God's Invitation to Love You, by Robert Schoettinger

Shared by Lisa Habel on April 7, 2021
On an impulse I hopped on a plane one day before the presentation by father Thomas Keating, the prime proponent of Centering Prayer. The plane arrived in Albuquerque just a few hours before the first talk. Although I was not pre registered, I was given the last seat in the 1,000 capacity hotel conference room. As this man entered the hall, he was immediately greeted with applause from his long standing team. Once he began speaking in very simple words about the deepest subjects, passive prayer directly to God, I felt in communion with this 6'5" Cistercian priest. Though he looked oldfrail, this man of God presented four sessions daily. After trying to practice this type of prayer for three years, I thought I was expert enough to develop a three chapter powerpoint. Over the past 10 years. I personally labored over version, after version, never satisfied, nor were my friends. Then along came an angel, who told me she has never used apple hardware/software. In over just six months she has made suggestions that improved this totally revised presentation. I hope this 10 year in the making video will in time, enable you to find and consent daily to your God.
Robert Schoettinger

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