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Shared by Ashley Beezy on May 19, 2020
I can't believe your gone man this is unreal you were my first friend when I started living in the Crest. We were together everyday all day we use to stay switching J's with each other laughing and joking around you may not have known but u were like a big brother to me you always had my back and I was always able to talk to you about anything and you always kept it real with me. I'm happy that I was able to experience life with you just wish it didn't end so soon. I love you Ricky fly high big bro until we meet again my friend

My Best Friend

Shared by Monique Primm on May 19, 2020
Words cannot explain the pain that I feel in my heart I truly felt when he took you he should have taken me too. I remember when we first met 3 years ago, it was hard for me in the beginning because I was just getting out of the hospital battling my own problems. I just remember being sooo scared to tell you what happened to me (selfish me)  afraid that it would push you away. But you took me by surprise you helped me get through my fears you stayed by my side and waited until I was ready to be in a relationship. From that day forward we been best friends   NO ONE ☝ could mess that up no matter the ups and downs. I’m going to miss the visits, you stayed tryna keep somebody “blowed” now look at me lol... I’m going to miss you like something crazy  I thank GOD for bringing you into my life and allowing me to create GREAT memories I will Forever Keep Your Name Alive *Ricky’s Way or The Highway* ❤️ Gone But NEVER Forgotten!!! “Never goodbye Always See You Later ☮️ I Love You & See You Later!!

My brother

Shared by Mark Moore on May 19, 2020
Words can't express how I feel about my brother....he was my everything my rock my stars but I've always looked up to be like Ricky...I couldn't ask for a brother or sister we have been thru hell since 2000 loosing my mother but all 3 of us got stronger and held it brother over came all odds loved and lived for my neice his daughter no 1 well ever take that away no he was perfect but that's jus it he is my brother my heart is crushed and has left with my brother . Never thought in a million years I'm expressing how I feel thru this for a memorial for Ricky no matter what u will live-in my forever miss the laugh the cry's and the fights and I wouldn't change that for the world I love u bro and I will see u again kiss mommy and unc for me.

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