This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Reg Ross who was born on December 22, 1932 and passed away on September 26, 2010.

Reg has been around and a part of all of our lives in “Advertising Specialties” for as long as many can remember. It was not until I personally had the incredible pleasure and honor of working with Reg side-by-side these past few years that I really got to know him…I mean really know him. Wow, why did I wait so long? Long story short, I will deeply miss my dearest friend…a more wise and caring person there may never be.
For those of us who knew Reg, he was a quiet and very private man…the man many of us came to know and love was like a saint…and very spiritual. During our many talks on long drives, and those times we hung out just to contemplate “the meaning of life”, Reg often said that “he just felt he had not yet left his gift on life yet and wanted to do something meaningful before he moved on”. Can you imagine that? All I could ever say was… “Reg, everyone I have ever known that knows you says the same thing, that you in some great way affected their lives simply by knowing you, and I think that is the greatest gift you can leave anyone.”
Reg touched all of us in a magical kind of way, and although his wishes were for none of us to grieve at his passing, or to honor him with any memorial ceremonies, Stacy & Tony Ross thought that it would be okay if we left this little remembrance page as a place that we could all share something about Reg…and lighten our hearts just a little bit from the ache his loss brings. That said, please share your stories and thoughts here for Reg’s family and friends to remember him by…in celebration of his life, share the gift Reg left for you.
I will miss you my friend, but never forget you…Victor
Posted by Jann Jaskol on September 29, 2010
How fitting that Reg should be in the imprint business.
Some people wave a banner across the sky, others, like Reg reach a million people with countless kindnesses that leave a lasting impression.
Posted by Dave Murphy on September 29, 2010
I knew Reg for most of my 30 years in Sales with Gill Studios. I had many early morning breakfasts with him and he was so very easy to talk to. He left the same mark on me as he did with others....he was a "class act!"

As I leave this business at the end of next month, I will always have the memories of good friends, and Reg Ross was definitely one of them!
Posted by Dennis Phillips on September 29, 2010
The notes of grief at the loss of Reg on the JNI emails started immediately on hearing of the sad news. All who knew him, learned from him, respected his wisdom and honesty and especially loved him were immediate and heart felt. He personified "Great Man" Good bye ole pal.
Posted by Josh Ebrahemi on September 29, 2010
Everyone I saw Reg, he was always in a good mood, truly cared about me and wanted to know how everything was going. He always told me I worked for the best company and everytime he spoke to me, he was always so sincere and thoughtful. Truly one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was a man of class and he loved people. I will miss you Reg.
Posted by Craig Nadel on September 29, 2010
Reg was a wonderful person and my life was richer for having known him
Posted by Shelly Cheshire on September 29, 2010
Reg was a source of strong spiritual strength during the 24 years we were challenges were faced, Reg would always bring me back to center each time we spoke. He will leave a hole in many of our hearts as he was truly the 'real deal'. I am blessed that he & Marty will both me looking after me from above now...xs
Posted by Michelle Kajan on September 29, 2010
It was such a pleasure to know Reg. From the first day I met Reg he welcomed me with a hug and a smile. His smile was always warm,uplifting and will be truly be missed.
Posted by Bruce Sacks on September 29, 2010
Words cannot describe the giving nature of Reg. Reg was ALWAYS willing to help weather business or personal. I will miss him.
Posted by Sean Daley on September 29, 2010
I was a lucky person to get to know Reg and to count him as a friend. I came into the industry as a young man and was soon after sent to California for the compnay I was with. I met him on the traveling road shows and soon became close to him. He was always there with a open ear and a kind opinion when you needed it. This is a great loss for all of us... I will miss him dearly.
Posted by Mary Kellerman on September 29, 2010
Reg will be greatly missed. It was always a pleasure to see him. He always had a smile to share and hug to give. Reg was a true gentleman, humble, and real. I will miss him. Many blessings to Reg's family. Godspeed my friend, may you rest in peace.
Posted by Kimberly Swanson on September 29, 2010
Reg was like the father I never had. He always offered meaningful advice and words of encouragement. He seemed to know exactly what needed to be said in any situation. If I seemed down, he picked me up; if I looked overwhelmed, he always put things into perspective. He will be missed!
Posted by David Willingham on September 29, 2010
Reg’s genuine kindness and wisdom is like no other that I have known. He had the presence and charisma of a leading man on the big screen. He was always one to share his wisdom and thoughts as they pertain to a bigger picture. I will miss you dearly Reg.
Posted by Larry Baida on September 29, 2010
Reg is a wonderful man. He always offered friendship, insight, and knowledge of life and lifes lessons. He will be respectfully remembered and missed. Reg has left multiple generations with positive and lasting memories. Thank you.
Posted by Larry Rallo on September 28, 2010
Reg was a classy man who respected everyone he came into contact with and in turn received respect from business associates, friends and any person who was blessed to know him.

He was friend and business associate to me and more importantly he showed me how to live life everyday with vigor right to the end. I will miss you Reg as all of us will.
Posted by Dennis Burnham on September 28, 2010
Reg became my friend in the winter of 1973 when we were classmates in the CAS program at the University of Wisconsin. Year after year, his authentic, sincere smile was always a reminder of our great mutual respect and admiration. This is a man who set a standard for professionalism and character that will always come to mind at the mention of his name.
Posted by Mike Fey on September 28, 2010
Truely a class act, a blessing to all that had the pleasure to know him.
Posted by Barbara Dail on September 28, 2010
Reg was one of the first reps I met when I came into the industry twenty years ago. He was then and remained one of the loveliest gentlemen I've ever met. On my desk is a paperweight that says "Behind every successful woman is herself". When he gave that to me he said that he knew I was one of those women. His faith in me meant the world. Godspeed my friend.
Posted by Rod Brown on September 28, 2010
Gentleman Reg, a friend for over 25 years always had that certain style, his clothes, his tie, his manner. He was always soft spoken and well....just stylish. Reg always had a smile, a warm handshake, a good story or two. The Latin origin of Reginald is "rulers' advisor" Reg, here is hoping you give em all in heaven some good advice on how to dress and act a gentleman. God speed to you Reg.
Posted by Robert Collins on September 28, 2010
Reg was the first to extend his hand to help me when I started in the business. His advice to me was (and I live by it) "Say what you do, and do what you say. Always tell the truth no matter what. Be honest"
He was a gentleman's gentleman. He was a colleague,a mentor and friend. We all will truly miss him.
Posted by Rick Greene on September 28, 2010
Class. Sheer, effortless class. That was Reg. He loved classic movies and we always discussed them when we saw each other. A few years back I was Groucho at a sales event with a movie theme and he LOVED it. Every time I saw him after that, EVERY TIME, he'd say, "Rick, do Groucho for me. Just one line." And I always did. For Reg. Check out my Reg story on the story page.
Posted by Gary C Armes on September 28, 2010
Reg was the finest gentlemen I have known in this industry or anyplace else. In my mind I will always see his special smile and the sparkle in his eyes. Handsome as a movie star, humble like a saint.
Such a special man. I will remember you forever Reg.
Posted by Dave Stoll on September 28, 2010
I only worked with Reg for the last three years but it seemed like I knew him for most of my life. He was often the voice of reason, and always a gentleman. That is the highest compiment I can give a man. Although we lived accross the country from each other we did keep in touch often. It was an honor to know him and I will miss him. As he would say God Bless and we'll meet on the other side. RIP
Posted by Richard DeBiaso on September 28, 2010
I first met Reggie when I came into the industry in 1986. I agree with Robert Collins, Reggie told me in one of our first if not our first conversation was: "Kid you can do great things in this industry by being honest and up front with your clients, colleagues and suppliers." Reggie- you were loved very much and will be greatly missed.
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Posted by Larry Rallo on December 22, 2018
Miss you Reg for your friendship! Yet importantly as one who I respected above all and in turn I was the fortunate recipient of respect from you a man and friend that will always be missed. Hope your looking down and knowing that you are and will always be remembered and never forgotten by all who had good fortune of knowing. Ciao! and New Forgotten!
Posted by Robert Collins on December 22, 2017
Still missed!!!
Posted by Larry Rallo on September 26, 2015
Gone over these years but not forgotten by me and the many people I meet in his old territory. He was respect, loved and missed now by all.
Reg was a class act that can never be replaced.
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Shared by Paul Buchanan on December 3, 2010

Reg and I were hired at Barton-Nelson in '91 and after visiting we realized that our birthdays were only a week (and 20 years) apart.

What a wonderful kindred spirit and dear friend he was over the years. Through good times and bad, his thoughtful soul would help you walk any path.

He will be missed. I was blessed to have him as a co-worker, mentor and friend.

Paul (Buck) Buchanan


Shared by Jeff Gidre on November 2, 2010

My favorite Reg story took place at the Oakland office of Jack Nadel in the mid '90's.  Reg came in to make a presentation, but before he began, he had everyone close their eyes and visualize selling a particular product to a customer. I remember peaking out of one eye and seeing 8-10 people with their eyes closed and thinking to myself..."this guy's a kook!"  Turns out he was!  But what other rep could pull that off!  Only Reg.  You are missed sir.

Shared by Karin Meyer on September 29, 2010
Reg and I started at Hazel on the same day back in 1970. He was for me a wonderful friend and mentor over these many years. During the worst of times for me Reg was always there. For those of you that know Reg you understand what "being there" means in Reg's world. He was such a strong spiritual man who believed in the importance of giving and taking care of his friends.
Reg was particularly attached to Charlie Stockwell who was the Hazel of California plant manager. He and Charlie were buddies. They worked hard and they played hard. Their friendship has lasted over 30 years and I was blessed to have lunch with Reg and Charlie 4 weeks ago. As always, we had fun. There was no sadness at this lunch. You never would have known Reg was very sick. At the end of the lunch Reg turned to me and in a whisper simply said..." I am ready to move on to my next life. Please do not worry about me but know I am in a better place. "
I will miss my friend Reg !!
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