Posted by Sharon Potter on July 12, 2016
Happy birthday dad . for the first time since you paaaed away 11 years ago i can truly say I have found peace as I have relocated back to the place that we both loved. I feel so much peace now knowing your memories are all around me. Party like a rock star til we meet again xx my dad xx
Posted by sharon potter on July 12, 2012
Happy birthday dad. You may be gone but you live on in our hearts xxxx
Posted by tracey skinner on July 31, 2011
You live on in our hearts, your missed so much, you are the best uncle ever ... love you lots Tracey xxxxx
Posted by sharon potter on July 31, 2011
6 years ago i was told you were dead...i sat with your body for over 4 hours and cried, screamed, shouted , laughed and refused to let you go....still i cant let you were the best dad a girl could have asked were my dad xxx
Posted by tracey skinner on July 12, 2010
Happy Birthday Uncle Ray ....

You were and still are the best, love and miss you....hope you like your lantern :) hope sharon doesnt burn down southend with it lol xxx
Posted by sharon potter on July 12, 2010
Happy birthday dad...only seems like yesterday you were with us...5 years have now passed without you and it doesnt get easier with heart broke the day you died xx
Posted by mary potter on June 21, 2010
I went down to the sea front yesterday and threw flowers in for you. I sat remembering all the fab times we had in Spain.not a day goes past without me thinking why x
Posted by sharon potter on December 21, 2009
Another xmas without doesnt seem real...i will be going down to uncle toms cabin on xmas day to throw flowers in the sea as usual x
Posted by sharon potter on December 21, 2009
Merry Christmas!! Every Christmas will not be the same without you.
Lots of hugs and kisses
Love Joshua
Posted by jodie potter on September 30, 2009
you are foreva in our hearts miss you so much has never bin the same without you around you are missed everyday in all of our hearts rip ray loved by us all x
Posted by steven knox on September 4, 2009
I meet Ray before i meet the love of my life, his SHARON. I cant remember to much about you apart from the tapping on the arm when talking to you. We all miss you R.I.P XX
Posted by alex brawn on September 2, 2009
Such a special man and a great family. I went to school with Mark and always remember Ray playing the organ at the top of the stairs.A very funny man thats sadly missed by all R.I.P.
Posted by Linda Woodwards on August 30, 2009
One of the best I was devastated when I found out you had gone Ray and I couldnt offer my best wishes to the family but thanks to face book I am back in contact with Sharon, thanks for being you Ray
Posted by Paul Marshall on August 22, 2009
Sadly missed x x
Posted by mary potter on August 21, 2009
I miss you so so much, my heart broke the day you died...I will always love you
Mary x
Posted by sara hawes on August 21, 2009
To a very kind hearted, and a special man R.I.P
Posted by Joshua Potter on August 17, 2009
Grandad I miss you loads, especially coming to the gym so i could watch the ladies in the keep fit class.i miss your company and you always made me laugh. I will never be the same without you x
Posted by Lisa Nicol on August 17, 2009
Ray - i didnt know you that well personally but your daughter Sharon is one of my closest friends. I thank you for creating such a warm and beautiful person!! You were her inspiraton!! Sadly missed.
Posted by sharon potter on August 14, 2009
To my best friend and my dad...your death tore a huge piece out of my heart ...not a day goes past without me thinking of you... why....xx
Posted by tracey skinner on August 14, 2009
your missed every day im proud that you was my uncle i loved you so much x

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