Posted by David Murphy on February 21, 2019
It was a great honor for our family to come to know and love Aunt Phil. She treated us like family and we enjoyed getting to know her. She had a fabulous fun loving personality and was extremely thoughtful. We remember her daily when we use our towels (funny story), smell her lotions from Mexico (our favorite brand was bought at her timeshare and she graciously shipped them from her travels to us!), her aromatherapy scents (she had secrets for muscle aches) and even special cooking vanilla that she insisted would taste better (it did!). Thank you for your generosity Aunt Phil, you will be forever in our hearts. Xoxo.
-The Murphy Family
Posted by Richard Prevost on February 11, 2019
I am deeply saddened to learn of Phyllis' passing. I first met her at Norwich in the seventies and reconnected with her through the Norwich Club in Washington, DC. Her sharp mind, keen wit and sense of humor always stood out when we were together. She will be greatly missed.
Posted by Tomy Wright on February 11, 2019
Fondly remember Phyllis. Norwich Classmates and later a big fan of my music, enjoyed sharing an occasional meal when I worked in Alexandria. She loved our school. Miss her laugh, kindness, and her wonderful personality.
Posted by Paul Kelley on February 5, 2019
To know her, was to love her.  It was impossible to do one without the other. Kind, compassionate, full of life, with a personality bigger than the whole outdoors; are but a few of the words that I would use to describe her. Our friendship went back to Norwich and the 70s. Rekindled all the stronger after Bridgett told me that she lived but a few miles from us. Thank you Bridgett, thank you..
I was thrilled back in 05 when she asked me to be her date for her 30th reunion. We contacted Norwich and told the school that ‘Corvette Katy’ was coming home. The school opened the South Gate and allowed us to Drive the Vette right up to the steps of Jackman Hall... Cars on the Upper Parade had not been allowed for years.  What a day for her, she so loved our school and all of us who where there with her. Norwich gave her the royal treatment.  Well Deserved, well deserved!
I miss her terribly, it is impossible to comprehend her passing. Too soon, way too soon.
Posted by Roberta Cooper on February 4, 2019
I miss Phyllis something Fierce. We've been friends since the days of Norwich. Always there for all of us! We had plans for time together once she retired guess that will be on the other side now. 
Will remember fondly the times the 3 of us crammed into the vet, maybe because I got the center. Missing her mon too.

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