His Life

lThis man was a amazing guy.. John Dennehy just told a testimony John Dennehy He never quit working at his job or even accepted the fact that he was dying. That's because none of this can even be real. He's the youngest youngest of us 4 kids and doing great. Unimaginable He has 3 Children Brian Dennehy and Sara Dennehy and Kristen  Dennehy.. And one grandbaby with another one on the way. His partner LeAnn Evanson is pretty increditiable. She really loved Paul with all her heart. I am sure we are all sad. LeAnn made Paul and Kristen her life..When I met Paul he was working at Frito lay. He had the best job there. And he was talking about retirering then...And a little marical came at a suprise Kristen. I seen the sparkle in his eye. I also want to mention he talked about Brian and Sara too. He was proud of them too showed me pictures.. He was a loving father. I know who ever is reading this Paul had some kind of affect on you.. Like he could look into your eyes see the true feelings.. Paul we love you and miss you... RIP I Want to add this man Worked hard at fritio lay for many years.. Then he took few years off and he woke up and said I need to change my life and he sure did he help at seeds of hope, for many years he help feed many hungry people work with the homeless some days he  work 15 hours Plus a day. All volunteer.  And from there he got a job at 
 Sunlife. He deacated his self to Kristen and LeAnn. Kristen is one  the most important  one in his life.. I say he gave his family all of hm.  Became a very possitve influeance to friends and family,  Decated father and partner  to 
LeAnn.. Paul is a very special friend I will miss him forever missed.