After a year-long battle with cancer, Preston spent his last few days talking and singing with family and friends, then slipped peacefully away. We are sad that he is gone, but thankful that he is finally at rest.

We thank all of the friends and family who have called and sent messages and letters the past few days; your loving words and thoughtfulness have been a great encouragement. 

Those wishing to leave a message or story on this site are welcome to do so as we celebrate the memory of Preston. We will hold a memorial with family and friends sometime next year when we can all be together.

Donations in Preston's memory can be made to the LEAP Center@KFEE (P.O. B ox 1184, Kosciusko, MS 39090.

Dear friends:  Each morning, we read the tributes and stories that have been posted here. It is such a joy to hear all of the personal ways that Preston/Dad has touched your lives, and we thank you for taking the time to share.  Much love, Ann, Jonathan, Kathryn, Carol
Posted by Pebble Anne Mowery on May 24, 2021
On the passing of the first year:

Tribute to Ann Hughes
World traveler, teacher, young Christian missionary to Austria.
Then you married “the best of the best”. I quote you and who would ever disagree.

You helped Preston always and then, during the heavy days of caring for him as he faced the most important and hardest days of his life, you were there 100% for him. He was blessed.

Dying of anything during 2020, the year of the pandemic, was a time when hospitals refused to allow family at the bedside. Preston’s heart had confidence in you and he left the hospital, coming home to die in the sanctity of his marriage, his family, and his home. 
What greater tribute to you can there be?

We love and appreciate you, Ann, not only for what you are, but for what Preston was when he was with you.

Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.

Posted by Frida Theros on May 23, 2021
You will live in our hearts for always and a day Preston. So glad our paths crossed. My life is richer for having known you.
Posted by Carol Hill on May 23, 2021
Missing you today, but thankful for all of the wonderful memories we share. And so thankful for this site; I have learned more about you and all of the people that you touched than I could ever have imagined!
Posted by Frida Theros on April 6, 2021
As one of Preston’ fans, I have put a painted rock in his memory on the Aspiration Ridge Community trail in Bloomington (see pics in the Gallery)

With the help of other ICL members, we helped develop some 150 feet of the trail system.

I am one of ICL’s hike organizers/leaders and was flattered when Preston came on my very first ICL hike. I thought it was appropriate to dedicate part of the trail section we established to Preston.

Feel free to enjoy the trail, visit his rock and add your own painted rocks.
Posted by Alan Wallace on March 28, 2021
Dear Ann and family. I remember so many things that took place during a limited period of time. A few years at Kosciusko High School and his move back to Kosciusko. I still drive by that home in Kosciusko and remember my visit with you and Preston. That was the day that I told him that he was the guy that I admired more than anyone in the entire school. I still feel that same degree of admiration for him.There was always just something about him that was special.
After the move back to Utah, we still managed to get together with a yearly meeting in Kosciusko with Elton Wright, Charles Dew and Paul Cain. So many stories about the football games and the awful football practices. As for me, it was evident that Preston had a huge interest in teaching. You see, Buster just wanted all kids to be like him. What a wonderful example he presented to his family, friends, and The United States of America.
Posted by Jerry Kaffka on March 27, 2021
Happy Birthday, Preston! The times we shared are ever in our memories. We miss you. Our best to Ann and family, from our family.

Jerry and Evelyn Kaffka
Posted by Frida Theros on March 27, 2021
Happy Birthday Preston. You are (will always be) one of the finest people I ever met. I only knew you from attending your class on Islam & had the pleasure of meeting your wife briefly at one of the ICL functions.
That was it, until I walked through your Gallery moments ago. Wow! I was so touched by so many of the photos, and feel I know you soooooo much better....... I am getting a lump in my throat just thinking of what it must have been like to be part of your family.

Although I enjoyed each & every photo in its own right, my favorite and the one that gave me the biggest smile was the one of you in the kitchen with all those luscious black mission figs. OMG. I wanted to reach into my iPad & grab a few.

My goodness you are missed! You are so very very missed.
Posted by Edward Moore on March 27, 2021
Happy Birthday Preston! Gloria and I think of you and your family as part of our family. When Joe Stallings passed recently at 91, we lost another part of our Turkey group. The year 2020 was a bad year because we lost you. Rest In Peace old friend.
Posted by Michelle Hughes on March 27, 2021
Happy Birthday ❤️ Thinking of you
Posted by Larry Isakson on June 20, 2020
Preston was highly valued friend and West Point classmate. Becky and I cherish trips to Turkey, card games, shared cruises, Army football games, and many other adventures enjoyed with Ann and Preston over the past 14 years. Preston was a great guy! A real networker who remained a true friend to almost everyone he met. A genuine Southern gentleman. His loss leaves a huge gap in our lives as neighbors in Southern Utah's Dixie.
Posted by Missy Klopfer on June 7, 2020
Love this sweet family. How fortunate I was to be able to attend a prayer breakfast in Ankara Turkey, in the 1980s with this dynamic speaker--a man of God. Prayers and love during this difficult time. Ann, thinking of you!

Missy Klopfer
Posted by Sherry Jagard on June 6, 2020
Dear Family,
I would like to express my condolences to each of you in the loss of Preston. His kindness, caring and friendliness has endeared him to me as it has to many others. It has been fun for me to stay with you in Santa Clara after all the years of you being so far away. Preston was always a gracious host to all of my family when we visited. And Ann, you of course were always the perfect hostess. I will miss his gentle ways and wonderful distinctive charming speech and good food. Again, I am so sorry for your loss and may God's comfort be with you at this time.  
                                 Love, Sherry Jagard                       

Posted by Dale Endreson on June 3, 2020
Dear Ann and Family,
We are so sorry to hear of the passing of Preston. I enjoyed talking to him about Turkey, its history, culture and of course politics. You and he were so gracious a few years ago when our car broke down in Utah and we had to have it towed to St. George. Words can never express adequately what we feel during times like this, but please accept our deepest condolences.
Posted by Read Gilgen on June 1, 2020
I am so sorry to hear of Preston's passing. I met him through ICL and was so impressed by his genuineness, by his vast knowledge acquired over many years, and for his compassion toward people of all nations and cultural backgrounds. He has been an inspiration to me as I began my teaching at ICL. Preston, you will be deeply missed.
Posted by Judy Zumwalt on June 1, 2020
I was fortunate to take two of Preston Hughes classes at ICL. He was so knowledgeable and personable and made his classes interesting and informative. He was such an asset! He is missed. My condolences to the family.
Posted by Frida Theros on June 1, 2020
I met Preston taking his class on Islam offered through ICL.

I admired his vast knowledge of the religion I was born into but never really practiced.

He was a wonderful instructor & made his class enjoyable as well as informative.

I am very sad at a loss many of us share with the family. My deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the entire family. I will definitely miss him.
Posted by Yalim Ates on June 1, 2020
Dear Hughes Family,
We have been through so many thing together with Preston that his sudden departure was a little shock to me.
He had mentored me through a lot of life's hardships and shown the good side of many problems I (we) faced.
He will be missed
Arzu & YAlim
Posted by Del Ray Hammons on May 31, 2020
Preston was a kind person who had a wealth of experience and knowledge and was willing to share both with anyone. He taught several meetings in our subdivision regarding his experiences in Turkey and his insights regarding those experiences. Whenever his path and mine crossed while walking in our subdivision, he always had a cheery greeting and genuine smile. I hope we can all live lives that result in touching positively and helping so many of those whose paths we cross like Preston did! We will miss him and send our condolences to Ann, his family, and his many friends. 
Posted by Kuter Atac on May 28, 2020
Dear Ann, We were in deep sorrow to hear about the death of Preston.We were saddened to loose a special friend. Considering his intellectual capacity, his tolerance and always beşng ready to do good, it is obvious that was a real loss. He learned Turkish and he easily related to Turkish people, indicating one of his qualities. But we can do nothing. We loved him very much. Only thing we can do is to remember him and to continue hiş memory.
  We present our condolences.
Posted by Donald Witheford on May 28, 2020
Our family ( Aussie diplomats) were privileged to get to know Preston, Ann and the kids in Ankara some 30 years ago. Apart from his peerless personal qualities, which other contributors have so eloquently described, from that time I particularly recall his outstanding commencement address at the USAF George C Marshall High School, his command of Turkish - a very tall order for most Anglos - and a successful skirmish with cancer.
In 1997 my late wife and I had the pleasure of staying with the Hugheses at Kosciusko.
Since that time we had kept in touch by email up until earlier this month, indulging our shared interest in events in Turkey, Washington and elsewhere.
Highly esteemed and sadly missed.
Posted by Edward Moore on May 27, 2020
Gloria and I have no words that can express our feelings of loss. Preston was perhaps the “goodest” person we ever knew and every memory we have of him, Ann and the family makes us smile. When we first moved to Turkey in 1978, he came over introduced himself and then helped us paint the house. Over the years since Preston has always been a giving and positive friend. He was a brother in arms and like a brother in our hearts. Ann, please accept our most sincere condolences for your and our loss.
Posted by Anne Witheford on May 27, 2020
Dear Mrs Hughes/Ann

We are thinking of you, Kathryn (Kappy), Carol, Jonathan and your entire extended family from here in Australia.

Sincere deep condolences on the passing of Mr Hughes/Preston- such a wonderful person and father who gave so much, and was a terrific role model to all around him. I still remember the ski trips to Uludag and all the happy times as kids over at your place in Cankaya eating icecream!

Wishing your family strength for this very difficult time. Mum (Sue Myongsook) passed away 7 years ago after a long illness (dementia/cancer) and while it was such a terrible time, it also brought the family together more than ever. And I'm sure it will do the same with your family.

Much love and hugs-
Anne, Stephen, Andrew and Don Witheford
Canberra, Australia 
Posted by Robert Kramer on May 26, 2020
Preston was admired and loved by ICL members. He was a favorite instructor for ICL for many years. His generosity, intelligence and kindness will always be remembered.
Posted by Rebecca Rasberry on May 26, 2020
I recall working at Rib Alley and serving the men from “The Club” each month. Mr. Hughes was very genuine and he always had a kind word in passing.
He & Ann enjoyed spearheading The Leap Center many years ago.
My husband Wes, thought very highly of him and they shared a few conversations over the years.
I remember how well manicured their lawn was and seeing them both outside from time to time.
My sympathies and prayers for Ann and his family as they grieve his passing. May The Lord bring hope and remembrance of forever memories.
Sincerely, Becky Rasberry
Posted by Elif Bechert on May 26, 2020
Dear Ann,

In one of his last emails to me, Preston had written that you were his everything and I had replied that Suna is the same for me. I am sure you feel the same for him. We wish you strength and courage to continue.

In 1972 while I was a teacher at the Turkish Command and General Staff College in Istanbul, I became Preston's sponsor. That's how we met. In a short time, our families became friends and have remained so. Though I was in the Turkish Army and Preston in the US Army, our friendship lasted. May he rest in peace.

Azmi and Suna
Posted by Sam Grimshaw on May 26, 2020
Aunt Ann and family, we are sorry to hear of Uncle Preston's passing and hope that peace and comfort are yours. I will miss Uncle Preston's Country Gentleman manners. I remember him walking Great Aunt Lillian home after lunch. He saw to it that she made it home safe. He was always very kind and genuine. Aunt Ann, I miss the games of scrabble at Grandma Grimshaw's house (not that I won playing you and Uncle Preston--between the two of you I remember you as a dictionary and him as a thesaurus). Thank you for traveling to Enoch so often and visiting us and building family memories. We love you and hope that the peace of Lord will be with you now and always.
Posted by Jerry Kaffka on May 26, 2020

Dear Ann and Family,

I had the distinct honor of having Preston as a colleague in our assignments to Turkey, but, more importantly, as a trusted and highly respected friend for 44 years. He was a person of absolute integrity, unflinching honesty and one of the most positive people I have ever known. I will treasure the memories of the time we spent together, through the years, highlighted by our adventures and the occasional misadventure, we shared as assistant attaches in the Defense Attache Office, U.S. Embassy, Ankara at the outset of our friendship. He was a dear friend. I will miss him. 

I am joined by Evelyn and our family in extending our most heartfelt condolences to you and your family as we remember the good times we have shared.

Jerry Kaffka

Posted by Skip ODonnell on May 26, 2020
It is sad to see that Preston Hughes has passed to the other side so quickly. I was in the same regiment with Preston at West Point and we took a lot of classes and activities together. We graduated as Field Artillery officers and crossed paths at Fort sill. Then I heard he went into the US Foreign Service with many assignments to Turkey. Several years ago he and Ann moved to an area east of St. George, UT just north of us in Las Vegas. My wife Marilyn and I would stop by St. George at the local Cracker Barrel for brunch or dinner with them on our way up or down from Salt Lake City and Idaho Falls to visit our daughters. He was always in high spirits during those short visits. I also remember his deep faith in God and he is now up there rooting for us to join him.. God speed, Preston. See you on the other side.
Posted by Susan Lacy on May 26, 2020
Dear Ann and Hughes Family:

It is with great sorrow that Heber and I learned of Preston's passing. He was an exceptional man. One of my earliest memories of him is when I was around nine years old in Kosciusko. He and my father, Tom Lacey, had reconnected and Preston demonstrated to my brothers and me how to throw an authentic Australian boomerang. Impressive indeed. How my father cherished his friendship with Preston. May God bless you all and grant Preston eternal rest.

Susan Lacey and Heber Vellon
Posted by Susan Wood on May 26, 2020
We were blessed to meet Preston and Ann through our family: Barry, Meltem and Ozan Wood in St George. The Hughes family reached out and welcomed the family when they moved to Utah from Istanbul. They continued to pay attention to them and invite all of us over when we visited over the past two years. We were last there in September 2019 when we met at Pine Valley for a visit with the Hughes and daughters and grandkids. Our condolences to the entire family. 
Posted by Onur Coskun on May 25, 2020
“Preston”, I have been hearing this name from dad since I was a little kid, and , I remember, it was 30 years ago when I actually meet Preston and Ann in person. Uncle Preston has always been there since then, just like he had done before. He was the one who brought me and my sister ice cream when our tonsils were removed, doctor recommended ice cream for faster recovery and there was no ice cream available in winter in Turkey at the time. Thanksgiving, Christmas, they always involved my family whenever they can, and Uncle Preston was always there. I always tell, when asked, his influence on my arrival to USA and my fast adaptation to the culture is unprecedented. Him, and Hugheses, became a second family for me in in peace Uncle Preston. I will always remember you, I will keep talking about you and tell your stories to my kids and my grand kids. Thank you for everything you did for myself and my family.
Posted by Luis Arzubi on May 25, 2020
I had the pleasure and good fortune of meeting Preston about nine years ago. We became acquainted with each other through long, energetic and sometimes exhausting walks. Walks that were always accompanied with some good philosophical discussions about life, faith and family amongst others. Through these conversations Preston revealed himself as the honorable experienced, positive and erudite gentleman he was. I learned very fast to appreciate, value and enjoy his thoughts and his points of view.
I wish I would have met Preston earlier in life and it is with sadness and sorrow that I see him leaving us..
Preston will be truly missed.

Posted by Cindy O’Donovan on May 25, 2020
Dear Hughes Family,
We were so sorry to hear of Preston’s passing. I knew him through my Parents (Curt and Lennie Churchwell). My Dad was West Point Class of 65 as well... Preston was so kind to meet us at West Point several years ago when my Dad passed and was Interred there...such a kind and impressive man...keeping him and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Cindy (Churchwell) O’Donovan
College Station, Texas
Posted by Art Mark on May 25, 2020
Preston and I were friends and company mates in Company E-2 during our plebe and yearling years at USMA. I will always remember Preston for his "PERPTUAL POSITIVE ATTITUDE" towards life. Whenever I or anyone in our class was feeling down about something, he could immediately quote a passage from the Bible appropriate to to the situation to remind us that things were never as bad as they might seeem and to use our "STRENGTH AND DRIVE" to carry on. PAX VOBISUM AND BE THOU AT PEACE. Love and Prayers, ART AND TERRI MARK.
Posted by PATRICIA ULKU on May 25, 2020
Preston's passing will be truly mourned by the myriad of friends and colleagues lucky enough to have shared a part of his life. He was a man of consummate skills and commitment to his community, to everything and everyone he loved. Dincer and I continue to remember the shared special family times in Turkey, our long conversations and trips together. Preston will live on in our rich and precious memories.
Posted by Elif Bechert on May 25, 2020
Dear Hughes Family,

We are deeply saddened by your loss.

At the same time, we are very grateful for the wonderful memories we have of Preston. We will cherish these and he will continue to live in our hearts.

May his soul rest in peace.

Our condolences,

Elif, Jörn, Aylin and Timo 

Posted by Nancy Strauss on May 25, 2020
I am so very sorry to learn of Preston’s passing. I was SO fortunate to take his absolutely fascinating Islam class at ICL—it was my very first class at ICL and he was such a great teacher. I enjoyed it immensely. My prayers are with his family at this very difficult time.
Posted by Timothy Alford, M.D. on May 25, 2020
It is hard to remember Preston without thinking of Ann. While I served as a school board member in Kosciusko, Ann seldom missed one of our meetings and she wasn't even on the Board! She listened and seldom spoke. She cared greatly about children - and still does. Preston cared, too. Preston was the consummate listener. Whenever you were around him you wanted to sit a little straighter, stand a bit taller and speak with accuracy. It helped to have references. 

On April 4 as I recovered from my Covid illness, Preston called to check on me. His concern ran deep and true. At that time he asked about LEAP, the ongoing Learning Enhancement program hosted by Kosciusko Education Foundation. LEAP was his brainchild and this tutoring program has saved many failing children. Preston and Ann were long-time volunteers at LEAP.

So this friend, mentor, teacher, husband, father, grandfather and soldier has moved on and he has amply challenged us to live better and do the most with our lives. Preston squeezed all the goodness out of God's kingdom that he could. I know he wants us to do the same. We are eternally grateful for his example of a life well-lived. 
Posted by Alan Wallace on May 25, 2020
Ann, It is so hard to lose a guy like my friend, Buster Hughes. During our high school years in Kosciusko, it was obvious to me that Buster was Special. As you know , after you and Buster moved to Kosciusko, I paid you a visit. I told Buster that I always thought that he was a great person. I really admired him for always acting in a very different manner than a typical high school student. He loved Kosciusko High School and the undefeated Kosciusko High School Whippets. As for me, I loved Preston Hughes, and I will never forget him.
Posted by Elder Granger on May 25, 2020
Preston was a fellow Soldier, Veteran, Friend, Brother, and Patient who always took the time to discuss and demonstrate how we should try everyday and every way to make the world and our communities a better place. Now abide Faith, Hope, and Love, the greatest of these is Love!! Preston loved everyone and everyone loved him. 

Brother Elder Granger MD Major General US Army retired and Brenda W. Granger
Posted by Bob Cato on May 25, 2020
I am deeply saddened by the passing of Preston. Our paths crossed several times throughout the years - from West Point and Ft Sill to our fairly recent trip to Turkey - and I never failed to be impressed by his love of live and people and his willingness to help however he could.

In the words of our Alma Mater

"And when our work is done,
Our course on earth is run
May it be said "Well done"
Be thou at peace"

Well done, Preston. You will be missed.
Posted by Ralph Clingan on May 25, 2020
Our heartfelt condolences and prayers to the family. We are glad for his peace and will now pray for his family's comfort.
Rev. Ralph Clingan and congregation of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church.
Posted by Bruce Johnson on May 25, 2020
I will always treasure my friendship with Preston. He made a big difference in the lives of many people, including mine. I had several opportunities to travel with Preston during visits to Turkey.  Each time I met Turkish friends of Preston.  It was clear that Preston was important in their lives.

Preston had a big impact on the town of Kosciusko, Mississippi. One of his important initiatives, after retiring from the Army, was the developing of the LEAP Center in downtown Kosciusko. This program has made a big difference in the lives of many young people growing up in that part of Mississippi. 
Posted by Doug Bowen on May 24, 2020
I met Preston when he taught a class on Islam for the Institute For Continued Learning at Dixie State University. You had to get to class early to assure getting a seat--he was a great teacher. I especially appreciate the help he gave me with a WW1 class while I was out of town. He will be sorely missed.
Posted by Len Hutchinson on May 24, 2020
Preston's passing created a significant void for our family. We want to pass on our sympathy to you, Ann and the entire Hughes family., My friendship with Preston started in 1966 when we were Junior lieutenants in Vietnam. That friendship is something that I have cherished since that time and will continue to cherish it for all my days.

Ann, Bubba and I treasure the time that we have spent together and will pray for you and your family.

Hutch and family
Posted by Alton Wright on May 24, 2020
Buster was a long time friend and high school classmate. I was saddened to hear recently that he had cancer and sorry to hear of his passing.
I am praying for his family during this time.  He will be truly missed by the Class of 61!!!
Posted by Shelley Joseph on May 24, 2020
Ann, So sorry to hear of Buster's passing. We were classmates since he came to Kosciusko. We were on the cafeteria run together in 8 and 9th grade I believe. We were also in the Jr. Play "Arsenic and Old Lace"
with other classmates. Even as a high school classmate he was one of my heroes. I wrote to him several times while he was at West Point and when he was stationed in Turkey. When I visited Kosciusko would try to get up with him when you'll lived there. He is one of the very best our class produced.
He and your family will always be in my prayers. Happy he is finally with the Lord reaping his just reward. Sincerely, Shelley Joseph. Will Never Forget his "Southern,Rich, Mellow Voice", and many acts of kindness he showed to so many in need and the friendship he extended to me. 
Posted by Travis Hill on May 24, 2020
Grandpa, you will be missed. Fishing, hiking and camping will not be the same. I would never be able to say I have hiked the Appalachian trail if it wasn't for you taking me there. One day I will finish it but for now I will look back and remember the fun had.
Posted by Lenore Churchwell on May 24, 2020
I am so sorry to hear of Preston's passing. I had just sent him an email yesterday inquiring about a visit to Mayo he had mentioned previously. He and Curt were very dear friends, and now they are together. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your dear family at this time. 
Posted by Alan Paige on May 24, 2020
Preston's passing is a loss to all who knew him. The legacy he leaves is a wonderful family and the example of an amazing soldier, teacher, and gentleman. 
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Recent Tributes
Posted by Pebble Anne Mowery on May 24, 2021
On the passing of the first year:

Tribute to Ann Hughes
World traveler, teacher, young Christian missionary to Austria.
Then you married “the best of the best”. I quote you and who would ever disagree.

You helped Preston always and then, during the heavy days of caring for him as he faced the most important and hardest days of his life, you were there 100% for him. He was blessed.

Dying of anything during 2020, the year of the pandemic, was a time when hospitals refused to allow family at the bedside. Preston’s heart had confidence in you and he left the hospital, coming home to die in the sanctity of his marriage, his family, and his home. 
What greater tribute to you can there be?

We love and appreciate you, Ann, not only for what you are, but for what Preston was when he was with you.

Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.

Posted by Frida Theros on May 23, 2021
You will live in our hearts for always and a day Preston. So glad our paths crossed. My life is richer for having known you.
Posted by Carol Hill on May 23, 2021
Missing you today, but thankful for all of the wonderful memories we share. And so thankful for this site; I have learned more about you and all of the people that you touched than I could ever have imagined!
his Life

Preston Hughes, Obituary

Preston Hughes (77) passed away in Santa Clara, UT, on  May 23, 2020. He was the son of Preston L. Hughes (deceased), from Gladys, VA, and Mary Kate (McNeel) Hughes (deceased) from Louisville, MS. He is survived by his wife of 49 years, Ann Hughes, and his three children, Jonathan, Kathryn, and Carol, and nine grandchildren.

Preston was born in 1943, in Washington, DC. He grew up in central Mississippi, where he attended elementary school  in Louisville and junior high/high school in Kosciusko. He was a member of the undefeated Kosciusko High School football team of 1960. Graduating from Kosciusko High School in 1961, he entered the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. In 1965, he graduated from the Military Academy and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Field Artillery.

He married Ann Grimshaw, from Cedar City (Enoch), Utah, in 1971 in Watsonville, CA, while he was studying Turkish at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey. Their marriage was blessed with three wonderful children:  Jonathan (Michelle) Hughes, Kathryn (John) Boogaard and Carol (Scott) Hill, and with nine very special grandchildren, whom he loved dearly. 

During a military career spanning 27 years, Preston served two years in Vietnam and 13.5 years in Turkey. Among his assignments in Turkey were three years as Assistant Army Attache in Ankara (1975-78) and eight years as the NATO Liaison Officer to the Turkish General Staff (1981-85 and 1988-92). Ann was by his side throughout those years in Turkey, during which two of their three children were born. All the family came to think of Turkey as a "second home," and they recalled often and with great fondness the memories of the places and people they came to know during their years in that beautiful country.

Upon retirement from the military, Preston and Ann settled in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Their children attended universities/college there: Jonathan to Mississippi State University, Kathryn to Millsaps College and Carol to the University of Southern Mississippi. 

Preston's post-retirement activities in Kosciusko included helping establish a tutorial program called the LEAP Center and a biracial men's club called The Club. He also taught American Government as an adjunct instructor for Holmes Community College. Ever the "man in the ring," Preston ran for state Senate in 1995, an experience that allowed him to create broader and deeper bonds to the people of Mississippi.

In 2009, Preston and Ann moved to Santa Clara, Utah. His activities since 2009 included teaching American Government and Introduction to Islam as an adjunct instructor for Dixie State University. He also taught courses on Islam in the Institute for Continued Learning (ICL) Program, and he was a volunteer at the VA Home in Ivins, leading discussions on current Events. He attended the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in St. George.

Recent stories
Shared by Ruby Demouchet on July 20, 2020
  • I was sorry to hear of Colonel Hughes’ passing from my daughter Shemika who is a friend of his lovely daughters Kathryn and Carol. I remember years ago in Ankara, Turkey Col Hughes was the speaker at a high school graduation. I was hanging on to every word. It was the most meaningful one I had ever heard. Later I desired a copy of it and he was gracious enough to give me one. Sometime later I preached a sermon and the next day at a gathering he singled me out and told me he enjoyed my talk on yesterday. It meant so much coming from such an eloquent speaker. All of you have my deepest condolences and I am sorry it has taken me so long to share. May God keep you all in comfort and peace!

Preston Hughes: A Man of Action

Shared by Larry Isakson on June 20, 2020
Preston didn’t waste much time when taking action after making a decision.One afternoon in the midst of a card game we showed Preston a brochure of an interesting sea adventure.He looked at it briefly and said, “let’s do it.”He immediately called and made reservations, without a second thought.We resumed the game and a few weeks later were on a small yacht cruise of Slovenia and the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.One of our most enjoyable journeys with Ann and Preston.


Shared by Rodney Kaminska on June 5, 2020
Dear Ann and family
       I was so sorry (no shocked) to read of Preston's passing.  My most sincere condolences to the family.  I had got to know Preston at the Holyoak family reunions and I loved to chat with him.  I will miss him at the family reunions very much.