well and he would always send uplifting messages back to me via my patients like "tell McKenzie that I think he's ugly".  I'd have a laugh with my patients and return the favor.  But, in spite of the lightheartedness, I knew that Paul genuinely cared for his patients and delivered compassionate care to those who were going through some of life's most difficult challenges. 

Paul was a great doctor and a great friend to me.  I miss you already, brother, and look forward to being re-joined with you in eternity with our Lord Jesus.

Keith McKenzie