When Dusty and Paul was dumb found

Shared by Tina Reed on July 6, 2016

 This is a cute story.. Kristen was about 3 maybe 4.  It is so hot in the summer time Paul would freeze like a galon jug of water then he would add like power aid as the ice woul melt.  Well Paul had cut just the top part of the jug off so he could get ice. But after cutting that off Paul and Dusty would always make a mess out of taking a drink out of the jug..Well little Kristen said if I was you I would drink it like this.  And she made the handle of the jug like a straw.  And took a drink didnt make a mess... Paul and Dusty Hale look at each other and couldnt beleive she was so smart to think of that,..  I love cause Paul always had a trick to show and his beautiful Kristen had the trick that day...

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