Posted by Lesley Townsend on October 29, 2021
Always happy to remember Ray, he was the most polite and friendly gentleman. I never saw him often but when I did it was an absolute pleasure. He was a special man.
Hope you are sleeping well Dear Ray, and trading stories with David and Geoff.
Thinking of you.
Lesley Goodman (Chris's ex wife and Mum to Michael. Michael is now a Dad himself to Hollie Rae Goodman aged 7 months)
Posted by Lesley Townsend on October 26, 2020
Always happy to remember such a lovely true gentleman. The likes of which we rarely see these days.
May you still be resting in blissful peace Ray and watching over your family.
Thinking of you.
Lesley Goodman (Chris's ex wife, mother of Michael)
Michael is soon to be a Dad, let's hope if he's a boy, he turns out like all the Goodman gentlemen.
Sadly missed Dear Ray x
Posted by Richard Israel on October 26, 2020
With the fondest of memories, by far our favorite patient for many years.
Dick Israel, Audiologist
Posted by Lesley Townsend on October 26, 2018
Always very happy to remember such a lovely dear man. A True gentleman.
I'm very happy that our dear Son Michael (who gets married next July) is a descendant of such a nice man and part of the Goodman family.
I never met a Goodman I didn't like!!
I see Margaret Goodman (Geoffs Wife) regularly and she is a marvel. She's 95 next month and a lovely lady and I love her dearly. She's always been more like a Mum to me than a Mother in Law. I may not be a Goodman now but I still consider the Goodmans family. It would be nice to think that David, Ray and Geoff are up there putting our current world to rights.
I have to say that the happiest times of my life were when I was a "Goodman"
Regards to all.
Posted by Lesley Townsend on October 30, 2017
Always nice to remember Ray, If MY Son Mike ends up HALF the Man Ray was I will be a happy Mum. Ray was a delight to talk to, a real gentleman. Always interested in people and very Charismatic. I hope you are catching up with Geoff and David and puting this changing world we live in to rights!! Always missed Never Forgotten. (Lesley ex wife of Chris Goodman Mum to Michael)
Posted by Meg Goodman on June 15, 2017
When I was a teenager, I visited Ray and Dorrie in Washington and have a clear memory of my uncle, wearing a tea towel and busy about his domestic duties. I knew he was a most important man at the World Bank but not too important to do housework and make me feel at home. Not too lofty either in his professional life to come and say hello to me, a junior researcher at the Policy Studies Institute (the successor to PEP of which he had been Director), thereby significantly raising my credibility with colleagues. A fine, kind man.
Posted by Lesley Townsend on June 14, 2017
Nice to remember Ray, a delightful man, happy memories of his party at the Oriental Club London. He was a real gentleman with stature, presence and charisma. So pleased to have known him. Ray, Rest in peace and I hope you have caught up with your brothers David and Geoff (my father in law).
Posted by Lene Christensen on October 14, 2016
"Kan du li' en ostemad?" I will always remember one of Ray's first sentences to me being welcomed to his DC-home as the Danish au pair with Jeremy Goodman's family in July 1991. Though his Copenhagen journey was more than 40 years back at that time, Ray still remembered and was able to pronounce "Do you like bread with cheese?" in Danish. I was fortunate to meet Ray a number of times during my one year stay with Jeremy's lovely family in Princeton. A warm, thoughtful, wise and empathic man - with a ditto wife Dory. I went back to the US a few times and met Ray fx in Carmel. I 1995 I traveled cross the US with a student friend and again Ray and Dory opened their home to me/us. Thank you!
Posted by Jean Baneth on July 31, 2016
Only after we had both retired did I learn of Ray's World War doings; but when we worked together (he was my superior, then my colleague) I always thought of him as the personification of the English Officer and Gentleman - cool exterior, strong will, sang-froid and warm heart. I miss him.
Posted by William Schwitzer on July 13, 2016
May you rest in peace, Ray.

From William Schwitzer, son of Joan and Mat Schwitzer, dear friends of Ray and Dorothy, who were last together with Ray and Dorothy on the occasion of my parents diamond wedding celebration in Highgate on 24.6.2007. Joan passed away in September 2009, and Mat in October 2014.

Deepest condolences to Dorothy and all the family from all of us here in Highgate, London.
Posted by Richard Israel on July 4, 2016
"The most elegant man who ever entered my audiology office. Hollywood actor handsome, and when he spoke, with his British accent, he was a cross between Cary Grant and David Niven...only better.

It has been more than twenty years that he and I became friends in my office. When ever his name appeared on the schedule, my staff and I were so pleased in anticipation of his arrival. He was a star. And now that I have read his "His Life" autobiography, I am in awe of him even more than before.

Retired now more than two years, I include him in my memories of my favorite patients, who I miss a great deal.

My sincerest condolences to all the family. He was a great man in every respect, and I will miss him,

Richard H. Israel, Ph. D."
Posted by Pearl Goodman on June 23, 2016
Ray was my brother in law and as a girl in the Land Army, I met his brother David a sergeant in the RAF at a Village Hall social and in spite of family differences, always defended by Ray, he offered to be our Best Man. Ray was not only a brilliant man on both sides of the Atlantic but also a writer of political and philosophical prose of great merit.

I hope Ray that you will find your brother David on Hampstead Heath where you spent your boyhood together. Ray,David and their brother Geof were all brilliant men and happily married with wonderful children. My thoughts and those of my family are with you Dorry and your family.
With love from Pearl
Posted by Benita Alk LUBIC on June 22, 2016
Dorothy, how fortunate you have shared 63 years together. Ray was a great support and encouraged you in your wonderful endeavors. Ray was a most accomplished person and successor in many fields. He will be missed.
Posted by Lesley Townsend on June 21, 2016
Rest in peace dear Ray. Truly honoured to have known you.
Condolences to the family. Lesley (Chris's exwife and Michaels Mum)
Posted by Kathy Strauss on June 20, 2016
Uncle Ray,
Calm, warm, curious. Swimmer, guitar playing poet. Somewhat exotic to we Californians. Truly a renaissance man.
On reading his obit my only regret is that our son, Ansel, who loves history, particularly learning about WWII, didn't get to hear some of Uncle Ray's stories about code work!
It's wonderful to look through the photos. I cherish the memories. Much love to all the amazing Goodpeople!
Posted by Matthew Goodman on June 18, 2016
Three memories of Dad: his remarkable memory for old verse, from Shakespeare sonnets to silly doggerel ("When baby's screams get hard to bear, pop him in the Frigidaire. My wife says, 'Dear, I'm so unhappy; our baby is completely frappé.'"); his determined efforts to play complicated Bach pieces on his guitar well into his 90s; and his evening lectures to school-auction winning bidders about Bletchley, which centered on the technical aspects of the code-breaking rather than what everyone really wanted to hear about, which was the eccentric behavior of the inmates. Requiescat in pace, Dad.
Posted by Julia Goodman on June 17, 2016
Uncle Ray my fathers brother was the first man, other than my dad, to have a profound impression on me from a very small child. I used to stay with my grandma Marion in Holland Park in a flat she shared with him. There was a clothes line that separated his part of the flat from hers! I was in awe of him as he was a rather inscrutable man and very good looking! Later in life he became someone who I had a very fond relationship with and I know he made a difference to my life, not least as he lent me a little money when I was starting up my business 25 years ago, without which it might never had got off the ground. He was paid back every penny! I loved to talk to him and share views on life and the world and have always felt very proud to tell my high level clients what an important man he was in world affairs. I am very sad he had gone and feel he is the last of a kind. I send love to all my cousins and to my Aunt Dorrie.
Posted by Chris Goodman on June 16, 2016
My Uncle Ray was a charming man I always had great respect for. I will miss him.
Posted by Assia Brandrup on June 16, 2016
I remember the lovely and inspiring conversations in 3 Regents Square and the gentle way in which Mr Goodman explained some of the history of our century to our daughters Jamila and Yasmin.
I am sure that he will be greatly missed by his wonderful wife and children and grandchildren and their friends.

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