• 63 years old
  • Born on April 27, 1946 .
  • Passed away on August 19, 2009 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Philip Harrington 63 years old , born on April 27, 1946 and passed away on August 19, 2009. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Kathy Smith on 20th August 2018
Dear Philip! You left quite a family and career legacy for us to live up to. The world could really use your love, humor, charm, character and passion to uplift others. Thank you for showing us how to do it with class and grace. Still miss your laugh, great smile and bear hugs! Love, Kathy and Doug
Posted by Theresa Taylor on 19th August 2018
Philip-- I'll never forget because you're unforgettable.
Posted by Benny Ambush on 30th April 2018
Philip ~ I know you are rocking it for the Angels with your drum and clarinet. Party Hearty! Missing you. Benny
Posted by Theresa Taylor on 29th April 2018
Philip -- It seems you show in class right on time with and epiphany for me use to motivate one or two lackadaisical students. I smile with each thought of you. : )
Posted by Chandra Harrington on 27th April 2018
I miss you very much. We are all doing fine. No need to worry. I love you dearly and am so glad to have had over 40 years with you.
Posted by Millie CULVER on 27th April 2018
Hi Philip, I always smile when I get an opportunity to wish you another birthday as you golf in heaven. Give my love to Warren, I know you two are keeping an eye on the various sports you use to spend hours talking about long distance!
Posted by Kafi Garrus on 27th April 2018
Hi, Daddy. I miss you very much. Think of you every day. I often see you in Zaire and smile. Carrying on your legacy in raising him — affirming him, lifting him up, cloaking him in Black pride. Love you! ~Daughter #1
Posted by Kariuki Thande on 27th April 2018
Happy Birthday Uncle Phil!
Posted by Theresa Taylor on 20th August 2017
Hey Philip : ) Precious memories of you remain fresh and will never fade. Missing you still. Twyla, Dion, Amyah (Twyla's dgtr) and I have planned an eclipse party for Monday, August 21st. You will have the best view of it!! Love, Resa
Posted by Chandra Harrington on 19th August 2017
Hi Philip I know you are enjoying your golf game. Whenever I pass a golf course, I think of you and how you would probably stop and play. I'm doing fine. No need to worry. I love you always. Chan
Posted by Millie CULVER on 19th August 2017
Hello my Brotha, These are the times that try men's souls...the times we need our anchor hold...you'll be so proud to know the family is doin' alright! Tyron was just promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, Shayne got on with Delta. Varni just finished the play Lion King and Stone's business is thriving. And all the rest are so blessed with love and memories you. Continue resting in Paradise......xoxoxo smooches
Posted by Benny Ambush on 19th August 2017
Philip ~ We still fighting the good fight down here. Serenade the Angels for us. Benjie
Posted by Theresa Taylor on 2nd September 2016
Philip. Missing you still. : )
Posted by Benny Ambush on 1st September 2016
Saying hello from below, Philip. Benny Ambush
Posted by Kathy Smith on 19th August 2016
Hey Cuz, Missing your smile, laugh and wonderful sense of humor. You are loved. Look forward to a wonderful reunion on the "Other Side" when it's time! Love, Kathy and Doug
Posted by Benny Ambush on 28th April 2016
70th Anniversary of your birth, Phil. Still missing you. Benny
Posted by Theresa Taylor on 1st September 2015
Still cherishing our conversations on motivating students--and ourselves. You gave me insightful wisdom that I use often. Missing you---still.
Posted by Millie CULVER on 21st August 2015
Thinking of your words of wisdom....and telling me just because someone doesn't show love the way you want them to, doesn't mean they are not loving you with all they have! Always with love, Millie
Posted by Tanika Baker on 20th August 2015
You are missed...missing you and that beautiful smile!!! Love you always Uncle Phil.
Posted by Benny Ambush on 20th August 2015
Hello from down here, Phil. MIssing you! ~ Benny
Posted by Kafi Garrus on 27th April 2015
Hi, Daddy! Thinking about you and missing you today and every day. Zaire and I talk about you fondly and often. I was recalling this weekend how you video taped interviews with then strangers in the parking lot at Spelman when I first arrived as a freshman. Many of those folks became friends and all remember that as a highlight of our college careers. Just one example of so many ways that you warmed hearts at home and in our extended community. I love you!! ~ Daughter #1
Posted by Theresa Taylor on 27th April 2015
Another year… another birthday gone by. Time seems to pass so quickly; however, never my thoughts of you. I smile and celebrate your life. …miss you!.
Posted by Benny Ambush on 27th April 2015
Remembering you fondly Phil. Are you playing your drum for the angels? ~ Benny Ambush
Posted by Benny Ambush on 19th August 2014
Thinking of you on this day, Philip. We miss you!!
Posted by Kamala Questel on 15th June 2014
Daddy, Some days, I just can't bear the pain of your absence. Today is one of those days. I think of you everyday. I even close my eyes sometimes and imagine your laugh and warm hugs. I here you say my name with affection. "Kamala-bala". I'm so "lucky" to be able to draw on those memories they make me sad, but mostly lift me up. Many of those memories make me giggle out loud. People continue to tell me of the impact you had on their lives. Many times it's men my age whom you influenced, more than just a few. They say you are one of their heroes and role models. A hero. It makes me so proud - proud to be your kid, but proud of you. You have left an honorable and memorable legacy. You worked hard, Daddy. I hope you're sitting back and thinking: "I did well". You did extraordinarily. I miss you so much. I can't wait to see you again. Don't ever forget, you're daughters love you.
Posted by Chandra Harrington on 8th May 2014
Hi Hon I miss you now more than ever. I think of you often and review all the times we had together. I wish you were here to give your love and encouragement to your amazing grandson, Zaire. Don't worry. He remembers you and knows you are in heaven. Your girls are doing fine. You raised them so well. Thank you for introducing me to your wonderful family. I am still enjoying happy and hilarious times with them. I know you are looking down at us from your happy place with your parents and are playing golf with Fred all the time. I love you. Chan
Posted by Kathy Smith on 29th April 2014
Philip, I can still hear your laugh and see that million dollar smile! We are all better off because you lived and continue to live in our hearts. Love You, Cuz! Kathy
Posted by Kafi Garrus on 28th April 2014
Happy Birthday, Daddy! Miss you very much and think of you every day. Sending lots of love.
Posted by Warren Harrington on 28th April 2014
My uncle Phil!!! I love you so much. I miss you. My memories go back to Sherborn Ma. Where your smile, and how you loved reminded me of what family was and how it felt to be a Harrington. You were a brilliant man and a true example of what a father should be. I will spend the rest of my life hoping to be at least half the man you wer. All who had the chance to know you, whether if it were for years or a mere moment, were forever blessed. And that's what's up. Love you-Varnie
Posted by Millie CULVER on 27th April 2014
Well Philip, it's been 5 years and we still can't believe you have left us---your essence is just that strong! Everything changed when you left and I really miss you coming to Los Angeles with your clarinet, your camera, drums and your loving words and charm for me, my sisters and my granddaughter Sydni. We will forever cherish your love for learning something new everyday and telling us it is okay to fail as long as you try and give it all you have!. Til we meet again....I'll always love ya' Millie
Posted by Theresa Taylor on 27th April 2014
Philip, Your smile, and the giggles you evoked in me, sprinkle into my life often, and your legacy as a mentor to inspire students has become my mantra -- Aspire to inspire. Five years is nothing when it come to missing you… still! I'm so glad you brought happy times to my life... and left sparks. Your birthday today.
Posted by Chaline Thannde on 27th April 2014
You must be looking at us like "what's going on over there?" Of course you are because your in a better place. Love and peace.
Posted by Imani Love on 29th September 2013
It's been 5 years since you passed...crazy thing is I just learned of your passing. I know your resting in peace because you worked so hard educating us to know who we are and where we come from, so that we know where we are going! Thank You so much for caring, educating, and blessing us Mr.Harington, Well Done!
Posted by Theresa Taylor on 19th August 2013
Philip! I need a foot massage! Just another reason I miss you. : )
Posted by Benny Ambush on 19th August 2013
Philip ~ I know you're making music with the angels and spreading the word through the drum. Miss you!!! ~ Benny
Posted by Tanika Baker on 19th August 2013
Uncle Phil... you are missed so very much. You have had such an affect on so many people. It brings joy to my heart to read all the thoughts people have posted. You have touched the lives of many from generation to generation. That's how amazing you are! I love and miss your beautiful smile and laughter. You will always be in my heart. I love you..
Posted by Millie CULVER on 5th October 2012
Hi Philip, It's Millie! No one could say my name like you did.....you almost made it sound like the best piece of chocolate you've ever eaten! Thanks for putting love in every greeting. All the sisters in L.A. were thinking of you today as we remembered how much we missed you. I celebrate you today. Luv ya' Millie
Posted by Theresa Taylor on 20th August 2012
Big brother, Philip I think of you so often and recently was looking through old pictures. I'm so glad you encouraged us to document! This practice is one which is part of my ELA classes Technology is yet exploding and you would be so proud of me. : ) a 64 techy! I can see your grin even now and imagine you saying" Resa that's great." Missing you so
Posted by Tyron Taylor on 20th August 2012
Uncle Phil, It's funny how you we live our lives and forget meetings, birthdays, or the last thought on our mind. But the memories spent with you fail to fade. From golfing (youth years), to laughing & singing (holidays), to education (INDEPREP), you are always in thought. Hard to imagine that i am now the new Unlce for my youth. Thanks & Love
Posted by Kamala Questel on 19th August 2012
Daddy, I miss your laugh, your guidance, encouragement, hugs, music, jokes, love of Mummy, passion, hard work, considerateness, your love of our heritage and people and our family, when you watched and interacted with Zai, your wisdom, example, opinion, warmth, uniting affect, honesty, creativity, Kwanzaas...so much more. You were our glue, our rock, hero, moon and stars.
Posted by Kafi Garrus on 19th August 2012
Hi, Daddy. We miss you immensely. I often have moments when I want to call and tell you about something funny or wacky in a way you might appreciate. I imagine you can see and hear us, and know that we're doing well. We still aim to make you proud of us every day, and know that you are. Love you! ~Kafi
Posted by Chaline Thannde on 19th August 2012
I know your sitting on a rainbow now, looking down at us. It was a true blessing knowing you!
Posted by June Ambush on 19th August 2012
Dear Phi, I remember hearing your beautiful singing voice and playing the clarinet! Your musical gift was so inspiring to all of us. I miss your smile, sense of humor, laughter, and the infectious spirit that touched everyone's life! God Bless you - we all love you!!
Posted by Kamala Questel on 28th April 2012
Hi Daddy. I miss you so much. I hear and see you so clearly. I long to hear you laugh again. Please come visit me in my dreams. Love, Daughter #2
Posted by Stone Harrington on 27th April 2012
....memories of the good and loving times will never die. I do miss my best friend. Wallace
Posted by Karen Thande on 27th April 2012
Remembering you Philip on your birthday and praying for peace and comfort for friends and family who sorely miss you. Your drum beat still rolls and reverberates in our minds and in our hearts. Love, Karen
Posted by Kafi Garrus on 27th April 2012
Hi, Daddy. As Zaire and I looked at photos of you, he excitedly exclaimed, "There's Grandpa!". Whew, if you could hear him talk -- he's quite the conversationalist. He loves to read, is strong in math, is becoming a great swimmer, and has begun Tae Kwon Do. It was important to you that we enjoy learning, know how to swim, be confident ... I'm passing it all on to Zai. Love, Daughter #1
Posted by Chandra Harrington on 27th April 2012
Hi Hon I love you and miss you much. I am so grateful for all you gave me and our children and my family for the 41 years we knew you. Your infectious spirit and positive energy changed my life and formed our children's personalities and spirits. We are all doing fine. No need to worry. I know you are watching over us. Love, Chan
Posted by Kariuki Thande on 19th August 2011
Miss you Uncle Phil.
Posted by Benny Ambush on 19th August 2011
Missing you Philip - your great smile, your drumming, your love of our people. Benny Ambush

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