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First anniversary of mum's passing

Shared by Martin Van Run on January 26, 2020
The time has passed so quickly since mum passed away on the 24 January last year.  Even so, I often think about her and what she means to me.  Also, over the past year, I have spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen at home, trying out new recipes and generally enjoying cooking.  For that, I think have to give credit and thanks to mum to a large degree.  She was the one that got me going on that, when I was still younger than 10 years old. 

I recall being in the kitchen with her listening to 3YB on our yellow bakelite radio while she was dong the ironing, and instructing and entrusting me to mix the ingredients for Dutch meatballs: beef, breadcrumbs, chopped onion, salt, egg, a dash of tomato sauce and the magic ingredient - Maggi seasoning (used in Europe before they really started using soy sauce and Worchestershire sauce).  And of course, they were made to be a little larger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball, then cooked in lots of butter on the stovetop in a large heavy pan, before some stock was added to make a delicious sauce.  Served with mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables. 

No doubt the recipe has become a bit more elaborate over the years, adding a bit of this and a bit of that, and the vegetables would now be steamed rather than boiled, but the basics remain.  At dinnertime, salt and pepper would be on the table, along with the tomato sauce, and the magic bottle of Maggi seasoning.  A very fond memory.

A Moral Conscience

Shared by Rachel Van Run on March 18, 2019

My mum always followed her heart if she believed strongly in something.

I have two examples of this.

The first was in 2005 when a young Dutch Backpacker was shot here in Melbourne by a gunman.  Mum wanted to do something for the young man so that he would not think too badly of Melbourne.  She purchased an Australian Koala Bear but didn't know how to get it to the young man.  She contacted her local council member and he arranged for the Koala Bear to be delivered to the hospital on behalf of my mother.

The second example was her determination to attend a rally in Melbourne where Derryn Hinch was gathering people to protest against lenient sentences for victims of crime.  She can be seen in the front row (on the left hand side, wearing an orange jacket).  My mum could always be found in the front row when it meant something to her. I will publish this photo to the Photo Gallery.


Shared by Wim Van Run on January 28, 2019
My memory of Chelly
Hoewel het al bijna 70 jaar geleden is kan ik mij toch nog goed herinneren dat Chelly voor het eerst bij ons thuis kwam. Martin was heel trots op haar toen hij haar aan ons voorstelde en wij vonden haar meteen leuk. Vooral dat Rotterdamse accent. Het klikte meteen. Zij was nog heel jong toen ze gingen trouwen.19 jaar.Toen ze 2 kinderen hadden gingen ze emigreren naar Australia. Toen ze vertrokken was zij in verwachting van haar 3de kind en ik was ook in verwachting van mijn 2de kind. We waren allebei even ver en allebei dachten we een Kerstkindje te krijgen dus de maand December werd steeds spannender.
Maar wat gebeurde er? Onze dochter Ineke werd 10 dagen voor de Kerstmis geboren en hun dochter Chelly 10 dagen na Kerstmis op 3 Koningen. 
Dus geen Kerstkindjes maar wel 2 hele lieve meisjes. En dat zijn ze nog steeds, maar nu zijn ze lieve vrouwen.
Dit is nog altijd een leuke herinnering.
                                                                                    Riet Smits-van Run

My memory of Chelly
Although it is almost 70 years ago, I can still remember that Chelly came home for the first time. Martin was very proud of her when he introduced her to us and we liked her right away. Especially that Rotterdam accent. It clicked immediately. She was still very young when they got married.19 years. When they had 2 children they emigrated to Australia. When she left she was expecting her 3rd child and I was also expecting my 2nd child. We were both equally far and both thought we would get a Christmas child so the month of December became more and more exciting.
But what happened? Our daughter Ineke was born 10 days before Christmas and their daughter Chelly 10 days after Christmas on 3 Kings.
So no Christmas children but 2 very sweet girls. And they still are, but now they are lovely women.
This is still a nice memory.
                                                                                    R. Smits-van Run

Mijn herinnering aan Chelly
De bruiloft van Chelly en Martin kan lk mij nog goed herinneren. Het was een leuk feest met een lookalike van de bekende artiest Lou Bandy. Later op de avond van het feest nam de bruid (Chelly) de microfoon op en begon luidkeels te zingen: 
Over 25 jaar zal ik Martin nog steeds beminnen, ook al hebben wij grijs haar want we blijven jong van binnen...
Nou de hele zaal zong mee en de stemming zat er meteen extra goed in.
En die 25 jaar zijn er ruim 60 geworden.
                                                                                          Nel Rietveld-van Run

My memory of Chelly
I can still remember the wedding of Chelly and Martin. It was a fun party with a lookalike by the famous artist Lou Bandy. Later in the evening of the party the bride (Chelly) took the microphone and began to sing loudly: 
In 25 years I will still love Martin,even though we have gray hair because we stay young inside ...
Well the whole room was singing and the mood was immediately extra good.
And those 25 years have become more than 60.
                                                                                 Nel Rietveld-van Run

Lieve Rachel, 
Je zal voor altijd in onze herinnering blijven als een lieve schoonzus en een zorgzame vrouw en moeder voor onze broer Martin en jullie kinderen. 
Als verkoopster, adviseuse en ontwerpster in een Rotterdamse cadeauwinkel met een uitgebreide sortering  kunstzinnige artikelen op velerlei gebied, toonde je veel eigen initatief, creativiteit en doorzettingsvermogen om je doelen te bereiken. Deze eigenschappen hebben jij en Martin gebruikt om de eerste moeilijke jaren na de emigratie naar Australië te doorstaan. Thuis keken wij uit naar jullie berichten over de kinderen en jullie leven in Australië. 
Wij hebben genoten van jullie bezoeken aan Holland en van onze rondreis in Australië met als hoogtepunten: samen met jullie en je kinderen in Melbourne zijn en samen met jullie logeren aan de Goudkust.
Rachel bedankt voor alles wat je voor je gezin en voor ons bent geweest.
Atie en Wim van Run

Dear Rachel,
You will forever remain in our memory as a sweet sister in law and a caring wife and mother for our brother Martin and your children.
As a saleswoman, consultant and designer in a Rotterdam gift shop with an extensive assortment of artistic articles in many fields, you showed a lot of your own initiative, creativity and perseverance to achieve your purposes. You and Martin used these qualities to endure the first difficult years after emigration to Australia. At home we looked forward to your reports about the children and your life in Australia.
We have enjoyed your visits to Holland and our trip in Australia with the highlights: being with you and your children in Melbourne and staying with you on the Gold Coast.
Thank you Rachel for all you have been for your family and for us.
Atie and Wim van Run

Lieve Familie,

Als zwager, (echtgenoot van Tilly, de overleden zus van Martin) heb ik Chelly leren kennen als een lieve schoonzus. Ik wil jullie allen condoleren met het verlies van jullie moeder en oma, ik wens jullie, mede namens mijn huidige partner Willy, heel veel sterkte met het verlies.
Jan van Straten.
Dear family,
As a brother-in-law, (husband of Tilly, the deceased sister of Martin) I got to know Chelly as a sweet sister in law. I want to condemn all of you with the loss of your mother and grandmother, I wish you, also on behalf of my current partner Willy, a lot of strength with the loss.
Jan van Straten.

You will be missed!

Shared by Cynthia Roof on January 29, 2019

Dearest Van Run family,

Tante Chelly was always so sweet to me as far back as I can remember in Warnambool. I remember going to her apartment years ago when Ome Martin was still with us, and Jessica was around 2 years old 1991; she sat on Tante Chels knee for the longest time and talked to Jessica in a sweet soft voice. Jessica would give her hugs and kisses. I still have the vase she gave me years before that, unfortunately the quilt didn't last but it was blue and ivory with flowers. The last time I saw Tante Chel was at Mariska's in October 2016 for lunch with Chelly and Martin, Maria, Antoinette and Frank. She first thought I was Marianne her sister, it was one of her better days and it was great seeing her. 

I wish I had been able to see her one more time but just for my selfish reasons.I wish the USA wasn't so far away. Until we meet again. Jessica, Nicholas and Cynthia Roof(Rath-Doof)

Love you and thanks so much for all the memories. xxxx

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