This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Randall James 64 years old, born on March 8, 1947 and passed away on September 22, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by william morris on March 8, 2016
Happy birthday buddy. miss you
Posted by william morris on September 22, 2015
miss you buddy 4 years already
Posted by william morris on March 8, 2015
sad day today miss you/love you
Posted by justin james on March 8, 2014
Even though I miss you now more than ever, I am at peace knowing you are in a better place and health again. You were loved more than I can express and leave behind a loving family that is eager to see you again in heaven. I love you dad!
Posted by Kymberly B on September 22, 2013
You will forever be missed. I still can remember it clear as yesterday randy hollering at mark to quit starting his engine n call it a night. Ill always remember the good times....God bless u deb and u inspire me to be a strong woman everyday.
Posted by Jonathan Lange on September 22, 2012
Having a brown drink to you. Cheers Man!
Posted by Jonathan Lange on December 9, 2011
Miss ya Man.
Posted by Richard & Carol Neill on November 29, 2011
Randy was a unique person.A definite addition to our lives. He will be missed.
Cherrish the memories, God Bless.
Posted by william morris on November 15, 2011
He is my brother.

Posted by Kymberly B on October 3, 2011
James family, As a neighbor to randy we are honored to know him and share fond memories with Debbi and Randy. He will be missed n always remembered. Debbi we will always be next door to share memories of the days with Randy. God bless you n family. Love Mark n Kym(R.I.P Randy)
Posted by Woody & Denise Allison Al... on October 3, 2011
What moves through us is a sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch, We may not understand why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget.
Posted by Aunt Helen on October 3, 2011
Although it is difficult today to see beyond the sorrow you feel, may the peace which comes from the love you and Randy shared give you comfort today and in the days ahead.
Posted by Debbi James on September 30, 2011
One of my strengths during this time is knowing how many good friends Randy had. I've posted his obituary under the "His Life" tab and hope that all of you will post a story. He was a character and left so many funny memories that I hope you will share with the kids and I!

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Posted by william morris on March 8, 2016
Happy birthday buddy. miss you
Posted by william morris on September 22, 2015
miss you buddy 4 years already
Posted by william morris on March 8, 2015
sad day today miss you/love you
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my buddy

Shared by william morris on November 15, 2011

Debbi, you know what friendship with Randy met to me. I think about him most days. Debbi you will always be a part of my life and family. I will keep in touch and maybe someday you will be able to come see us.






My best friend

Shared by justin james on October 3, 2011

We all mourn in different ways, but my father(Randy) would want us to remember him as the man we all loved. He was a great father, friend, listener, and my rock. The days of sitting of the bank of a river or bonito lake teaching me all he knew about fishing are some of my fondest memories. Driving into the middle of nowhere so we were safe and alone to shoot all the guns we possibly could. Even as I grew older, if i left the yard a dog was going with me. He was a veteran that loved his country, defended it, and felt strong enough about  it to let his own son join the good fight. I could not be more proud of my father! Even though he was very sick up until the very end, he fought hard, not for himself for his loved family and friends. I am at peace knowing that he is in a better place with no pain or suffering, but family and friends he has waited a long time to see. Dad, you are a role model for us all that in this shitty world, doing the right thing takes more heart and guts than the alternative. You will be missed by more people than you thought. I LOVE YOU DAD! I can not wait to see you again, your loving and proud son JUSTIN JAMES. 

My Dad

Shared by Lesley Doyle on October 3, 2011

It's difficult to find the right words to express the feelings you have when you lose a parent. I'm sad because I was and will always be a daddy's girl. I miss being able to pick up the phone and talk to him about the mundane things going on in my life. He used to love hearing the little details about what was going on with Lauren's basketball games, Sean's boyscouts and  Elizabeth's newest "baby trick". He always wanted to know how we were, and when I asked about him, no matter how sick he was that day, or how bad he felt, he told me he was doing fine. we both knew better, but I think it was his way of keeping me from worrying about him.

He had a way of making me laugh even until the very end. He supported and loved me no matter how badly I messed up, and believe me, there were some doosies! Those are the things I will remember about him.

While I'm sad for my family, I'm truely happy that he isn't sick anymore. He's up in heaven looking down on all of us (and according to Lauren, hanging out with her grandpa Ray).  I am certain that I will see him again. In the meantime, he has left me with countless happy memories to share with my kids so that they will know what a wonderful man their grandpa was.

Until we meet again, I love you dad.