Posted by Linda Eaton on June 23, 2021
Peggy, you were my cousin (and the first baby I ever held) and my mother was your mother's sister. The two of them were exposed to such abuse at the death of their parents that it is just impossible to understand. I am happy (as is my mother, the only living sibling of your mom) that you lived a sweet and beloved life. May you be lifted by a thousand angels! Love, your cousin, Linda
Posted by Kerry Shroy on June 23, 2021
The slideshow and a video of the service for Peggy can be found in the gallery section under "video."

The first song on the slideshow is from Friday Night Worship at the Applegate Fellowship that Peggy and I used to lead. She is singing the high part at the beginning of the song as well as throughout the rest of the song.
Posted by Tracy Smith on June 17, 2021
True friends will be with you through life’s most soul shaking circumstances. True friendship is one of the sweetest things in life, some friends are chosen family that cheer us on through discouraging seasons, celebrate with us on joyous occasions, and lift our head and heart like no one else can. Life’s special moments are made brighter by their presence. This is just a glimpse of my beautiful friendship with Peggy. My first time seeing Peggy was when I attended a church service at Applegate Christian fellowship back in 1985, I was 19 years old . Peggy was part of the worship team- to me she looked like an Angel and her voice was just beautiful. Months later at the DMV in Medford Oregon I was there with my baby girl waiting in line and there she was in line next to me. She just started a conversation like she knew me and adored my baby girl (Stephanie). She was glowing and told me she was expecting her first baby in March 1986 ( Maisy ). I told her about seeing her at ACF and how much I enjoyed the the worship. As the years went by It seemed that God always put us in each other’s lives . We both worked at the Ruch Community preschool daycare together, we created an awesome after school program in a little town called Ruch Oregon and this brought many children and their families to learn about Jesus. The years went on, I have many memories of Ruch school and its fun activities such as at the Christmas program one year Maisey was the snowman and I will never forget my little girl Rachael saying to me after the program I want to be famous like Maisey  (we laughed about this many years later) . We also were apart the Girl Scouts which turned into the Christian girls club- another fun memory was taking our girls to Sun River when I was pregnant with Jacob and they gave me a baby shower. I also have memories of Peggy 40th Birthday party at the melodrama in Jacksonville that Debbie Hicks created and Kerry in the melodrama playing the character (Sunny Suey ) this was such a fun time. Two years later in 1998 after the birth of my son Jesse I was ask to be the Preschool teacher at Ruch Community school ( Pat Wilder ) retired . I tried to do it on my own but one week into it I knew I needed someone who had the same love of young children as I did. I went to Pastor Ron McKay after much prayer and ask if I could have a co teacher and of course Peggy was my first choice and a few days later the Pastor & the elders said yes and Peggy was my son Jacob’s Preschool teacher. We had so much fun teaching children and loving on them and their families! When Maisey Married Haven (a beautiful wedding and celebration) Peggy was so happy, then Adric was born soon after. I remember Peggy so excited about being a Nana of course that was a wonderful blessing and then Kian and Alain , also my grandson Christian was born on the same day a year earlier as Alani. We both thought that was pretty cool. Peggy was there for me during difficult times we would meet at the Ruch school and walk the track, I could always confide in her with hard life situations, she was such a positive person and would remind me about Jesus & his unconditional love for me and my family. We always kept in touch even with our busy lives we would plan coffee and shopping dates in Jacksonville and when I was looking for work and applied for a job at Medford School District. I got a job at Jacksonville Elementary in the Primary Maps classroom as a special educational assistant. Peggy and I (at one of our coffee dates) realized her Grandson Kian would be in my class. This was such an answer to prayer and I had such an opportunity to learn about autism and establish a special relationship with Kian and this also brought Peggy such joy knowing that I was there for her beautiful grandson and knowing that I loved him and knew how brilliant he is! During this time in our lives Peggy and I both were social butterfly’s, we both enjoyed music and dancing we started going out to Summer concert s at the Red Lilly ( her favorite). We loved the local bands and follow the local bands Peggy being a friend of Linda & Dave , we went to their many (Mercy ) gigs and enjoyed the music and dancing . I think both our husband were happy we had each other to go to these events! We attended weddings and memorial services of dear friends together . We enjoyed a sip & paint night where we painted Blue Roosters. She was so happy for her son Kyle & her daughter in law Katie with the news of another new grandson and she would share photos and tell me how much he looked like Kyle and say he’s a busy little guy, she said she had to wear her tennis shoes . She loved her life and was so blessed and had so much to live for. Her Faith and love for Jesus and others was such an inspiration. It’s hard to imagine my life without my sweet friend and when I think of her family my heart breaks knowing how much they will miss her! May God bring peace and strength during this time may Jesus bring us hope when we are missing our beautiful Peggy she will be forever missed!
Posted by Thomas Kindell on June 12, 2021
    Peggy's Love for God

Peggy's love for God was huge
Like the ocean, it was deep
It seemed to be immeasurable
Like the stars beyond our reach
It filled her heart so full at times
You could feel it as she would speak
She clearly set her sights on Christ
And His heart, she did reach
If I could count the blades of grass
On earth's savannah plains
If I could count the raindrops
That fall in heavy rains
If I could count the leaves
On all the trees of earth's domain
The number still could not equate
To the love her heart contains
This world is now much poorer
For her loss is dearly felt
But heaven got much richer
When before her King she knelt

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